Top Hair Care Buys

So recently I have changed alot about my hair routine. When I was growing my colour out I would mainly using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and not really using any products in it. Something in my brain told me that doing this would make my colour grow out quicker- WRONG! If you want a shampoo or conditioner recommendation to strip hair colour quickly, use Head and Shoulders basic range. These do nothing except clean your hair- which they do really well- but they do not protect your colour, or moisturize, or repair, they just clean, and hence they are actually good a stripping hair colour. Anyway, so I have changed my routine now I have dyed my hair blonde. I have moved into using more expensive products, as I feel these naturally have a better effect on your hair. For example, I used to used the HBM Moisture Rich shampoo and conditioner, at £1.99 a bottle. These are like 1 liter size bottles, and so aren't really focused on quality. I have now branched into more high end brands such as Trevor Sorbie, John Frieda, Umberto Giannini and Aveda (yet to try). I have automatically seen a huge difference in the quality of my hair, both to touch and to look at. So here are my top purchases for blonde, mid length hair. 
Shampoo and Conditioner
Since dying my hair I have changed my brand of shampoo and conditioner twice. I am a strong believer in changing your brand of shampoo and conditioner every time you by it. This way the purpose of the product works better, and you can see better effects. The first brand I used after dying my hair was Trevor Sorbie's Professional range, from the "Beautiful Blondes" collection. I love these products! They are a muted violet colour, and smell really fruity. They are infused with semi-permanent highlighting dyes, which gives your hair an extra boost in colour vibrancy every time you use it. These cost £6.99 a bottle, which is quite expensive, but I really think it is worth it. The second brand I have used is Pantenne. This is a less luxurious brand, but is still quite expensive. Sadly I am not as impressed with this range as I was by the Trevor Sorbie, but I was expecting this as it was like half the price. The Pantenne is supposed to "protect against damage" and use "light reflecting moisturizers", to improve the quality of your hair. I have seen this working on my hair, but it's not as good as the Trevor Sorbie. Next time I run out of Pantenne, I will be using the John Frieda sheer blonde collection- so I will write  a review when I get that.
Extra Products
I don't use a huge amount of protective, straightening or curling products, but I really should. I am addicted to Elnett Satin hair spray, as it really is the best hairspray in the world. It claims that it disappears at the stroke of a brush, and providing you don't drown your hair in it this is true. Even if you do drown it, it only takes a couple of strokes for it to all go away. The one I have is 'by' Cheryl Cole, only because it provides extra shine, and I have found that most hairsprays leave my hair looking dull and not very vibrant. I use the GUM Hot Stuff Thermal Protector every time I know I am going to straighten my hair. Generally I tried to avoid drying my hair with the blow dryer, as this damages your hair so much, but if I need to then I will always use this product. If I know I need to straighten or curl my hair after washing it, even if I let it naturally dry, I will always use the Thermal spray just because I know it works really well.  Lastly, one of my new favourite products is the Umberto Giannini Dry Shampoo. I adore this product more than anything I have ever bought hair wise. The packaging is really edgy and cool, and the product works brilliantly. I reviewed it a couple of blog posts before so check it out if you want a full review. 

So that is my updated hair routine now that I have coloured hair. I am aware that I have done alot of beauty posts recently, and not so many fashion ones, but Elle came in the post yesterday, and I bought Harpers today so I am sure I will get lots of inspiration for posts from there. I also keep promising the Shoreditch post. I will do it at some point, it's just a case of getting myself together and sitting down to write it. By all accounts, it would probably make more sense to do it when I am there... but hey ho! Also, I just want to say thank you to everyone who is following the blog. I was devastated to lose all my followers from the old one, but I am really trying to build the numbers up again! Talk again soon!
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A big SHOUT OUT to Wantage 153

This post is in now way fashion related, but is totally needed after today! Today was my last day working at Waitrose in Wantage, and I have had really mixed emotions. I am happy because I am moving on to the next stage in my life, going to university and getting my own place, but I am really sad because I am leaving so many amazing friends behind. I don't know how many of them follow this blog through Facebook, but I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for all the amazing times we've had, all the help you given me and most importantly for making me feel happy and welcome at the company and with you all. No matter what your job is there are going to be times when you just hate it, but everyone at 153 was so kind, generous and understanding, and some of them have helped me through some really tough times. 
I just want to share with you the beautiful leaving gifts they gave to me. I am so grateful and shocked I got these because I was really not expecting them, so thank you...
The teddy and photo frame were from Trish, whom I work with on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. The photo frame is for when I gradutate, as she said she had "no doubts" that I would be brilliant at LCF. The two STUNNING bunches of flowers are from Amy, who I have known since I started at Waitrose 2 1/2 years ago. They smell incredible and my bedroom now smells like a florists! Which is a good thing of course! The chocolates and prosecco wine are from my manager Rachel, who I have also known since I started. I haven't opened the wine yet, but as you can see I have tucked into the chocolates- they are LUSH!

So I just want to say a big goodbye to everyone at 153! I will be back into visit when I can, and will be bring you lots of presents back from Fashion Week!


Product Review: Dry Shampoo

As you know, I attended a festival last weekend, and one of the key products you need (as a girl) at a festival is dry shampoo. If your at a festival for more than 2 days, you will want to keep your hair in an at least acceptable condition. For Truck 13 this year, I took two different dry shampoos, one high end and the other drug store. Although I originally planned the high end one to be for me, and the cheaper to be for Alex, but in the end I tried both and decided to write a review and comparison of both. Here they both are, apologies for the bad quality, these were taken on my Blackberry:
Umberto Giannini Dry Shampoo £5.99
Tresemme Dry Shampoo £2.19
Okay, so the Umberto Giannini isn't the most high end product I could have bought, but I am quite stringent on what I spend on hair products. Especially now I have coloured my hair, I am spending more money on my hair products, and being more considerate about what I buy. The Tresemme dry shampoo was bought from Tesco, and the Umberto Giannini  was bought from Boots (as it was on offer).
First of all the spray heads greatly effect the quality of the product. The Tresemme Dry Shampoo has a small direct spraying head, which means you get direct spray, but alot of spray, meaning it can take a longer time to cover the entire hair. On the other hand, the Umberto Giannini head provides a wide coverage, but of a thin layer of spray. This was your hair isn't bunged up with too much product, and your whole hair is done alot quicker than the Tresemme. 
The spray from the Tresemme is alot heavier than the Giannini. However, I have thin hair, but other girls have alot thicker hair than me, meaning a heavy spray works better for you. The Giannini spray is lighter, which is better for my thinner hair and for me has a better cleaning quality. Also, I found with the Tresemme spray that it didn't rub in very well, and left huge white patches in my hair- which is not OK! The Giannini spray covered my hair perfectly, rubbed in brilliantly and kept my hair in a tip top condition!

That's it for today my lovely readers! Tomorrow will be a post on two products I have regretted purchasing. I have got a new obsession with fashion Vloggers (like The Style Diet, and DulceCandy87) and seeing which products they not only loved, but also the ones the regretted buying can provide really good advice on what to purchase. So tomorrow will be on a few products I have regretted buying. In the next few days there will be posts on moving to Shoreditch and top hair care buys! Talk soon!
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Next Seasons Prints and Fabrics

Although we are in the middle of summer, despite the ever changing weather, the new season is ever creeping up on us. There is a whole range of new fabrics, prints and colours that are applicable to the autumn/winter. The main difference between winter and summer wear, is the need to stay warm. You don't want to be heading out in your cut-offs in the middle of winter! Unless you wear them with some opaque tights, or whatever.. All images used are from A/W collections, and the majority come from Style.com (C)

So some key fabrics I have found that work so well this A/W are: duffle, sheepskin, fur/faux fur (whichever way you swing), silk and leather. These work on most garments, but statement pieces like coats or jackets should focus more on the duffle, leather, sheepskin and fur side of things. Here are some examples:
Camel Coat by Chloe 
Fur Jacket, Trousers and Boots by Chanel
Leather Jacket and Skirt by DSquared
Sheepskin Jackets by Topshop
Silk Blouse by Chloe
The use of these fabrics is interchangeable between different pieces of apparel. For example, Topshop Boutique currently stocked leather shorts, however you could use leather in a jacket, or a top from Gucci. Sheepskin and Fur are things I would strictly use on jackets, but if your more adventurous then explore what is out there. It takes a daring man like Largerfeld to make fur boots, trousers and a jacket, and then put them together! Silk I would use for either tops, skirts or trousers. This is mainly because this is a very expensive and luxurious fabric, and any rain would ruin it, so coats are off the menu! Duffle is also a fabric I would only use on coats, because it is very hard wearing, durable and keeps you super warm!

Okay, so the prints from this season carry remnants of the summer that has passed. There are a few which have been with us for a few seasons, and others which are breaking the new season. These include: Tartan, Lace, Ditzy and Alpine. Again, these prints can be used on any piece of clothing, and are more interchangeable than the fabrics. 
Tartan at Prada
Alpine at D&G
Ditzy at Paul Smith
Lace at Just Cavalli
For me, the tartan print is the most interchangeable. It can be worn on a coat, a skirt, a dress, a jacket, a bag, socks.. whatever, the list is endless. You could be super daring, and go very Vivenne Westwood style in an all out tartan overload (very McQueen "Highland Rape" too), or only use it on smaller pieces like socks or a bag. Either way, this ia a huge print for A/W and so you should be stocking up on some pieces. This also teams up with the punk glamour theme, which is also enhanced through the use of lace. The lace fabric, or print, whichever you think it is, has been with us for quite some time now, and has been massively channeled by some of the biggest brands including Dolce and Gabanna and Chanel (S/S 2010). it is still around today, and for A/W it can be used on mostly dresses, but also blazers and coats. If you are going to wear lace next season, try wearing it in a more glamourous and luxurious style, not as an everyday look. The ditzy print was HUGE at Miu Miu S/S 2010, and now has been picked up by Paul Smith. Keep these cutesy prints to tops and dresses, but avoid coats as these may look a little too 1990. Alpine is a new one this season. Channeled here by D&G, for me it is the perfect winter print. It looks warm and cosy, and can be transfered from the city to the ski slopes in minutes. I love it on jumpers and dresses, but would avoid using this as a main coat. The usual fabric for the Alpine look is wool, which is knitted loosely- hence, a coat made entirely this way wouldn't be an expert at keeping you warm. 

So, that is my round up of next seasons prints and fabrics. Comment if you have any questions, or if you have already started building your A/W wardrobe. I really must get started before I am totally poor at uni! Quick update too: I am going to Stratford on Monday with my boyfriend, and so I will have some photos from there, and then I am going to Yorkshire for a week on the 8th of August. I don't know if I will be able to blog from there, as I don't know if we have internet, but if I can't I will be sure to let you know. Again, there will be a tonne of photos from there. Lastly, I finally got my place in halls yesterday! I will be living in Shoreditch, so right at the heart of the underground fashion scene in London! I will be writing a post at some point about moving there, and what I will be living around ect.
Talk again soon!
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Truck 13 Festival, 2010l

Hey guys! So this is just a quick post with some photos from Truck 13 Festival, which is held in Steventon in Oxfordshire. This is only 5 miles away from where I live, and even closer for Alex and our friends, so we go to the festival every year. However, this year was a bit disappointing, for a range of reasons, but most disappointing was that we only saw one of the six bands we wanted to see. But the sun was shining, and we were with friends so we made the most of the weekend. Alex and I were stewarding this year, meaning we get a free ticket for 12 hours work (4 hours a day), which is quite fair. From this we got bright orange tee-shirts, which made us quite unmissable. Here are some photos- I took alot more on my film camera but I am waiting for that to be developed. I will post them when they are done, along with some general summer photos!
This was my generic day outfit: Stewarding tee, Primark studded shorts, Topshop OTK socks and Primark floral wellingtons. Oh, and don't forget the 80's style shades! This is me stewarding on the Disability Platform; we were guarding it from people who weren't disabled. 
This is Alex and I at our tent. Behind us you can see our super tidy tent, which was very helpful as things were easier to find and store. I am wearing my oversized tee by Babara Halunuki for Topshop, worn with my shorts and wellies. I wore white socks with this so it all worked together! Alex wore his head tie from Belgium literally all weekend, and burnt everything except under that! You can just about see how terrible the L'Oreal foundation is on my face (as mentioned in my last post), so I decided after this to just wear powder. 
This is the only band we saw, Dead Jerichos, setting up. We are friendly with the drummer, Leo, and the band are based in Oxford. Their set was really good, and made the whole weekend alot more fun! They played on the Market Stage on Sunday afternoon. 

Right that's it for Truck 13. Look out for my post with the film images from this weekend. Thanks for reading, and comment with any questions or if you went to Truck and how it was for you.
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A Quick Haul

I was very naughty and went shopping... Although I have promised and convinced myself that I wont go shopping again until August pay. I needed a few small pieces for Truck festival, so I went to Oxford and bought a selection of things from Primark and Boots. I had a look around Zara and Topshop, but Zara was stuffed with sales apparel and was just a mess, and nothing in Topshop inspired me. Shame really, I usually love these stores. Anyways, so I got...
The brown bag was £9, and is in the style of the Alexa bag from Mulberry. It is really cute, with a longer handle to be worn across the body, and two short 'handles' for wearing on the shoulder. The brown leather works really well with the gold metal details, and is really pretty generally. It fits my 16 inch laptop in, with alot of space around it, so the size is perfect. The woven bag is super sweet! The vintage style works brilliantly with a range of styles, from pretty trends to geek chic. This was originally £6, but I paid £3 in the sale. It has a long, thin strap, which can be tucked in to be used as a clutch bag. The white make up bag is quite quirky, and will be used for day trips or festivals, where I don't want to take my bigger make up bag. This cost £1.50.This was £2. The double layered vest top was £2.50, and is in an oatmeal and cream combination. I also got a snake ring, which is a really blingy accessory, but still pretty and edgy. Here is a close up:
From Boots, I was looking to get a new foundation as mine ran out. I wanted something that was long lasting, and gave a really even finish. L'Oreal currently has a three for two offer on their Studio Secrets range, and as I have bought their products before I decided to buy from here. I got:
L'Oreal Studio Secrets High Definition Smoothing Foundation : Although this product was expensive, from the professional collection, and comes with an attached brush, it is sadly disappointing. I thought by having a brush it would provide, as claimed, a smooth and even finish- but this isn't true. I found that it was really uneven, left brush marks on my face and just doesn't work for me. I used it correctly using primer and finishing powder, and yet the foundation just wasn't very good. I am considering taking the product back to the store, but I am going to give it a second try using a cosmetic sponge to spread the foundation. Moving on from that, I also got the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing primer, which I am really happy with. This product is really honest and works perfectly on my skin. The primer is really creamy, almost mouse like, but spreads well and you don't need alot of product for it to work. This range of face products are supposed to work in a combination, and as I already own the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Primer, I now own the whole face collection. I just hope it will work together when I re-try the foundation. I also got the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Blue Eyes Intensifier in shade 220, which is a pinky, peachy cream colour. This works brilliantly as a base eyeshadow and does intensify blue eyes. So I am very happy with that product. Boots are also giving away the Derma Genesis Kit, when you spend £20 on L'Oreal products, so I also got that which comes with a head towel, Nurturing Day Cream with SPF 15, Nurturing Night Cream, and a Milk-to-Toner Make Up Remover. Although I am only 18, I will still use these products as normal creams, depending on how they effect my skin. 

So that's all the stuff I bought from Oxford, and came to a total cost of around £50. I will be writing again tomorrow with my Truck post as I am home. Sadly the weekend wasn't all I was hoping for but I will give a honest review, with some photos. Talk soon!
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LOTD: On Ya Bike!

Vest Tee by Banana Republic
Hareem Trousers by New Look
Suede Pumps by Topshop
Wood and Gold Stud Bangles by Topshop
Wood and Bead Bangle by Banana Republic
Bead Necklace by New Look
Slouchy Bag by New Look

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What's In My Bag: Truck Festival

First, I must send my apologies for not updating daily this week. I have been working full hours at Waitrose, to earn some lovely golden coins, and hence I get home and pretty much die on the sofa. My last day is next Saturday, but I am working nearly everyday between now and then. Except.... this weekend is TRUCK festival! Yaayy! Super excited- which you may have noticed as I keep going on about it! I should take some good photos and upload them next Tuesday when I get back.
So, today's post. Whilst thinking about things I will need at Truck, I found myself desperately searching google for any good advice for women. Although alot of sites were good for basic stuff like remembering a tent, roll mat and sleeping bag (I am not a total idiot!), there wasn't alot for women/ female teens! Combining this obvious problem, with the fact I love blog posts and vlogs about what's in people's bags (I'm too nosy!), I thought a post about what I am taking to this festival would help.
Now first of all- Truck is by no means small, however it is nothing on the scale of Reading and Leeds or Glastonbury. Secondly, there are no showers, and the google results banged on about "Oh you must use the shower.. blah blah" totally unhelpful stuff. Thirdly, I am there for four days, and I am working throughout that, and so I need more than just the 'basics'. I have split this into several sections, which are: food and drink, living, clothes, toiletries and essentials. Sadly this one is gonna be a unhealthy weekend, but I'm going for a laugh, so the diet is gonna get dropped!
Okay so I tried to organize outfits for rain or sun- hopefully it will be sunny! I am taking my: Varsity jumper from New Look as it is HUGE but quite light weight: a grey vest top from Warehouse, which is really soft and conformable: cut off studded shorts from Primark- an essential: three pairs of chunky socks from Topshop, which are for my floral wellingtons from Primark. I also have two pairs of leggings incase it rains.
Toiletries and Essentials
I am taking two Kodak film cameras, as it's silly to take a digital camera, and because I love film photography. To be honest, I have missed taking photos since I finished my A Levels, so I have 78 film shots to get! I have Elnett Cheryl Hairspray, Umberto Giannini dry shampoo, Tresemme dry shampoo, Halo eye make up removal wipes, Colgate toothpaste, Huggies baby wipes, Nivea Peal&Beauty deodorant, Nivea hand cream, Tesco value toothbrushes and a mug for my tea.  Should stay pretty clean and tidy! 
Food and Drink
It's disgustingly unhealthy food, but it will last. I try to get Weight Watchers products, but they are all soft and will get battered in my rucksack. So I have Pitch chocolate brioche rolls (for breakfast), Haribo star mix, Haribo goldbears, Go Ahead fruit bakes, WW jaffa cakes and WW caramel bars (for lunch and snacks). To drink I have two bottles of still water, 8 cans of Diet Coke and 24 Magners Pear Cider cans. It is a festival after all!
Make Up
I am not taking my usual make up, but I am taking-by most standards- alot of products. I am taking my Aloe Day Cream as it is light and long lasting; Dream Satin foundation by Maybelline, Boi-ing concealer by Benefit, translucent powder from an American brand that I don't know the name of, Shadow Insurance by TooFaced because I need my powder to last all day, Rimmel smokey eyeshadow palette, Rimmel liquid eyeliner,  Ruby and Millie pencil eyeliner and a selections of brushes. I think this will be plenty, but I want that rocky, festival, edgy look for my make up and hair.

So that's what in my bag for TRUCK festival. It should be a brilliant weekend, but as I am away for four days I wont be able to post until then. I will upload photos of my film images, and write a 'review' of the weekend. Talk again soon guys!
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Style Icon: Alexa Chung

Possibly the kookiest, prettiest and the most iconic style icon in the modern world. I have loved Alexa Chung since I first came across her in 2007. The longer hair, younger face and probably more weight have gone, and now she has become an even more beautiful short haired woman. She was first spotted at Reading Festival by Jane Duval, one of Britain's most influential talent scouts. 
She modeled regularly, but moved into television presenting in 2005. Her decision to quit modeling was influenced by her low self esteem and distorted body image. Despite the fact these are common traits of the fashion industry, it is rare for models to openly admit feeling this- something I think is truly admirable of Alexa.  When she quit modeling, she decided she wanted to pursue a more creative career in art of fashion journalism. Interestingly, she was accepted to Chelsea College of Art and Design, a sister college of London College of Fashion. 
Despite Alexa's tiny frame (she is an American size 2), she has a huge personality. She fills the screen with her buzy attitude, enigmatic personality and general coolness. Similar to model Freja Beha Erichsen, she is just naturally cool. She has recently become the face of DKNY, and Pepe Jeans, and models for Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, showing that despite her early problems in the industry, Alexa is now confident enough in herself to return to modeling. 
Alexa Chung has been with her boyfriend Alex Turner since 2007, and has appeared in his side project Last Of The Shadow puppets. The couple moved in together in East London in 2008, and relocated to Brooklyn, New York in 2009. These two work so perfectly together, as they both live exceptionally busy lives, constantly moving around the world and never knowing where they are going next. They are both exceptionally successful in what they do, and hence they may have a little friendly competitiveness. Of course, this is just me speculating- I just think they are the cutest couple ever. OH! And they are not constantly hoarded by the paps, meaning they can just enjoy their time together, as little of it as they have. 
Here are three of my favourite looks from Alexa.
A causal look. Even at a house party, Alexa never fails to look amazing. Jeans, cardigan, shirt and leather jacket, are rocked perfectly with tousled hair and cute make up. 
Alexa just looks perfect in Chanel. There were rumors that she had become Largerfeld's muse- only to be beaten my Lily Allen. Clogs, tights and a stunning dress- mixed with a drawstring floral bag. Alexa's look is just so playful, cute and young!
Another Chanel look. She just looks so pretty in this shot at the Elle Style Awards 2010. The beautiful blue dress is worked stunningly with cute accessories, keeping it to a pastel palette. 

That's all for today. I hope I don't sound like a total stalker with my weird talking about Alexa. She is a true style icon for me, and is loved the world over. I should be writing some LOTD posts this week, as I had a BBQ yesterday at my lovely friend Megan's house, so I will have some shots from there. Thanks for reading!
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Anna Dello Russo: Eclectic Style Icon

Anna Dello Russo, of Japanese Vogue, has recently become a real stand out icon for eclectic fashion. She takes looks from the runway, and adapts them to her own personality, Originally born in Italy, she was once described as a "fashion lunatic" by none other than Helmut Newton. She spent 18 years at Conde Naste, starting as a fashion editor at Vogue Italia, and is now the Editor at large, and creative consultant at Vogue Japan. Here are some amazing shots of her incredible style, taken from her blog http://www.annadellorusso.com/
Wearing Celine whilst walking the dog; fashion has no job description. I love this outfit because the Celine suit  works her figure perfectly, but she contrasts the nude palette with a POP yellow bag. Oh, and an attacking her heels dog!
Wearing Dolce an Gabbana. On the catwalk the lace dress was teamed with a black leotard, by Anna adds a pop of colour with a flaming red bra and big knickers. The beautiful lace print, and saucy underwear it completely contrasted with matching leopard print clutch and heels- yet it totally works. Must be an Anna thing!
Wearing Alexander McQueen. Naturally, McQueen collections are more dressing up box than day wear, but Anna turns this stunningly elegant statement dress, into a fairy outfit. Teamed with leather leggings, white over-the-elbow gloves and a HUGE feather in her hair. Just too cool for words.
Wearing Roberto Cavalli. This is just such a cool outfit, as Anna again rocks the dressing up box look- but with much for chicness. She wears the white OTE gloves, gold aviators and waist belt as minimal accessories, allowing the fur coat to stand out on its own. 
Wearing Rodarte dress. This dress reminds me of a recycled patchwork quilt, where the materials are sourced from millions of different places, and miss matched together into a dress that works Anna's figure beautifully. The pops of yellow and green remind of a stand of jewel colours, which of course channel the glamourous look educed by her Prada chandelier heels. 
Don't forget to check out Anna's blog, it is really worth a read. She updates LOTD posts, inspiration, press releases and all other bits! Comment with your opinions, questions and anything you fancy mentioning!
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Festival Fashion: Inspiration and Key Buys

With the festival season well and truly upon us, a new breed of fashion stalking has erupted. At the moment, it doesn't matter your shape, size or age, its about being comfortable, staying cool and being effortlessly fashionable. Inspiration's for the festival look have come from a range of ages on the fashion scale; from Emma Watson (aged 20), to the forever amazing Kate Moss (aged 36). However, just because your dancing around in the mud- and possible rain- doesn't mean you can't flash your designer gear. Here are some inspiration shots:
Emma Watson and boyfriend George Craig. Usually Emma is very private about her relationships, perhaps suggesting this relationship is more serious. 
Kate Moss: Forever festival ready, chic and gorgeous!
VIP's at Glastonbury.
Okay so from these photos I can channel some key trends: cut offs, parkas, army boots vs wellingtons, and tribal vs cowboys. These looks allow you to really have fun with your outfit, and break out of strict trend following.
Cut Offs
Current Elliot, £155
Warehoue, £25
Cowboys vs Tribal
Steve Allen, £245
Etoil Isabel Marant, £135
Perfect Parka
Edun, £360
Welingtons vs Army Boots
Kurt Gieger, £70
Hunter, £139

So I hope that helped you guys if your searching for any festival fashion tips. I'm sorry about the lack of real writing in this post. I am currently pouring over the new Elle Collections for Fall 2010 magazine, and nearly dying with happiness! Don't forget you can follow me on Twitter, Blog Lovin' and Facebook, and you can vote for my on Fuel My Blog. Talk tomorrow! I should be looking at the elcletic, odd and fascinating style of Anna Dello Russo of Japanese Vogue. She was spotted at nearly every show (obviously!) and her style is really something to marvel at. I will also be putting some more LOTD and inspiration posts up!
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