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Health Kick

Hi everyone. So I have been stupidly ill for about 10 days now. I'm blaming a stint in hospital mixed with the changing of seasons, but either way it is common knowledge that illness (like colds) are massively affected by your diet and fitness.

By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you are much less at risk of catching common illnesses such as colds and flus. As I have been ill, I have decided to kick start a more healthy life style. Recently I have been very lax with my exercise and have been cooking less, yet eating more. Consistently forgetting to eat my 5 a day has also had an impact on my skin condition. Despite remembering to use the acne program I am using, I have seen that through eating unhealthy, fat and carb heavy foods the effect this program has had is being lowered.

I have been making sure to eat my 5-a-day fruit and vegetables in different ways. I have been having a banana at breakfast, spinach and sun dried tomatoes in my lunch with fruit and plenty of vegetables with my dinner. I have especially enjoyed eating strawberries in yoghurt for dessert. I have also been trying to eat my 3-a-day too, which is 3 portions of whole meal every day. My current favourite cereal is cranberry wheats, served with skimmed milk. I am also making sure to drink 2 litres of water a day. I carry round a huge 1.5 bottle of water in my bag (heavy!) and at home I use glasses. 

In addition to this healthier life style, I want to become more aware of my beauty routine, and develop a consistent and effective skin and body care system. Later this week I will be posting a video discussing my current skin routine and products I have been loving. I have focussed on oil free, and oil reducing products that work in tune with my acne program to rebalance my skin. I have also been loving a neck firming cream from AVON which I have already been seeing results for. 

Alongside that, my body skin routine is becoming more consistent. I am using a range of different products for different purposes and encouraging myself to remember to use lotion to re-moisturize after a shower (a guilty habit I have of forgetting!) and exfoliating my feet regularly, as these are very dry. I have also been using bio-oil on my stretch marks to help with fading them. 




Coming Soon to a Youtube Channel Near You...

Exciting news my lovely readers! We will be having a special guest joining us for an exclusive vlog session up tomorrow. We will be covering the most important issue of the current day... what it's really like to be an LCF student. I receive a lot of emails and questions regarding this amazing university, but do you really know what it's like behind closed doors? Stayed tuned for the exclusive release, right here on Fashion Foreword.


No post today. Dying from flu. x


NAILS: Fall Nail Polishes

Hi everyone. This is my very small collection of nail polishes that I think will be appropriate for fall. Anther it's berry tones or metallic that tickle your fancy, nails can definitely be fun this season. Add a touch of glitter over one nail to add extra playfulness or mix up both trends. Enjoy!


SKIN: Facial Treatments

Hello everyone. I am a huge hoarder of skin care products, and I have a particular love for skin masks. Like any girly girl I like the occasional treat mask from Boots- like the sachet ones. However, I have found it is not only more economical but often more effective to buy tube face masks that can be used again and again.
Here is a little review of the masks currently in my bathroom. Unfortunately I missed out a fantastic mask from Avon, which I will be doing a separate video on. Hope your enjoy the video!


In Class.

Finally bak into a class where we are being asked what we want to do!



I should be working.


What Ellie Did

  • Dyed my hair (finally)
  • Watched Made In Chelsea
  • Bought flowers
  • Bought candles
  • Reorganised my room


Chanel SS 2012. 
One of the most wearable collections I have seen for a very long time. Largerfeld took obvious inspiration for the sea, focusing on under water gems and mysteries, fish scales and colour tones. This collection is truly beautiful, and upholds the core values of the Chanel brand. Throw Florence Welch into the mix, performing live at the show, and the Chanel girl for SS 2012 is obvious- bold yet humble, modest yet ambitious and overall completely gorgeous. 


Feeling Hot

Again this crazy weather has forced me into another summer staple... the playsuit. I can't quite believe it is October already, and we are experiencing this heat wave. Bad news; my uni timetable has been changed so no back-to-uni outfits of the day for at least 3 days. Sorry.

Playsuit from New Look. Shoes from New Look.