Who would you most like to interview, and why?

Coco Chanel

I want to know why she used the cruel fashion world, to escape from the horrors of her own life.

How after the death of her lover, she was able to immerse herself in her work and take power from the bad things that had happened to her.

What would she change if she could go back.

And, finally, if she believes every decision you make in life, big or small, creates your final masterpiece. For example, if her lover had not died, would she have become such a success?

Why do you want to be a Fashion Journalist?

I have never been the popular girl, or the girl all the boys followed, or the girls admired but I want to prove that I will be the successful girl. To be fashionable is what everyone wants, but to have an opinion and to make constructive decisions empowers any fashionable woman, and that is what I want to do. I want to empower women through fashion, to allow them to become all they want to be. I want to write, analyse and evaluate fashion. I want to be totally emerged in it.

I also watched 'Devil Wear's Prada', and enjoyed the idea of having power in fashion exciting, inspiring and frankly exactly what I want to do. To have a voice that is heard.



It has been ages since a post so I apologize. One has been stressing over upcoming exams ect, and so, to update! Paris is booked and paid for, and now I am obsessively saving for my Chanel 2.55, or Chloe bag, or Mulberry, UNDECIDED! And now the focus is on London Fashion Weekend. The GOLD tickets are about £40, and I am really hoping to attend. However, it is basically a massive shopping event, and Paris is sucking all of my funds away, but the opportunity to see the shows entices me to go for it! EEEKKK!

An update on current trends...
1) OTK/ Thigh boots are still band on trend. Riding boots are also taking centre stage, adding a sporty aspect to any formal outfit.
2) Chunky knits are very big, to use a pun. I am very very happy with this as chunky knits can keep you warm but you can keep the clothes underneath slim and fitted. This creates a slimmer looking figure as the outside layers are massive, giving the impression of a teeney weeney figure underneath. Team chunky knitted jumpers, with black tights, heels or riding boots and BLACK BLACK BLACK underneath.
3)Underwear as outerwear is very sexy, but not as affective with the current weather. Bralets, slimmed corsets and interesting waspies make for intimate creations. Teem underwear with lace, black and chunky knits. Cover it up with exaggerated pieces to create fantastic figures.
4) Female Dandy is hot hot hot. Masculine tailoring has been in for a while now, but this season revive your boyfriend jackets and tailored trousers and whack in a few flowers in your hair, pastel colours and feminine shoes. Relaxed hair and make-up is key to this trend so that the focus remains on your clothes and not extravagant hair or make-up.
5) Ripped, torn and see through, you know you love it! Ripped jeans, stockings and tights, See through tees and lots and lots of lace! Exposure is key this season. Keep stockings and tights black, but play explore your colour pallete with lace.



Heading to London?

Since the day I sent my university application off, I have been worrying and fretting about getting replies back. Sunderland, which I have never seen or even really thought about replied within 2 days.. phew! But I have since been waiting for Epsom (2nd choice) and London College of Fashion (1st Choice) to reply. Well yesterday LCF invited me to an interview! And now I am waiting on an email about details.
This time next year, London will be home.


Obsession to Basics

After reading Harper's Bazaar's recent book on creating, or recreating, the best and most succesful wardrobe ever, I have decided the time for amazing stand out pieces is dead. The January sales are the best opportunity to nab some basic pieces, dirt cheap. I will save my pennies for the summer sales to find some amazing dresses, as both this years S/S and A/W collections will have been rolled out, and the bargains will be a-flow everywhere.

So! What is on my basics shopping list? Well, first off, a Trench coat. My last Trench was a sad and sorry size 14 (AHHHHH!) from Primark. It made me look like a horse drowning in layers and layers of material, the shoulders were ridiculously wide and rouched! Having a DD bust, and not being particularly tall, really did not aid in the desperate salvation of this number, and hence I sold it to a tall very slim friend. And hence I will be looking in Topshop to get an amazing Kate Moss style skinny trench. Hopefully this will be more successful.

Next up is two amazing pairs of jeans. I want them both skinny, as this I feel, best accentuates my legs.. which are... not as fat as everything else! One in white, one in deep blue. An amazing pair of jeans are the key to any woman's wardrobe. Dress up with a blazer and heels, dress down with a cardi and pumps. What could be easier!

I am also searching the market for some amazing knitwear. First of all- cardigans. I now have three cardigans that I am happy to wear. Two grey- both long, one thin material bluey grey, and the other thicker with big brown buttons. The other is very special- the sleeves are black cotton and the back is all black lace.. SEXYYY! But, I am going to search for a basic cardigan in blue, camel, cream, black and grey. I also prefer the longer style as I feel the shorter styles cut me up too much, and as I am not tall its a big NO NO.

Secondly, I am really desperate for some chunky knits. I want them to throw over leggings and uggs, or to dress down a posh frock. I got a cricket jumper for Christmas from my Grandfather, which I adore, but is in a short cut, and the neck line is very high. I will be having it slightly altered, but untill then it probably wont leave the hanger. I really want some vintage style chunky cardigans, made really loosely knit, but still warm. I want this in a camel colour, and another with embroidery, just to add to the vintage theme I am loving this year.

OH! Happy New Year! XOXO