Congratulations Sarah Burton!

On receiving the Designer of the Year Award at the British Fashion Awards. It's about time this incredible designer got some more recognition. The Royal Wedding dress simply doesn't compare to how beautifully she has taken the reins of Alexander McQueen, and kept the brand fresh, exciting and constantly doing the unexpected.


Happy Birthday Fashion Foreword!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Fashion Foreword! On the 29th of November, 2009 I posted my first 'article' welcoming readers to my little world. Back then, the blog was alot smaller, the layout was super simple and even the domain was different.

Although this blog has had a revamp, a new address and now has a much chicer style, I have remained the same since I started. I was never out to brag, or to preach to readers, only to share ideas and be creative in as many way's as I could. I have changed from a dedicated fashion blogger, to a beauty journalist- with the occasional outfit of the day!
The biggest change over these two years has, of course, been the addition of my YouTube account. This blog, and my journalism career would not be the same without it. I have been able to muster the courage to make myself a persona on the screen, that is myself but more professional.  But we'll wait for the second birthday of that to chat more about my progress there.

First and foremost, I want to thank my brilliant readers who keep me going every day. Even when I didn't post for nearly 2 weeks, my first post back got comments and emails and I felt really great. I have been able to talk to some really excellent bloggers and even journalists, who have complimented my work and encouraged me to keep going.
Next, I would like to thank Blogger for hosting me! This blog has managed to help me get some really incredibly job opportunities, from my experience at Woman's Own, to my continued work at Ana-rchy.com. Without this space to write, stylize and perfect my work, I wouldn't be the journalist I am today.

So thanks very very much, for everything... and here's to the next birthday.

With love, happiness and thankful feelings.... Ellie

Little Mermaid

This nail look reminds me of the Little Mermaid. Although they look green, the glitter is gold and blue and therefore blends into a greeny colour. Cosmic Green by W7.


Winter Wonderland

Alex and I went to Winter Wonderland! It is so beautiful, sparkly and the lights just made it so romantic. We  were planning to go on the Ferris Wheel (bottom), but I realised it goes quite fast and got all scared and chickened out! Then again, there were other more terrifiying rides available. The ice skating was so pretty, as were all the mini stores. We had belgian chocolate waffles, spiced cider and some chips! Very Christmassy. Hope your all enjoying the Christmas season. 


Birthday Cake

So it's freezing, but I am absolutely sick of wearing jeans all the time. I decided to brace the cold and wear these shorts form F+F which I've had years. I teamed it with a black jumper from H&M, tights and boots also from F+F. I am back on the eyeliner, and my hair is inspired by Bella's wedding hair in Breaking Dawn. 

Pie Time

Ok so it's time for a small admission: I am obsessed with pies. I love pies. I am the pie monster. Wanna know who ate all the pies? Yeah, that was me. So when "Bumpkin" entered my radar on a visit to Westfield Stratford I had to explore it. This 'central' London restaurant follows the concept of a country gastro-pub, hence the country "Bumpkin" name, and therefore features country style cuisine. Amazingly, I had the chicken, ham hock and leek pie, and my aunt had the fish pie.
Now: good point were that the restaurant was incredibly well executed. Gastro-pubs are slowly going out of fashion for their ridiculous price tags, but Bumpkin executes the country pub feel excellently. Dressed up for Christmas in a beautiful way, with plenty of wood and comfy chairs everywhere, I felt like I was back home in my local having a spot of dinner.
Bad point: service when you are there is excellent. But having to sit next to an uncleared table for over 20 minutes really does put you off your food. As a waitress, I know how restaurants work and you should clear a table as quickly as possible. At least three tables were left uncleared, and it just makes other diners feel uncomfortable. Aside from this, the restaurant was pretty faultless.
Recommendation: Please please please try the carrots and parsnips in honey. Simply amazing.


A Look For The Holidays

This eye look is inspired from December's Glamour magazine. It keeps the make up focused on the eyes, and the rest of the face calm and neutral. The glitter eye consists of a base of dark blue, and topped with glitter eyeliner. You could use a glitter pigment and a eye glue, but as I don't own either of these I improvised. Add a ton of mascara.
You could wear this look with an all black outfit during the holidays, perhaps to the party, or to New Years.


Night Time Skin Routine

...featuring: No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion Naked Skin Looking Good Soothing Eye Gel Avon Anew Thermalift Face Lifting Cream Vaseline, Aloe Vera Aveda Hand Relief Johnsons Babu Soothing Naturals Intense Moisture Cream


Kate Winslet for French Vogue

I have a make up look from French Vogue for you today. This look is inspired the 'Dame de Coeur' Kate Winslet look.
Topshop Green eyeshadow
W7 bright yellow ( Studio 51 pallette)
W7 Sparkle Eyeliner in Green
Bourjouis Contour Clubbing eyeliner in Bleu Neon
17 Eyeliner in Blavk
Clinique High Impact mascara in Black
W7 Blusher
MAC Prolongwear Lipcolour in Durashell


Garnier BB Cream

... is sadly not for me. I received this sample in my copy of Glamour magazine this month, and thank the lord for that. I was really considering purchasing the full size product for £11, but I am so glad I didn't.
Let's start with the positives. The application is lovely. I used my fingers, and it was similar to working in a moisturiser. I really felt that this was going to work for me, despite having oily skin. However, as I worked the product in to the skin, I felt it tingling and stinging in my acne prone areas.
Next, the colour is way to orange! I am really shocked at how orange based, and dark the BB cream is, considering that BB products developed in the Far East where the skin is notoriously light. This cream reminded me of Pro Lumier by Chanel in terms of the orange undertone of the colour.
I have compared the colour to my Estee Lauder Double Wear in Creamy Ivory, which is the foundation I use everyday. Although when you initially pump the products on to the hand, as you can see when you blend them in the orange pigment really comes through with the BB cream.
Lastly, as I understand it, this product is comparable to a tinted moisuriser with a little extra coverage. Taking this into account, I must say that the product does cover my uneven skin tone well, but does nothing to cover my spots.
So overall I give this product a 2/5, as although it isn't for me, I can really see some benefits for other women. 


Midnight Nails

I am sporting a new nail look. I really enjoyed the gold and glitter look I featured last time, but felt with the winter coming in it was time to experiment with darker colours... and what's darker than midnight nails? I have used two W7 polishes that I featured on my AQUA PR press day video on my YouTube channel. The base is  30 Pewter, and the glitter is 5 Silver Dazzle from the Glitter Nails collection. Please excuse my horrible fingers- burns from cooking. 


Vichy Aqualia Thermal

It's time for a product focus post. I want to bring light to a product that has been really helping me out this month. I really enjoy Vichy as a brand, and find the DermaBlend collaboration products really useful on my problematic skin. Another product that I find incredibly helpful on my skin is the Aqualia Thermal Rich moisturiser. It claims to be "fortifying and soothing", with "24 hour hydrating care". The product is enriched with Vichy Thermal Spa Water, and enriched with rare minerals.

I am already a fan of thermal water, as I use the La Roche Posay L'eau de Thermale every morning, so that is a plus for the Aqualia. I can vouch that the product is incredibly hydrating and soothing. As I use Retin-A medication gel for my acne, my skin can become incredibly dry on the chin and sides of the lips. I use the Aqualia Thermal to revitalise those areas, making the application of concealer and foundation much easier. 

I use this product at night, so that it can work while I sleep to enriched the dry areas. I would not recommend this product as an all over moisturiser to anyone with oily or combination skin. The product is just too rich and your skin would become overwhelmed. I can however,  this as an overall face moisturiser to anyone with dry or very dry skin, as the consistency of the product is very thick and hydrating. 



I felt very 60's inspired today, hence the Twiggy title. I am also loving collar details. The collar on this dress is quite subtle, and the ribbon adds an element of femininity. You could tie it in a bow, but I want the collar to stand out alone. I chose to keep the sixties look by using a camel cardigan, tights and loafers. I should have worn eyeliner to keep in theme with the sixties, but I stayed true to this weeks challenge. Dress from Primark, Cardigan from H&M, Shoes from New Look. Lipstick, Dior Addict in 322.


Christmas in the Air

So Christmas has come to London. None of that Justin whats his face turning on the lights. Chris and I went up to the 6th floor balcony at Uni, and took some brilliant photos of the lights from above. I'm also not wearing eyeliner this week, to see if I can work on perfecting my foundation and concealer. This look allows the skin to shine through, however I will be blogging about this in full at a later date. Outfit: Dress from New Look. Enjoy the images.


Feeling Down?

On Topshop's Facebook page, they recently featured the most wonderful concept. Ever been stuck at home, feeling crap after an argument, hungover, missing your boyfriend? Well let me further introduce you to Bummer Boxes.
These brilliant boxes feature products that will cheer up anyone, and if they don't cheer you up they will make you feel better for a while. They come in three different 'sizes', which are Big Time Bummers, Little Bit Bummed and Mini Bummers, depending on how miserable you are.
My current favourite is the Break Up Basket (for her). No I have not broken up with Alex, but if I ever did this box has all the things I could ever want: a box of cookies freshly baked, a heart cookie, Bummer chocolate bar, wine glass, sleep mask, temporary tattoos (no need to run into any commitments), chopsticks (perfect!) and ciggarettes. Although I don't smoke personally, I think that I would drink and smoke myself into a misery, then eat the cookies and chocolate to make myself feel better. 
The website currently sell the boxes in America, but hopefully after Topshop's mention they will begin selling in the UK. 
Image from Bummer Baskets website


Cold Date.

This post is a bit late, but I found it in my drafts and needed to make it live. I wore this look to meet Alex from Kings Cross to take him to Paddington. It was freezing outside, but I still wanted to look relaxed and comfortable. This look contrasts textures and keeps the pallet neutral. Jumper from Banana Republic, Jeans from Topshop, Jacket from Primark, Boots from Primark, Scarf is my mums. 


Golden Glitter

Nail Polish by Smooch. Glitter by W7