OOTD: Shop Shop Shopping

I wore this outfit when I went shopping last week. It plays on classic fashion trends, and adds a twist of modernity. 
Blazer from Primark
Jeggings from Miss Selfridge
Tee from Banana Republic
Shoes from Topshop
Very classic jeans, tee and blazer combination. However! The jeans part is actually dark acid wash jeggings, the blazer is made from cotton so it has a cardigan-like feel and look and the tee is a ribbed organic cotton tee . Also, I subbed heels for my Topshop flats, as these look really luxurious, and my feet wont hurt in them! 
Bag from Calvin Klein
Necklace from New Look
Pendant Necklace from Tiffanys (gift)
Ring from Troll Beads (gift)
Cuff from Banana Republic
I let the accessories become the stand out pieces in this outfit, and so kept the rest of the outfit basic. I hope you like it! What are your basic looks?
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Boot It This Autumn

So what with the English weather being at it's height of unreliability, the autumn season has starting a wee bit earlier than I was expecting! Let's put it this way, it has rained heavily for the past four days, and I don't have any new season boots!! I have been searching on New Look's website, as I have £60 worth of vouchers for there and I think I will use them to pick up a few pairs of boots. When I go to London I'm hoping to hit Russell and Bromley with Emma, to get some good leather riding boots. So here are some top picks for boots for the next season-
Buckle Boots £34.99

Candy Girl Wedge Welly £37.00

Thick Heel Brogue £70

Suedette Peep Toe Wedge £24.99
It's a mix of modern minimalist, and vintage extravagance. The detail on the brogues is key to adding tones of style to your look. The candy POP colour of the wellington boots gives your look a punky/barbie edge...depending on what you style it with! Oh and the fur on the boots adds winter warmth to a military look- very Burberry! 
What boots are you wearing this season? Whose excited about my upcoming giveaway!?
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Oh my GOSH, its MAC!

Hello my lovelies! I have some amazing news to share with you at the end of this post, but first of all I have a beauty product review. Combining lipsticks and lip glosses from different brands can often be a struggle. Sometimes even within the same brand it can be a nightmare! However, I believe I have found the perfect combination!! 
I bought my first MAC product a few days ago, and I have well and truely fallen in love with it. I bought the Glaze Finish Lipstick in Hue. This is a nude colour, with a hint of peach. I don't really like bright, striking lipsticks for day wear, so looking for a nude is my only option. (Pinks make me look W-A-Y to Barbie stylee). So I am really happy with this colour. The formula is really creamy and has impressed me so far!
(Apologies for the bad quality)
And if you watch my youtube videos (again please do!), you will know that one of my favourites for this month is the GOSH Lip Gloss in 004. This is also a nude colour, and is almost a clear gloss. It provides a peachy, nude coverage however I am unsure about its formula. It is really smooth on application, however after about an hour it becomes slimey and after that it becomes grainy-which is disgusting. 
Despite the GOSH Lip Gloss not being 100% amazing, the combination of the two products is incredible. The colours compliment each other perfectly, and create a really pretty, girl nude lip colour. This photo is just the MAC Lip Stick..
(The MAC Lip Stick is in a Glaze finish)
...and this is with the GOSH Lip Gloss added on top...
It has a really pretty finish. Again, apologies for the bad quality. I should have a new camera next week for Uni, so I can start using that!
So this is the big news! As each week goes by, the blog is gaining more and more followers, which I massively appreciate and love having. I write for my readers, so the more I have the better the blog can become. At the moment, I have 33 followers, when I reach the big 50 I will be running a GIVEAWAY! That's right folks, Fashion Foreword is running a give away when I reach 50 followers. Details will come closer to the time, so promote the blog as much as you can! Email to friends, share on your website/facebook/twitter...whatever you want! Good luck!!
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August Favourites

This was filmed a little prematurely! Please excuse the terrible quality, I am hating the Dell right now! Enjoy!!
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OOTD: L'Incendie

Parisian mixed with equestrian, mixed with vintage. Oh Ellie, you are all over the place!!
This is the outfit I wore with the Blue Smoke make up look. It held all the colours together and worked excellently. Also, the flowers are from Alex for tidying my room :) Nawww. Also number 2, I was inspired by Emma at chainlinkfashion.blogspot.com  to wear my headband, which added a girly touch.
Jacket from Equestrian
Tee from Primark
Jeggings from Topshop
Pumps from New Look
Bag from Calvin Klein
Thanks for reading my lovelies!
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Blue Smoke

I love smokey eye looks, but sometimes a full blown black smokey eye is a little OTT for daily wear. I often wear a grey/white smokey eye, that has a pink base so it looks really girly and wearable. Well today I tried a turquoise base! I know, that sounds mad but it has come out really nice. I noticed that the majority of things I own are blue, white, grey and black, and so this look encompasses all of these, making it super wearable. First, some photos..
I always look so smug. First of all I should tell you all the products I used aside from the eyes.
FACE: Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Skin Serum, L'Oreal Anti-Redness Primer, L'Oreal Resurfacing Primer, Benefit Boi-ing Concealer (1), L'Oreal True Match Foundation (C1 Ivory Rose), Wet'n'Wild Rouge (Pearlescent Pink), GOSH Sun Powder (001)
LIPS: GOSH Lip Gloss Brilliant A Levres (004)
Okay, so the main attraction- the eyes. I used 'drug store' only make up, as this is what I own! 
Okay so first of all I used TooFaced Shadow Insurance, as we are using alot of eyeshadows and creating a really intense look. I used my L'Oreal Studio Secrets as a base eyeshadow (shade 220), and used the No7 Eyeshadow Brush, all over the lid and the brow area. I then applied the No7 Pacific Green (12, it's a turquoise blue) using the No7 Smudging Brush, all over the lid area. This is quite sheer so I really had to pack the colour in, however it is really pretty. Next, I applied the Rimmel Twilight Zone eyeshadow, in grey, on the crease and the corner, creating a V then blending along the crease line. Once this was applied I blended the grey and the Pacific Green in together, creating that smokey effect. The colour was really sheer and blended brilliantly. I then went back to the Twilight Zone trio, and used the No7 Smudging Brush to apply the white colour as a highlight on the brow bone. I then used the No7 Shader brush to blend this into the grey blue combination. 
I then applied my Rimmel Exaggurated Eyeliner, in black, to my top lid, and used the Rimmel Extra Lash mascara. I chose not to line the bottom waterline, but instead carried the Pacific Green along the bottom lash line, giving the eye a total outline. I am really happy with this look, and it looked super cute with the outfit I wore (which I will post later). Thanks for reading and I hope this helped!
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Sick Obsession

Hello my lovely readers! That's a nice opening if ever there was one- I like to let you guys know your really appreciated and loved. :) Right! Another video upload- please let me know if you really hate these or love them, because they are fun to do and are another media source for me to experiment with! Everyone in fashion has their little oddities. Look at Carmen Kass, she's a politician and a chess major! And Vivienne Westwood is an oddity in her own, but we wouldn't love her as much if she was any different. I feel the time has come to share my strange fashion obsession with you! Don't worry, it's not illegal it's just very odd!
What are your fashion obsessions?
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OOTD: The Living Room

Last Saturday I went to dinner with my family to celebrate my A Level results and my sisters GCSE results. We went to this amazing restaurant in Oxford called The Living Room. It serves contemporary fusion food, and has an amazing interior design. The restaurant is set in the Oxford Castle, which is not only an ex-prison, but it has been converted into some of the best restaurants in the country, including MalMasion (Raymond Blanc) which also has a hotel. 
I went for a really summery look. I wore a tie-dye maxi dress, as I bought it several months ago and had only worn it once. 
Tie Dye Dress, New Look
Wool and Suede jacket, New Look
Shoes from Office
Bag from Primark
I didn't curl my hair, as I felt a straight look was more sophisticated, and made the relaxed dress more grown up! Here's me drinking a Cosmopolitan, I have a new found LOVE for these!
I look a bit silly here! Smug as anything. On my eyes I did a really dark smokey eye, but didn't line the bottom waterline, so the look was really faded and relaxed, rather than sultry and cat like!
Here's me with my family. (L-R). My auntie wore a dress from Coast and shoes from L K Bennett, my mum wore a vintage shirt (so pretty!) and trousers from Next, and my sister wore a dress from this amazing vintage shop in York and a leather jacket from Topshop. (My face is HORRIFIC in this photo)
Just a personal touch to the blog!
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Barry M Nail Polishes Review

Hey everyone! Time for a quick post on some Barry M nail polishes I recently bought. If you watch my youtube videos (please do, I very often make a fool of myself), you will know that I purchased four new Barry M nail polishes from Boots, as they are on a 2 for £5 deal. I have been a fan of Barry M nail products since I was alot younger because the colours are often really vibrant and highly pigmented. I also love the fact that they are really good value (£2.99 each), and you get a good sized bottle and brush. 
Okay, so here I am reviewing five different colours. The mint was given to me by Alex's mum, so that doesn't count as one I have bought! In the order of this photo the polishes I am reviewing are...
Mint, Block Orange, Grey, Mushroom, and Cobalt Blue. The Barry M nail colours are also numbered, but I have packed them away in one of my many suitcases (post coming soon) and its too much hassle to drag them all out! Right, so some general comments first- all the colours are super shiny, and come up real well on my nails. I am lucky enough to have naturally long nails (my mum hates them!), instead of gel or acrylics, and so polishes often apply brilliantly to my nails.
I adore the mint colour, but in terms of the rest of the world it is getting mixed reviews. It was one of Tatler magazines "must-have nail colours", and they were in fact giving away an Essie version in last months copy.  For me this colour is perfect for summer. It works excellently with whites and  golds, but also looked awesome with my skinny jeans and flip flops. I would recommend this colour for under 25's though, as it is quite a youthful and fresh colour, and wouldn't really work great in the work place. Applies perfectly in one stroke both on toes and finger nails. Overall: 7/10
Block Orange
I am unsure about this colour- I think it looks really cool and edgy, but it doesn't work with any of my wardrobe! The generic colours in my wardrobe are white, black, grey, blue and beige. The orange clashes hugely with beige and blue, but works against white. If I wear it with black it makes me look like a goth! Also, this took THREE COATS to get a decent coverage! Something I would not expect from a Barry M polish- only really cheap, crap brands. Overall: 3/10
I really like this colour, despite it reminding me of a rainy day! It works excellently with work or formal wear, but I think a more vibrant colour would be better for a youthful or day look. I would definitely recommend this for an 'older' audience than myself, but don't dismiss it when experimenting. Also, the colour is quite dark, so if you want to have an edgy look, but are scared of black nail polish this is defiantly the one for you! Applies brilliant in one coat. Overall: 6/10
This colour is my favourite by far, and I am wearing it right now! Although it is quite dark, the muted brown/grey tones work excellently as an autumn polish. It's not really rich like a winter polish (dark reds/purples), and still has a little brightness of summer. I have no idea why I am connecting nail polishes to weather seasons, but muted colours are massive next fashion season. SO get on it!! Applies in one coat, no flaws or smudges. 9/10
Cobalt Blue
This is an incredibly vibrant, striking and shiny colour! This would be amazing on a night out, as it works with the majority of clothing colours, and stands out beautifully against silver, white and black. This colour is like having an extra accessory! Avoid wearing this colour with any costume rings, or brightly coloured jewelry as it wont look as sleek. I would also recommend two coats to get the really strong coverage, which isn't as good as the other colours I reviewed. Overall: 8/10

So Mushroom is the winner of this review! I really loved all of these colours, and as I said I love Barry M as a make up brand! Their pigment pots (eyeshadow) are amazing too! But a bit too glitterly for me.
Talk again soon! Posts to look forward to: My life in boxes, A busy postman and some more university gifts! I'm sorry if I'm getting on your nerves with the lack of fashion posts, but I am so busy at the moment, its often easier to film videos on fashiony/haul issues, than take photos and write posts. Sorry if that annoying. University wise: we have two and a half weeks 'till we move guys! Yaaayy!! Super duper excited.
**I just want to say how grateful I am to all my followers for sticking with me, and for your support and understand during this uni transition! Love you all!!**
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MASSIVE University Haul!

Part 1

Hi everyone! This is part 1 of my MASSIVE university haul. My family and I went shopping in Oxford yesterday to pick up some last bits that I needed. I have also included a mini fashion and beauty haul at the beginning. 
Apologies for not really blogging this past week. I have been going out for loads of meals and celebrations with family and friends. As today is a Sunday, it is exactly three weeks until I move to London, and of course I will keep you posted about the journey, and the transition into university life! I will load part 2 shortly.
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University: An Update

Some of you may be wondering as the A-Level results come out today....
And Alex got in to Northumbria University! So all is bloomin' fab!!
Bye Bye my lovely readers! I will tweet my results as and when I get them!
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Wardrobe Essentials- The High Street

In my last blog post I said I would make a video about the high street versions I own of the wardrobe essentials. Here it is!

Let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions or requests, or if you just want a natter!
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Wardrobe Essentials for All Year Round

No matter the season, year or even decade, there are some true essentials that you need in your wardrobe. Although I have selected designer versions, you can pick these items up on the high street too. 

Leather Jacket
Leather and Sherling coat, Burberry £1895

Classic Trench Coat
Burberry Trench, £795

Black Stilettos
Christian Louboutin £375

Ballet Flats
Topshop, £16

White Shirt
Thomas Pink £69

Cashmere Cardigan
Stella McCartney £515

Skinny Jeans
J Brand £160

2.55 Style Bag

Oversized Handbag
Mulberry Bayswater £695
So that's all the designer versions of these classic essentials! However, if your like me and your budget leaves alot more to be desired, you can also pick these up on the high-street. I will be filming a video today about the high-street versions of these essentials that I have picked up, so watch out for that!
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What's In My Make-up Bag?

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Parisian Distorting Dimensions

Blazer from Primark
Tee from COS
Shorts from Primark
Pumps from Topshop

Pearls from Accesorize
Necklace from Tiffany's
Glasses from Chanel
This is a cute Parisian look, that plays with different lengths and shapes. In my opinion, if your going to show skin it should be legs OR chest- never both. Hence the neckline on this striped COS tee is high, and my denim shorts are very short! I also chose to keep the accessories simplistic to allow the outfit to work on its own. 
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TAG: A New 13 Questions

This is another Questions TAG from mollyvouge. Her blog is so cute, so follow her and support younger bloggers!

1.What is your favourite fashion style to wear?
Rock chick mixed with vintage princess. Oh and chuck some Parisian in there.

2.Who is your fashion role model?
I want to say someone really amazing and unique: but honestly it's Kate Moss, Emma Watson and Alexa Chung. However, recently I have been falling in love with Kristen Stewart.

3.What do you always have on?
My Tiffany's necklace from my lovely boyfriend, Alex. It was a Christmas gift and I have never taken it off.

4.What are your favourite jeans?
My Primark skinny jeans in navy. It doesn't matter how cheap or shameful it is that they are from Primark- they fit super well and make my legs looks thin and my ass look firm! I know that might be crude, but I love them.

5.What are your favourite sunglasses and shoes?
Sunglasses are my boyfriends Ray Ban Aviators (I really should love my own, but they break too often)
Shoes would be my Army Boot Heels from Dorothy Perkins. Technically, they are more like heeled walking boots. I bought them in February and they are massive this fall/winter- fashion forward moment!

6.What is your favourite store?
Probably Topshop, but specifically to London I love Selfridges.

7.What is you favourite fabric?
Cotton for practicality, and satin/silk for luxury. I just adore how satin/silk feels on your skin.

8.Who is your favourite model?
Kate Moss.

9.If you had £5000 to spend on any fashion related item what would you spend it on?
I would buy a Chanel 2.55, and a Balmain leather jacket.

10.Heels or Flats?
Heels- although a doctor would force me to say flats. Heels may screw your feet, but I look a zillion times better in them.

11.What purse do you use?
Now I have a Longchamp coin purse and a Mulberry card wallet. OH! This tag is American, so purse means bag! I used a variety of different bags, but at the moment it's my Primark straw clutch.

12.Is Fashion in your blood? 
Not in my family, but in me. Fashion has been my entire life since I was about 13, so I would say it runs in my veins yeah!

13.What is your fav lipstick?
I don't really wear lipstick, but it would have to be my Elizabeth Arden set of cream lip colours, in Lightest Pink.
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Berries and Light Reading

Hello again! This is my second post about my Yorkshire holiday! Today's is a bit geeky, as it about the books and magazines I read on holiday- HOWEVER at the bottom there is a big surprise on my favourite purchase from the whole holiday!
Okay, so first of all I took about some weeklies: Grazia and Look, mainly for the fashiony bits inside them. Although modern culture is obsessed with celebrity, I tend to avoid reading these bits as they are usually full of rubbish anyway!
Next, I took my September issue of Elle because I still hadn't read the interview with Emily Blunt, who is on the cover this month. When I did get round to it, I found her even more loveable than when she is on screen. It's well worth a read, so try get a copy if you can. I also purchased September Vogue, simply because it has 'Mossy' (I'm such a loser) on the cover. I love any shoot she is in, because she holds the pose so well, and entraps your imagination.
And while I was oop norf I was lucky enough to get my mits on Dazed&Confused (Vol 22/89), which had Dakota Fanning on the cover. I love her as an actress, and I think for her age (16) she in just incredibly talented. She is starring in the new movie "The Runaways" as Cherie Currie, which has completely changed her public persona from "golden to to glam rock rebel". I think this is the perfect transition for her to become more experimental and edgy with her fashion.
 Lastly, I took three books on holiday. I have only photographed two because my aunt is now reading "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner", which is an offset from the Twilight saga. It is a really good book, and allows you to look at the Twilight series from another angle. I wont give anything away, but Stephanie has a real way with teenage romance. Speaking of just that, Fallen (Lauren Kate) and Marked (P.C and Kristen Cast) both explore teenage romance in very different ways. Fallen is about reform school kids, some of whom turn out to be angels, and discusses romance and attraction in a loving and caring way. Marked however, is about vampyres (yes, spelt that way), and is a completely different take on vampiric ways compared to Twilight. It is very upfront and crude when discussing romance (openly discusses oral sex), and does not shy away from swearing. 
Okay, so here's the bit you've been waiting for!
Tada! My mummy bought me a Mulberry card wallet (as I said my Longchamp should only be used for cash), from the Mulberry store in York. I simply adore it, and chose this classic brown leather wallet, over a purple patent envelope style purse. I really adore this little item, and as you know Mulberry is my favourite label for handbags and the like! It cost £42, as we got it from the Factory Store (retails at £110), so I think it was a good choice to buy from the factory store, than the main shop!
Thanks for reading and I look forward to posting this week. A-Level results are on Thursday, so wish me luck!
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P.s. Look what Alex left me on my bed!

Yorkshire: A Week Of Outfits

Hello! I am back! The holiday was amazingly good! We were right by the sea and it was just lovely. I have only just got home so this a quick post about the outfits I wore during the holiday! There are a few videos on my youtube channel from the week so check them out if you like here! So anyways, here are some snaps! I will also post another blog  about my MAJOR purchase, and some light reading from the holdai- I'm so geeky like that -so check that out too!
Dress by F+F
Hat from Matalan
Bag from Urban Outfitters
All jewelry from New Look
Tee from F+F
Jeans from Primark
Necklace and bangles from Topshop
Cuff by Banana Republic
Trousers from New Look
Shoes from Topshop
Tee from Banana Republic
Necklace from New Look
Bag from Primark 
(Cardigan from boyf)
Jeans from Primark
Shoes from F+F
Cardigan from Topshop
Tee from Banana Republic
Scarf from Matalan
Dress from Topshop
Leggings from Primark
(Cardigan from boyf)
Keep your eyes peeled for more posts from my holiday! And don't forget to check out my youtube channel too!
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July Favourites

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