Yorkshire: A Week Of Outfits

Hello! I am back! The holiday was amazingly good! We were right by the sea and it was just lovely. I have only just got home so this a quick post about the outfits I wore during the holiday! There are a few videos on my youtube channel from the week so check them out if you like here! So anyways, here are some snaps! I will also post another blog  about my MAJOR purchase, and some light reading from the holdai- I'm so geeky like that -so check that out too!

Dress by F+F
Hat from Matalan
Bag from Urban Outfitters
All jewelry from New Look
Tee from F+F
Jeans from Primark
Necklace and bangles from Topshop
Cuff by Banana Republic
Trousers from New Look
Shoes from Topshop
Tee from Banana Republic
Necklace from New Look
Bag from Primark 
(Cardigan from boyf)
Jeans from Primark
Shoes from F+F
Cardigan from Topshop
Tee from Banana Republic
Scarf from Matalan
Dress from Topshop
Leggings from Primark
(Cardigan from boyf)
Keep your eyes peeled for more posts from my holiday! And don't forget to check out my youtube channel too!
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Love the outfits for Tuesday and Thursday :D Thank you for writing such a lovely comment on our blog - we love yours and your style :) x

Ellen, Mollie and Sian

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