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As my readers may have noticed, I recently stocked up on blonde enhancing shampoos and conditioners- well, here is my explanation. I've always wanted my hair back to ashy blonde since I dyed it brown in year 8, so a very long time! I've been growing my colour out for a year, and now I am dying it as the brown has all grown out.

I originally dyed my ginger hair blonde using Nice 'N' Easy shade Medium Natural Blonde 127 (£5.49 from Boots). Although it evened my colour out, it didn't change the colour overall. My hair was still very gingery. So I dyed it again in L'Oreal Recital Preference shade 9.8 Lightest Natural Blonde (£5.39 at Boots), which worked well. My hair was a light blonde, but still had some darker shades running through it. So a week later I dyed my hair using Nice 'N' Easy shade 100 Lightest Pale Blonde (£4.99 at Boots).
And hey presto! The final result. There are still some darker tones through the hair, but generally it is a nice ashy blonde. I am continuing to use Trevor Sorbie's Beautiful Blonde's (£4.99 at Boots) collection of hair products (ice/platinum), and I must say they are really good. They use semi-permanent dyes in both products, and so it's like giving your hair a little boost.
I also bought a new hair product for Truck festival today. As mentioned in my previous post, I bought Umberto Giannins Morning After dry shampoo, and today I bought one of the sister products: Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray (£5.49 at Boots). This apparently gives "from cool festival hair, to rock chick grunge glamour, this gives the perfect lived in texture and come-to-bed hair". Sounds pretty cool- hence I bought it for Truck. However, I am a little worried about the idea of "salt spray", as this reminds me of when your hair gets wet in the sea and feels horrible! I really like my hair to be soft, touchable and shiny- but I wont get a chance to use straighteners or a hairdryer for 4 days, so maybe a more rocky look will work better. It smells really fruity, which I wasn't expecting and doesn't have a sticky texture when sprayed on my hand. I will let you know how it works and give photos.

As alot of my hair products seem to be focussed on festivals, I hope to do a post this week on festival fashion. There has been a ton of coverage of this in magazines, e-zines and online lookbooks, but I will write one tailored to what I am inspired by, and which looks I feel will suit people of my height, build and looks.
Speak again soon! Comment if you have any questions, or if you have used any of the products mentioned in today's post. 

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Im gonna be honest sweetie, the color is NOT a nice ash blonde. Its an orangie/even red'ish tone and you can see the damage the bleaching has done to the hair! Girls repeat this mistake over and over again, you CANNOT go from dark to very light over night!! The hair goes through different tones when bleaching. From Black-to brown-to red- to yellow - and eventually a whiter tone. You should have had a hair dresser give your hair hightlights and changed the color over a period of at least a year to spare your hair the damage and avoid the dark roots being visible every 3 weeks! Also you shouldn't bleach you hair to a "cleaner" color, to get the ashy/white instead of yellow you should go to the hair dresser and have her help you get rid of the yellow tones (in a much healthyer way!)

Good luck!

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