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This is my first post since the relaunch of the blog. Before I start off I just wanna totally explain and address my reasons for the change over, and why I felt the need to start a fresh. First of all, I was never entirely happy with the old blog's layout. Although I changed it quite regularly, it still wasn't 'me' enough. Secondly, the blog (and the blog's email account) was repeatedly hacked by some evidently immature people. I just want to say now, that if you don't like me or my blog, then instead of ruining my and my readers enjoyment by hacking the account, just leave and don't revisit. I do not enforce my opinions on people, and I do not force people to read what I say. I live in a free country, with freedom of speech and it is unjust for a small few people to feel that they have the upper hand and that their views should be enforced upon others. I am happy to take suggestions and comments that are of a constructive and positive nature, but I will not tolerate bullying, negativity or just plain nastiness on my blog, towards my blog, my readers or myself.
Right! Now I've got that over with let get back to what I have been waiting a long time to do: blog about fashion. As I've titled this post "Since We Last Met", you may have thought I'd write a HUGE diary of all the massive things that have occurred in the last month. Well, nearly- I will divide this into several posts about each thing that has happened. I will be adding new photos, looks, reviews and updates on my life as regularly as I can, hopefully this will be daily.
So- the big changes in a few words: university, hair, outfits, summer ball, make-up. In this post I will show you my latest buys for the last month. As we are nearing the end of the summer season (although it feels like it's only just started!!) there are H-U-G-E sales across the UK fashion and beauty stores. My mum and aunt have been super kind to purchase some lovely bits for me when we went to London (covered in my "LCF- Show and Sales" post-coming soon), and I have spent a large amount of this months pay check on new clothes and skin and hair care. I have arranged these by each store as it would take waaayyy too long to photograph, load and describe every single purchase. And this post is really long already!
Christian Lacroix C'est La Fete! Eau De Parfum £28.99 (50ml)
Harrods Egyptian Cotton Face Towel £4.95  

Suede and Metal Shoes £28  £10 (sale)
Wood and Metal Bangles £8  £4 (sale)
Mini Straighteners £10
Temporary Tattoos £5
New Look

Leather studded heels £25 £18 (sale)
Faux Leather bag £15 £8 (sale)
Plastic and Metal bangles £10 £2 (sale)
Linen Peg Leg trousers £20
Denim Shirt £20 £7 (sale)
Nautical Striped Crop Top £20 £8 (sale)
Beaded Metallic Necklaces £8 £2 (sale)
Tea Dress £8
Cut-off Shorts £7
Flower Clutch Bag £4
Hair Grip £2.50
Banana Republic
Organic Cotton White Tee (Heritage Collection) £29.99 £5.65 (sale)
Organic Cotton Navy Vest Tee (Heritage Collection) £18.99 £6.99 (sale)
Wood, Metal and Beaded Bangle £22.00 £2.99 (sale)
Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Blonde (Ice Cool Platinum) Shampoo and Conditioner £4.99 each (250ml)
Denise McAdam Blonde Highlight Enhancing Shampoo (Platinum/ Champagne) £5.99 (250ml)
Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Morning After Dry Shampoo £5.49 (200ml)
Clean&Clear Deep Action Cream Wash (oil free) £3.99 (150ml)
Elizabeth Arden 2-in-1 Cleanser £17.00 (150ml)
L'Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash (for dry/sensitive skin) £4.99 (150ml)
No7 Smokey Eyes Brush Kit £6.50
Ruby & Millie Kohl Pencil (in black) £9.50
TooFaced Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer £11.99
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Primer £9.50
Benefit Boi-ing (industrial strength) Concealer £16.50

So an awful lot! Observant readers may be wondering why I have blonde shampoo/conditioners in my purchases when I have red hair. Fear not, I have not gone mad, but all will be revealed in my "Hello Blondie" post (coming soon). I am really glad to be back and will be posting as often as I can. Let's get this new blog out there. I can now be followed using Bloglovin', Fuel My Blog, Twitter and the original Blogger.
Speak again soon!
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