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Last Saturday I had another visit to LCF. Apparently this for an offers day, but it was more a Q&A session, without alot of A. Oh well, I love going there so I don't really mind the lack of organization! Either way, it was so worth going as I got to meet my friend Emma (read her over at ChainLink Fashion). We're both doing the same course at LCF, and have been chatting over facebook and BB messenger so it was brilliant to finally get to meet her!
At LCF we got a sneak peek at all the graduates work from this year. This range from Fashion Design, to Fashion Technology, Fashion Journalism and even Cosmetic Sciences. I wasn't allowed to take photos which was a shame because it was like these H-U-G-E interactive screen where you touch-screen the work you wanted to look at. You could give 'love', leave comments and rate the students work. I think this was a brilliant way to show the work as it allows to students to receive loads of honest feedback on their work, and see what the public think of their work. 
After all the shenanigans at LCF, my family and I hit the London sales! Super exciting and super productive!! We went to Harrods, Banana Republic, Topshop, John Lewis, Selfridges, Zara, New Look, Marks and Spencers... on and on and on and on! It was brilliant. My mum and aunt were kind enough to buy me some bits as I had NO money! Here are some shots from the day..

I look sooo grumpy! I wasn't! This is taken in the changing rooms at Banana Republic, which was amazingly glamourous and luxurious. Anyway, my trousers are from New Look, the tee is a basic from Primark, shoes from F+F, bracelet and necklaces from New Look.
Here's me and my mum eating marmite toast in this super cute, and reasonably priced, cafe literally across the road from LCF. It was sooo sunny and lovely and warm, so we sat outside on the pavement with the locals and regulars. London has never felt more like home. (My mum isn't mad, she just looks it!)
We went to Bella Italia for lunch, on Duke Street. First of all, it took about a century to find the damn place, and in the end we had to ask a lovely policeman. This is what I had. It was a spaghetti dish, with prawns in a chili sauce. Now I am not usually a fan of spicy food, and this was seriously the hottest dish ever, but it was super tasty and I would really recommend it!
Now I really really wanted this dress. It is by Banana Republic, and the original price was around £150, but it was marked down to 70. It had a really interesting rope back (as you can see on the straps), and the tulle fabric was just so glamourous. I love the really grecian goddess feel to this dress, and the shape really complimented my figure. Sadly mum said no, so I didn't get this dress.. however I did get...
This huge bangle is made from wood, yet it is super soft and smooth. You can see tiny little knots in the wood, which makes it look really natural and pretty. The detailing is metal and beading, and is really intricate and beautiful. I like this alot, and I'm really glad I got it. It was £22, but marked down to £2.99 in the sale. 
This photo was taken when I got home, hence the flowery background! This is on of the temporary tattoos that I got from Topshop. I got one of the larger packs, which has three sheets of these temporary tattoos on. I am so happy I got these as they are such a blatant copy of Chanel, and hence BOT. I really like this one, but sadly it was beginning to fade even after one day. I think this may be down to where I put it (on my wrist), as another one I had was applied on my ankle and didn't smudge for over a week. These were £5 a pack, and are available in store and online. 
So that's it for today guys I hope you enjoyed reading. As I said yesterday in my Hey Blondie post, I will be looking at festival fashion this week, so hopefully tomorrow there will be a post on that. I will also be looking at some trend reports autumn and searching where to get these from. At the moment though this seems very odd, as it is lovely and sunny and I don't want to wish the good weather away! Comment if you have any questions or if you have used any of the above products. Talk again soon!
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