Festival Fashion: Inspiration and Key Buys

With the festival season well and truly upon us, a new breed of fashion stalking has erupted. At the moment, it doesn't matter your shape, size or age, its about being comfortable, staying cool and being effortlessly fashionable. Inspiration's for the festival look have come from a range of ages on the fashion scale; from Emma Watson (aged 20), to the forever amazing Kate Moss (aged 36). However, just because your dancing around in the mud- and possible rain- doesn't mean you can't flash your designer gear. Here are some inspiration shots:

Emma Watson and boyfriend George Craig. Usually Emma is very private about her relationships, perhaps suggesting this relationship is more serious. 
Kate Moss: Forever festival ready, chic and gorgeous!
VIP's at Glastonbury.
Okay so from these photos I can channel some key trends: cut offs, parkas, army boots vs wellingtons, and tribal vs cowboys. These looks allow you to really have fun with your outfit, and break out of strict trend following.
Cut Offs
Current Elliot, £155
Warehoue, £25
Cowboys vs Tribal
Steve Allen, £245
Etoil Isabel Marant, £135
Perfect Parka
Edun, £360
Welingtons vs Army Boots
Kurt Gieger, £70
Hunter, £139

So I hope that helped you guys if your searching for any festival fashion tips. I'm sorry about the lack of real writing in this post. I am currently pouring over the new Elle Collections for Fall 2010 magazine, and nearly dying with happiness! Don't forget you can follow me on Twitter, Blog Lovin' and Facebook, and you can vote for my on Fuel My Blog. Talk tomorrow! I should be looking at the elcletic, odd and fascinating style of Anna Dello Russo of Japanese Vogue. She was spotted at nearly every show (obviously!) and her style is really something to marvel at. I will also be putting some more LOTD and inspiration posts up!
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