The Royal Wedding: Bride's Gown by Sarah Burton

Possibly the most beautiful wedding gown I have ever seen by Sarah Burton at the house of Alexander McQueen. I want this style gown when I get married. The combination of lace, silk and satin is just exquisite. A truely amazing day for British fashion. 


Face Thursday: A New Series!

Hi everyone!
Apologies for being a little MIA over the last week. I've been pulling 10 hour shifts every day since Sunday, and Alex has been back in Oxford so my time has been a little pulled in every direction. However, I have the pleasure of introducing a new series to you today. The name may be changed because what I chose sounds a bit rubbish!
If you have read this blog, or watched videos on my Youtube channel you will know that I have been battling my skin problems for a very long time.  Since I was 14 years old I have been dealing with spots, blemishes, black heads and discoloration. In the last year I have added dark under-eyes to the growing list of problems with my skin. Now, someone who has perfect skin may think "well you shouldn't care how your skin looks" or the famous one; "it's about inner beauty". Anyone who says that has no idea what having bad skin makes you FEEL. Having 'bad' skin makes you feel depressed, unmotivated and often shy. I am lucky to have natural confidence, but my skin is the one thing that really makes me go into a shell. 
I wear a full face of make up (minus liquid foundation) everyday in the effort to cover the damaged goods, whilst using treatments underneath. I have washed my face twice a day with spot treating face scrubs, lotions, cream washes, gel washes, foam washes and everything in-between and seen little improvement. I have used every cleanser, clarifying lotion and perfecter mentionable. I have branched into high end products from Clinique and Laura Mercier, and seen no difference from the effects of drug store products such as Clean and Clear and L'Oreal. I have used hundreds of different brands when it comes to spot gels, or direct treatments. From Dr Nick Lowe (avoid at all costs), Clean and Clear and now Clinique and have found these just irritate my skin further.
I have honestly reached a point of serious depression with my skin. I wake up and think 'what's the point? I use all these products, spend lots of money and often endure pain and for what? For nothing'. I work in an industry that is constantly judging you on your appearance. And as a woman, you are naturally judged on your appearance. Being brainy is no longer enough, being the top student isn't good enough anymore.
I have decided to take pretty drastic steps and have my skin medically treated. I am really scared but I feel this is the best thing for me. At 19 years old I shouldn't be so miserable from the condition of my skin. And I want to take you on my journey. I want anyone out there who has the smallest pimple to full on acne to feel they can relate to me, and I will show you everything I find and share everything I do on this journey.
I look forward to working on this series. Please post your stories below or write to me personally. With love, and hope!


My Favourite Vegan Foods

Oh how Youtube delights in giving me quite possibly the worst cover image for my videos! This film is about three of my favourite Vegan foods, that I continue to eat even when I am not being Vegan. They are good replacements for dairy products, as meat isn't a problem for me to cut out; milk and yogurt however are such staples in my nutrition that before finding these products I did struggle to remove them. Enjoy watching! For more food related posts, restaurant reviews and recipes visit my food blog here. Love,


Work Make Up

This is my basic look that I wear to my waitressing job. I often work weddings, so I like to look my best because we often end up in photographs, and I think that couples want people to look beautiful on their big day. 

Face: No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder, W7 Camouflage Kit, MAC Tenderling Sheertone Blush
Eyes: Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner, No7 Define and Shimmer Eye Palette, All About Face Buttermilk eyeshadow, No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara
Lips: W7 Lip Balm, MAC Angel Lipstick


Topshop Dress Up Event

Last Thursday, my friend Man Yee and I were invited to the Topshop Dress Up event, at the Oxford Circus branch. We were dazzled by the new Dress Up collection, with its bright colours, intricate lace, chain and stitching detail, piles of sequins and fantastic shapes. There were photographers, hairdressers and make up artists on hand for all invitees, so we both had our hair and make up done in the new season style.

My facial expressions in these photos are very odd! My dress is from Primark, the denim jacket is from New Look, and the shoes are also from New Look. They were amazingly easy to walk in and I wasn't too cold in the dress and mini jacket. I have tried to recreate the plait in my hair, but haven't been able to yet! And the make up is a black smokey eye look, which is relatively easy to redo.


TOPSHOP Summer Wish List


Umberto Giannini Product Review

Review: Laura Mercier Mega Moutiruzier


OOTD: Floral Playsuit

 Playsuit from F+F, Cardigan from New Look, Shoes from Topshop
 Earrings from Forever 21, Necklace by Tiffany's (gift)


OOTD: Hitting Oxford

 Shoes from Primark, Dress from Banana Republic, Cardigan borrowed from friend, scarf from market, Bag by Calvin Klein.
 We went to Cafe Rouge and went a little bit mad on 'Oxfordshire Blue', aka tap water!

 Free dessert! We got out dessert on the house as the chef had created a new menu!


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's New Venture

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are definitely no strangers to the modern fashion world. In fact their feet are so far under the carpet, that their latest venture is miles ahead of many fashion design companies. The twins are launching their own e-commerce website, nothing new, but with a difference. In a collaboration with BeachMint, STYLEMINT is a new concept website where consumers can sign up for $29.99, and be sent a new fashion item every month.BeachMint's last collaboration was with kate Bosworth to set up JewelMint which did exactly the same as StyleMint, but with jewelry. StyleMint will also be giving out fashion advice in tips, with the possibility of video content coming later next year. 
You can sign up here: http://launch.stylemint.com/aypyq


Summer Fashion: Prints


Inspire Me

maxi skirts, loud prints, bridgette bardot, volume, come to bed eyes, thin waists, legs

New Tattoo

I have a new tattoo!! I got here done today, and she represent a very important family saying. "Live, Never just exist", for me means to live everyday to the full, and don't waste a second of everyday god sends us. Live life to the full, do exactly what you want, regret nothing and HAVE FUN! This is my second tattoo, and I can't wait to show them both off on holiday! With love,