Easy, Breezy and Beautiful

Fearne Cotton at Radio 1. My inspiration for the day!


OOTD: Summer Playsuit

Please excuse the weird poses. My mum was taking the photos, and let's just say she's not Scott Schuman. 
 Looking very lady like.. despite being able to see my tights at the toes in my shoes!

Summer Make Up tutorial coming soon.
Blooper Photo! Me falling down the stairs in my big wooden heels!

Love, peace and happines...


The Skin Diaries: Week 1


July/Summer Favourites!

Hello all my lovlies!! This is my -very late- July and summer Favourites video! I have another video coming soon about my absence from consistent blOgfing, and a huge skin diaries piece to come to. Any questions Or comments please leave below..



Review: La Roche Posay, Effeclar K

Hello lovelies!
It's time for another review. I haven't done one in a whole, bur after my MAJOR haul I have some new products to play with.

Up first, is a product I had some pretty high expectations of: the La Roche Posay, Effeclar K. At £13 from Boots, it isn't the most expensive skin care I've ever splurged on, but still not cheap. And for that price I expected some good results... Unfortunately this isn't the case.

If we are going to be honest I wasn't entirely sure what the Effeclar K was actually meant to do, or where in my skin care regime it should fit. There was little information on the packaging, or accompanying leaflet. So I visited the La Roche Posay website to gain some more detail on the product. After reading it works well 'as a base for make up', I took the assumption that the Effeclar K worked in a similar way to a primer.

Following the primer train of thought, mixed with the prior knowledge that the Effeclar line is specifically developed for oily skin, I used the product on the most oily areas of my face: nose, chin, upper lip and forehead. These areas become shiny over the day and often break through both my liquid foundation and setting powder. I expected the product to create a smooth base to apply to, that would also maintain coverage through the day.

Unfortunately this really wasn't the case. Instead of smoothing my skin, creating an even layer, the product dried my skin out so much that when I then applied my Chanel Pro Lumier foundation, it split, crisped and became disgustingly tight and gritty.

So I returned this product, and despite LOVING the La Roche Posay Eau Thermale spray, I am going to be wary buying any more products from the Effeclar line. Love, hugs and peace...


Home Shopping

Hello lovelies!
I have a bit of a different post for you today... I am shopping for my new house! So that means IKEA, Zara Home and Habitat are getting a good searching over for everything from lamps, to bed covers, cushions, candles and even more. So I thought I would share my home-wears style with you, and see if you had any preferences. It can be so hard to choose all on your own.

In my old apartment, I did go a bit colour crazy, and despite my best thoughts going into the selection process, I appeared to completely ignore my own sense of style. Nothing matched, and it was in neon fuscias, mauves, cyons and nuclear greens. All a bit too scary for my liking, and not particularly homely.

After my visit to Paris with my partner, I become truely inspired by traditional French classic styling, architecture and the beautiful mix of modern and old. My colour pallete for interiors genreally centres around variations of white; so creams, ivory's and 'off-whites'. I also like contrasting this with deep tones of purple or blue. My room in my mother's house is cream and deep violet (painted myself!), and so I think I will continue this style into my own house in London.

In terms of bedroom accesories and storage, I try to keep as much stuff hidden as possible, apart from products/items I feel fit into the style of the room. For example, I would happily leave my bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume on the vanity table, but I wouldn't leave my MAC Surf Collection bronzer out. For accesories I try to keep to a minimum, so things like one table lamp, a pretty light shade for the ceiling light, mirrors and photographs in frames. Alongside this, I adore cushions and bed throws, just to make the room feel more cosy and homely. After all, this room is my private space, my little sanctuary, so I want it to be soley things that make me happy.
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