I just bought...

A dress inspired by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City 2! I adore her blue tiered pleat dress worn in the scene when she and Big return from "The Gay Wedding"...
However... because I am so boring I opted out of buying the bright blue version, and went for the beige version from New Look. I bought this in the sale for £9 rather than £28.99.
 Very quick post! Sorry guys! I'm looking forward to showing you guys this dress on. I've sent it to my mom's house so I should get it within 3 days! Love you!


Discovery: Blog Love!

I have recently come across a new blog which I am thoroughly enjoying reading. I often struggle to find appropriate outfits for going to school as I have to factor in so much: traveling (on foot and on the train), changes in temperature (street to train), how long I'm at school, what I'm doing after school..blah blah. If you watched one of my previous videos, I think it was may Christmas Eve outfit, I was complaining about not wearing heels. This is again because of my feet hurting on the train ect,...but a new edition to the collection might help that.
ANYWAY, I am totally off point. I stumbled across the Style Observer whilst researching for my Fashion Studies project.
The editor Jean really advises you on how to dress for literally any occasion. Here are some of my favourites!
 Gold Rush
Travel Chic
You guys should really check this out. There is so much more I have to explore on this blog, and I may be stealing some of her tips!


New Flat Iron

As we all know, the January Sales are the place to get the best deals. After Christmas shopping may seem mad, but you can stock up on birthday/ holiday gifts for the coming year at a very reasonable price. For example, me and my mom bought Chloe's (my sister) birthday present at £110 less than the normal price. Anyway, my mom got a £30 voucher for Next and she was SO LUSH and bought me a new flat iron!
It's called GOLD by Babyliss and was £12.50 in the sale (£25 RRP). This product is exclusive to Next so you can't get it anywhere else. Despite the fact this isn't a high end product, it works reasonably well. I have found with clothing store electricals they can be reliable. I bought a mini straightener from Topshop earlier in the year, and it worked brilliantly. I have now given it to my boyfriend as it is more appropriate for short hair. Anyway! The product reaches 220 degrees C in less than 30 seconds, and has seven heat settings:
Sorry the photo quality isn't good here. I have only just found my camera charger, so I had to take these on my phone. Anyway, as you can see it has an adjustable heat dial, and an on-off switch. I generally use flat irons at the top temperature because my hair is so unmanageable!! As this had rounded edges, you can both curl and straighten with this flat iron, with really good results!
All over curls... my hair is so flyaway-y. I hadn't washed it, and hadn't used heat protectant because I was about to go in the bath. But you can see it is good! (go exercise bike!)
Pre-curly straightening. One stroke, really straight and relatively smooth. I hope this review was helpful, and to see how I actually use this flat iron I made a quick video. Enjoy, love you all 


OOTD:Super Casual

The Windows version of Photobooth is rubbish. Anyway, I wore my Topshop jumper and Banana Republic tank top, with Primark jeans and Uggs. Accessories are the same as always! Happy Holidays!!


Face of The Day

After a lovely comment from Tabitha Bluebell, I decided to film a short make-up tutorial on my updated daily look. She honestly the sweetest girl ever, a frequent commenter and is also a fab blogger. I have linked her blog "A Perfect Lie" on her name  ^up there^, so please go check her out and follow and all that jazz! So here's the video:

Products used: Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder, MAC Sheertone Blush in Tenderling, MAC Paintpot in Bare Study, MAC Shroom, Rimmel Exagurate Liquid Liner, Chanel Le Crayon Kohl in Noir, MAC Opulash Mascara, GOSH Lipgloss in 004.

I hope you all had a lovely holidays, and I look forward to chatting soon!


Boxing Day OOTD


Winter Warmers!

What with Winter over taking the entire country, my winter warmers have really been adored! As I am not allowed candles at uni (in fact they were confiscated!), I have gone a bit mad with candle buying since coming home. 
 This candle was £1 from Poundland, oh yes, you heard right! The smell isn't convincingly "Winter Cranberry", but it does gently scent the room. The fruitiness of the cranberry is the strongest element, with hints of cinnamon and orange zest just seeping through. A lovely room scenter
 This is actually my Mum's candle, and we burn it in the living room. It has a very fresh smell, and reminds me of being outside during the cold winter. Despite this winter chill, there is a zesty freshness and zingy undertone to the smell. It is also very calming. This candle was £4.97 from HomeStore and More.
 These mini candles are for double use, as I bought two tealight holders. I adore vanilla smells, as they remind me cake and all sweet things- which is my biggest love! I would use these around the bath, as they would also match my new bubble bath from Lush! These are actually a gift for my best friend back in Oxford!!
And of course, how could I forget the Christmas Candles from Yankee. My favourite is the right side one called "Christmas Treats". This smells of baking, chocolate and vanilla but with a fruity undertone. This is my ultimate Chrimbo candle! The other one "Christmas Magic", is more of a traditional Christmas candle, with scents of orange, cinnamon and all spice. I do like the smell, but it is very strong! 
I hope you guys are having a very happy holidays, and are keeping warm no matter what your weather is!


My Story; Dieting


OOTN: Christmas Eve Party

Star of the show: Red Satin Heels from New Look, Ruby Woo Lipstick by MAC.
Dress from Primark, Cardigan from Dorothy Perkins, Belt from Topshop, Tights from Primark

The last is my favourite :) Have a fantastic Christmas guys, or whichever holiday you celebrate.

Snow with Bessie

A very strange name for a post, from me at least.."bessie"? For real? 

Anyway! Now I am back in Oxford I met up with my best friend from school, and we went to 'fuck up some fields', in the countryside where we live. We also did the traditional trip to Tesco (bought naughty choccies), then went to her boyfriends place to Facebook stalk and generally have a laugh. We are meeting again tomorrow so there may be more photos to come...

 Possibly the most lovely doggies ever! The bark like hell, but they are super cute. The one on the right is the mother of the more fluffy one. Aww :)
Sorry the snaps are slightly small! I took them all on my Blackberry (which I nearly lost in the snow!!), but I will try to remember to take my proper camera out tomorrow. 


FOTD: Au Naturelle

So this is my everyday, no extravagance or complications, make up look. I did film a video but my voice goes all deep and weird! So I will take you through each element of the look. 
 Prep: Simple Toner, Simple Eye Roll On, Laura Mercier Skincare Moisturizing Cream
 Face: MAC Mineralized SPF15 Foundation (NC15), Bobbie Brown Sheer Powder (Soft Sand, 5)
 Eyes: No7 Amazing Eye Pencil (Brown), Mac Paint Pot (Bare Study), Mac Eyeshadow (Shroom), Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner, Mac Opulash Mascara 
Lips: Johnson Lipbalm, GOSH Lip Gloss (004)


Snow Snow Snow!

I have actually written about 20 posts for you guys, however, the weather has encouraged me to show you guys what life is like in the snow! WOOP! This is just a bunch of photos, so enjoy!

 Cleaning off my car! Nightmare brooming!


 My feet were totally covered.

My crazy sister!