New Flat Iron

As we all know, the January Sales are the place to get the best deals. After Christmas shopping may seem mad, but you can stock up on birthday/ holiday gifts for the coming year at a very reasonable price. For example, me and my mom bought Chloe's (my sister) birthday present at £110 less than the normal price. Anyway, my mom got a £30 voucher for Next and she was SO LUSH and bought me a new flat iron!

It's called GOLD by Babyliss and was £12.50 in the sale (£25 RRP). This product is exclusive to Next so you can't get it anywhere else. Despite the fact this isn't a high end product, it works reasonably well. I have found with clothing store electricals they can be reliable. I bought a mini straightener from Topshop earlier in the year, and it worked brilliantly. I have now given it to my boyfriend as it is more appropriate for short hair. Anyway! The product reaches 220 degrees C in less than 30 seconds, and has seven heat settings:
Sorry the photo quality isn't good here. I have only just found my camera charger, so I had to take these on my phone. Anyway, as you can see it has an adjustable heat dial, and an on-off switch. I generally use flat irons at the top temperature because my hair is so unmanageable!! As this had rounded edges, you can both curl and straighten with this flat iron, with really good results!
All over curls... my hair is so flyaway-y. I hadn't washed it, and hadn't used heat protectant because I was about to go in the bath. But you can see it is good! (go exercise bike!)
Pre-curly straightening. One stroke, really straight and relatively smooth. I hope this review was helpful, and to see how I actually use this flat iron I made a quick video. Enjoy, love you all 


Hey! I know its been such a long time since ive last been on blogger. I literally abandonded my blog which i know is so bad :( My winter/christmas has been really great thankyou, the snow got in the way quite a lot however!

how was your winter/christmass?!

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