can someone buy me these please :)

New Look £40
Yay! I have found some clogs that are perhaps in my price range, and i really love the buckle and sorta zip detail. It's no Chanel, but yaa knoooww!



Today's Look 29/4/2010

Drip drip drip, little April showers. It's a total shame that after all the lovely weather we have been having our country is graced with some rain :(

Top by F+F Tesco
Body-con skirt- gift
Belt by French Zara
Tights from Falke
Socks from Topshop
Shoes from new Look
Diamond and silver nekclace from Tiffany's


June Elle is here

Yay! That time of the month has rolled around again, strangely earlier than expected, that the new shiny ELLE UK arrives on the door mat. This months cover girl is Kylie Minouge, and I must start by saying her cover is exceptionally individual. Her last ELLE UK cover back in 2009, is of complete contrast to this one. I promise you, my photography skills have not been compromised, the cover is exceptionally blurred- almost beyond comprehension. 

Can I also  exclaim my delight at Keira Knightly's reappearance on the Chanel scene. Her Coco Mademoiselle campaign was exceptional, both in still format and her 'on screen' performances. Here she has joined the Fine Jewelry team at Chanel to create some stunning imagery, playing again on the idea of a boudoir from her Mademoiselle commercial.

As the sunny weather is becoming a regular occurrence, the need for a summer wardrobe is getting intense. Elle, thankfully, have created mood board pages to help readers on their way to a new fancy summer wardrobe. For example; work wear- why not rock the safari look. With an urban edge, and a little bit tougher styling than last years safari, this trend works well for both skinny minnies and bigger bodies. If your not fancying cotton shorts, or utility playsuits £145 by Gerard Darel, you can always try a silk jumpsuit (£282 DKNY), or suede trousers (£595, Amanda Wakeley). Of course, if like me the money is a little tight, the utility playsuit (£114 by Malene Birger) may be a little more realistic. 

However, if you're a bit braver and simply cannot wait to get the short shorts out then festival looks and californian girly dressing is right up your street. Crack out your torn denim shorts from last year, add a few buttons, patches or kooky embroidery and you have basically made yourself a pair of Topshop Unique shorts worth £45. Team with wooden flip flops, sandals or wellingtons (depending on where you are!). In terms of the beach, bikini tops and short shorts are all the rage. If your a more conservative lady, or afraid to get your legs out try embroidered silk trousers, £130 by Juliet Dunn, or maxi dresses £200 by Vanessa Bruno Athe.

An obvious summer need is sunglasses. Last year we lavishly splashed out on M A S S I V E Nicole Richie style specs, this season is a little different. With a focus on utility in our fashion, think more Horatio from CSI Miami- yes, the Aviator is back in full power. D&G are massive fans of the aviator sunglass (? is that the single for sunglasses). Speaking of Dolce and Gabbana, Madonna not only models but designs for the label now. Her new range of sunglasses, uncannily named MDG. The range features six individual designs, all bearing her crystal MDG logo. Retro, oversized and aviators decorate the collection and the waiting lists for these beauties are through the roof. (Available at davidclulow.com)

Summer in the City. We all work, or school at least, and sometimes the catwalk inventions aren't always practical for every day wear. Florals- OF COURSE- are massive this summer, but in very different ways to last year. Floral trousers are actually HUGE this season. Cropped, Harem or dungaree, they are unavoidable. Team with simplistic, pretty accessories, and plain tops that subtly complement the colours in the trouser. It gets hot in the summer, so you don't want to be weighing yourself down with heavy fabrics or accessories. Summer is all about being laid back, relaxed and at ease with yourself. The optimum word being cosmopolitan. 

As shown above, always keep ballet flats in your bag. They are hugely transferable to any outfit, formal, beach or party. You could call them this seasons biggest staple.



Saville Rowing

Rowing- in terms of arguing. Not the boat race, shame though. I'd love to see the amazing tailors of Saville Row sweating it out on the river. 
Right, so today's massive headline in the Sunday Telegraph (fashion wise) was that a previous employee of Ede and Ravenscroft has stolen the measurements for the Royal Family, and has been using them secretly to create garments for them. I understand that stealing personal information by any stretch of the imagination is not right, but is it really a national scandal that one gentlemen knows the width of Her Majesty's waist? I think not... off the the tower with me! This is the naughty man:

So, today the weather took a bit of a dull turn- clouds reappeared and the wind picked up, which sucks because I've just indulged in lots of summer clothing! Today's look

 HORRIFIC photo quality. It's on a Nikon D60, however, i forgot to take the focus off manual, and so the quality sucks a bit, :(

Top from COS
Waistcoat from Topshop
Jeggings from Topshop
Quilted bag from New Look
Quilted Shoes from Primark.
- close up on the waistcoat, it's soo pretty and from the current Topshop sale 
This is the back

Photography wise; I tackled the area of anorexia today. I used self portraiture as I felt easier connecting with moving my own body into bony structures than using a model. And with self portraiture I feel more scope for experimentation. Here is my current best images;

 This gas had a slight colour saturation using photoshop, but there have been no drastic light or structural changes so I am generally happy with it.



Cage me.

Hello.. i would like to express my apologies that I haven't posted in a long ol' time. I have been real busy with coursework, and being back at school.. blaa blaa. Anyways, sorry.

I went sort-of-shopping today. I only got one thing, but I am reveling in my purchase! Super inspired by the gladitor trend and YSL caged boots..
Images from Google.

And sooo! Here they are; from New Look, £20

I wore them today in the sunshine :) It is so lush having 19 degree weather, although that doesn't sound that hot!

Boob tube top from Dorothy Perkins
Trousers and Belt from French Zara (Paris)
Shoes from New Look
Necklace and Bracelets from Topshop
Silver and diamond necklace from Tiffany's

That's all for now. I'm off to tan up :D 


it's summer!

yaayy! what with the lack of airplanes, and the fantastic weather, it's time to crack the shorts out, pull on your white tees, and massive sunglasses.. please excuse the grumpy expression.

Over-sized tee by French Zara
Mini Shorts from Primark
Pearl, glass and white-gold locket necklace by Topshop
Ballet Shoes from New Look

Don't you just love the summer!! Missing Paris, and sadly, greatly missing the romance of the place. Wrote up my photography page on the trip today, it doesn't look very great, but wait until the photos are on there.. fabularse!

Last night was the party of the year. It was Lauren's 18th Birthday party, and it was a Disney fancy dress. No dress up- no entry!! I had planned to go as Cruella Devil... you know, hints of fashion blahhh. But I hate the idea of wearing fur, and i'd die in the heat anyway! So I went back to basics and went as Tinkerbell.

Megan as Snow White, Amy as "Hercules' mum", Emma as Pocahontas, and me as Tinkerbell. I LOVED my fake eyelashes.. they had both glitter lashes and black ones. So cute and so cool for dressing up. It doesn't matter how old you are, every girl loves the chance to dress up!! 

I'm off to enjoy sitting in my newly dressed garden (thanks mummy), soaking up the rays and enjoying strawberries and sugar. Oh we are so British.

p.s i promise to write more fashiony bits soon! i'm too busy!a

Mon Francais c'est terrible.

Bonjour! Je suis à la maison de Paris.... basically, I am home sadly and the trip went far far too quickly. Lots of sight seeing, shopping and so so so much walking.

Day 1
3am start. Not cool.
We decided to walk, yes W A L K, from Gare Du Nord to the Du Cadran Hotel. This was supposed one hour and seven minutes, and eventually took 3 and a half hours. Despite starting in the evidently ghetto area after taking a wrong turn out of the station, we came across the Concorde in the centre of Paris. (Above). 

We passed stores including Longchamp, Hermes, Kenzo, and Massimo Dutti. Very nice to pass hundreds of designer shops, and to be surrounded by beautiful architecture.

Day 2
I got a surprise today!! We got up at 8am and went to breakfast-which was so beautiful! Then we walked-again- to the Catacombs. It was an exciting experience, but quite scary at the same time. We walked for an hour and a half, then queued for an hour. Annoying.. anyway. We tried to take photos but we weren't allowed to use flash. Despite that, the pictures are quite affective. 

During the long walk back I got to crack out mon francais, and order le croissant et un petit brioche. I think thats right... I struggle a little bit with getting the masculine and feminine correct. Anywho, after the long walk we arrived back at the hotel, jumped into the shower and got dolled up for a nice night out. I had every intention of having linguine fruit de mer (which is basically spaghetti with a blechamel sauce and sea food. Yum yum!! However, someone had other ideas. After my birthday I was told I still had another present coming. 

We arrived at the Tour Eiffel to enjoy some sight seeing before dinner. Standing underneath one of the eight wonders of the world is a surreal experience. Sadly, we didn't take a camera as the risk of it being stolen is really high. But here are some google shots!..

This is almost exactly how it looked. Both by day and night. Alex's final gift? He took me for dinner at the 58th Floor Tour Eiffel restaurant!! 1 michelin star, and such amazing food... so grateful and so happy. We spent the night there, untill 10.30pm and embraced in the romance of it.

Day 3
Shopping time!! Mwaahh! Being surrounded by the likes of Chanel, Dior, Kenzo ect is a lovely feeling. Sadly, I decided against being designer goodies- except I bought a Longchamp wallet.

I bought a pair of Peg leg trousers, and a over sized white tee from French Zara. Zara in Paris appears to be one season ahead of UK Zara, and they seem more comfortable exploring new styles and trends. But I have a new need- dimmed floral hareem trousers...
I also got this awesome nautical dress.. I know its naughty still being thousands of stripey things, but the nautical details are soooo coool! And its French, so its OK.
We also went to the Louvre. Sadly there wasn't enough time to go round, but we still got some lovely photos

On my return, I went shopping with mummy. New necklaces...

So cute! I'm gonna put a photo of me and alex in the locket.. a constant reminder of Paris and us. :) Aww how romantic..



it's summer!

Sorry i haven't posted in a while. Been super busy preparing for Paris. The boyf is home tommorow, and then.....!!

AHAA! Summer is here! Thank god! It's so hot that it is officially colder indoors. To compliment summer:

Tee by Reiss
Jeans by Topshop
Belt by Emporio Armani (vintage)
Shoes by Primark
Silver and diamond necklace- gift
Gold and diamond necklace- gift
Silver ring- gift


i'm a dreamer

my tunes for today:

The pink borders are a bit gay, but I am a girl. Last time I checked girl's liked pink. Oh no oh no.. gender stereotypes!

Oh song time. Mad reminders of Saturday night too.. wow. My dubstep love comes in a little 
bit at the end of the second song. Music geniuses everywhere are burning my ass right now 
for my crap knowledge of different music genres. Hey! Fashion is my forte, not music, I'm just guessing this stuff! It's good to have a good song to brighten the day as you hectically tidy 
your pit of a bedroom. At least mummy will be happy now. I have dragged the suitcase out 
too. It was full of my weights from the obsessive-exercising days. After swiftly hiding them 
back in the built in wardrobe I began packing. I seriously need to go now. At this rate of 
excitement I will be packing for LCF in June. Anyway.. just to prove my hard work wasn't for just my mother and her watchful eyes..
Marvel and be proud.
So what with Paris coming up quicker than I could have anticipated, I am freaking out about
actually buying the clothes I want. Parisians are well known for their uncanny ability to look
forever elegant, stylish and bang on trend. As a visitor who has been to this city many times
the one thing I desperately want to avoid is looking like a bloody tourist. Camera in hand. You know I'm right. And so the list continues.

Tweed jacket
Chanel S/S 2010.
Oh come on. I'm going to Paris, not dabbling in a bit of Chanel would be criminal. Anyway,
Lagerfeld has always had a way with tweeding, and tweed style jackets. Although the fabric
may itch like hell, one would look super chic, elegant and stylish. Remind you of anything/

Jessica Stroup.
Embelished Waistcoat

Matthew Williamson

Bead and feather-embellished waistcoat

This wish takes inspiration from "Silver" AKA 90210 actress Jessica Stroup/

It's family Easter time. Toodles. E XOXO

thank god we didn't go...


I went shopping

it's been a long time. sorry.

Well, after gorging ourselves on the most beautiful chinese dim sum, rice and savory 'clear pastries' me and Man Yee scoured the shops and thrift stores to find some bargains. All fashionistas are going to burn me at the stake for saying this but... my best purchases came from hell.. Primark. Sorry! But I couldn't resist these. 

Bag's Galore!

Yes, it's from Primark- please hold back your shock. I love it, the ruffles, the buckles, the longer shoulder strap and the availability of shorter shoulder straps. Of course, this is the day bag for Paris!  And what does it remind me of..,
Prada prada prada prada prada prada! Specifically the ruffled dresses. From the pastel colours, to the soft ruffles, and the innocence of this mixed together.

Next up, the night bag. Not just in Paris but also in back in the UK. I absolutely adore the aged affect on the brown leather, and strangely this reminds me of a wood affect. The lock is a mademoiselle lock, typical of course of the Chanel 2.55 and super-common in high-street small bags. Lack of zip also equals less likely to be broken into. 
Three guesses where the inspiration came from...

How about Mulberry's Alexa bag, named after the sexiest woman in fashion E V E R..

And finally, I gifted myself some cute flowerly clips to keep up with the sexy boho trend. Florals-big, small, massive, tiny, colourful, black and white, they are everywhere!

And who is rocking the florals better than anyone right now (yes its last season but who cares it's still beautiful)

I will be writing more posts leading up to Paris. It's six days now.. oh..my..god.

Oh how I l o v e  being 18, it is such a source of freedom and enjoyment. Despite now feeling very fantastic, I got dolled up last night for Megan's doo. Drinks down the Stock, Swan and Castle then onto the best club ever- Kukui.
Blazer by French Connection
Dress by F+F Couture
Heels by Primark
Bag by Primark
Belt by Emporio Armani
My hair didn't go very well. I intended for tight curls, but in the end it went a bit flat. However, it looked fantastic in the end- soft waves and big VOLUME!! Red lips, dark eyes and soft waves.. wit wooh. :)