I went shopping

it's been a long time. sorry.

Well, after gorging ourselves on the most beautiful chinese dim sum, rice and savory 'clear pastries' me and Man Yee scoured the shops and thrift stores to find some bargains. All fashionistas are going to burn me at the stake for saying this but... my best purchases came from hell.. Primark. Sorry! But I couldn't resist these. 

Bag's Galore!

Yes, it's from Primark- please hold back your shock. I love it, the ruffles, the buckles, the longer shoulder strap and the availability of shorter shoulder straps. Of course, this is the day bag for Paris!  And what does it remind me of..,
Prada prada prada prada prada prada! Specifically the ruffled dresses. From the pastel colours, to the soft ruffles, and the innocence of this mixed together.

Next up, the night bag. Not just in Paris but also in back in the UK. I absolutely adore the aged affect on the brown leather, and strangely this reminds me of a wood affect. The lock is a mademoiselle lock, typical of course of the Chanel 2.55 and super-common in high-street small bags. Lack of zip also equals less likely to be broken into. 
Three guesses where the inspiration came from...

How about Mulberry's Alexa bag, named after the sexiest woman in fashion E V E R..

And finally, I gifted myself some cute flowerly clips to keep up with the sexy boho trend. Florals-big, small, massive, tiny, colourful, black and white, they are everywhere!

And who is rocking the florals better than anyone right now (yes its last season but who cares it's still beautiful)

I will be writing more posts leading up to Paris. It's six days now.. oh..my..god.

Oh how I l o v e  being 18, it is such a source of freedom and enjoyment. Despite now feeling very fantastic, I got dolled up last night for Megan's doo. Drinks down the Stock, Swan and Castle then onto the best club ever- Kukui.
Blazer by French Connection
Dress by F+F Couture
Heels by Primark
Bag by Primark
Belt by Emporio Armani
My hair didn't go very well. I intended for tight curls, but in the end it went a bit flat. However, it looked fantastic in the end- soft waves and big VOLUME!! Red lips, dark eyes and soft waves.. wit wooh. :)


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