Style Icon: Alexa Chung

Possibly the kookiest, prettiest and the most iconic style icon in the modern world. I have loved Alexa Chung since I first came across her in 2007. The longer hair, younger face and probably more weight have gone, and now she has become an even more beautiful short haired woman. She was first spotted at Reading Festival by Jane Duval, one of Britain's most influential talent scouts. 
She modeled regularly, but moved into television presenting in 2005. Her decision to quit modeling was influenced by her low self esteem and distorted body image. Despite the fact these are common traits of the fashion industry, it is rare for models to openly admit feeling this- something I think is truly admirable of Alexa.  When she quit modeling, she decided she wanted to pursue a more creative career in art of fashion journalism. Interestingly, she was accepted to Chelsea College of Art and Design, a sister college of London College of Fashion. 
Despite Alexa's tiny frame (she is an American size 2), she has a huge personality. She fills the screen with her buzy attitude, enigmatic personality and general coolness. Similar to model Freja Beha Erichsen, she is just naturally cool. She has recently become the face of DKNY, and Pepe Jeans, and models for Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, showing that despite her early problems in the industry, Alexa is now confident enough in herself to return to modeling. 
Alexa Chung has been with her boyfriend Alex Turner since 2007, and has appeared in his side project Last Of The Shadow puppets. The couple moved in together in East London in 2008, and relocated to Brooklyn, New York in 2009. These two work so perfectly together, as they both live exceptionally busy lives, constantly moving around the world and never knowing where they are going next. They are both exceptionally successful in what they do, and hence they may have a little friendly competitiveness. Of course, this is just me speculating- I just think they are the cutest couple ever. OH! And they are not constantly hoarded by the paps, meaning they can just enjoy their time together, as little of it as they have. 
Here are three of my favourite looks from Alexa.
A causal look. Even at a house party, Alexa never fails to look amazing. Jeans, cardigan, shirt and leather jacket, are rocked perfectly with tousled hair and cute make up. 
Alexa just looks perfect in Chanel. There were rumors that she had become Largerfeld's muse- only to be beaten my Lily Allen. Clogs, tights and a stunning dress- mixed with a drawstring floral bag. Alexa's look is just so playful, cute and young!
Another Chanel look. She just looks so pretty in this shot at the Elle Style Awards 2010. The beautiful blue dress is worked stunningly with cute accessories, keeping it to a pastel palette. 

That's all for today. I hope I don't sound like a total stalker with my weird talking about Alexa. She is a true style icon for me, and is loved the world over. I should be writing some LOTD posts this week, as I had a BBQ yesterday at my lovely friend Megan's house, so I will have some shots from there. Thanks for reading!
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