Truck 13 Festival, 2010l

Hey guys! So this is just a quick post with some photos from Truck 13 Festival, which is held in Steventon in Oxfordshire. This is only 5 miles away from where I live, and even closer for Alex and our friends, so we go to the festival every year. However, this year was a bit disappointing, for a range of reasons, but most disappointing was that we only saw one of the six bands we wanted to see. But the sun was shining, and we were with friends so we made the most of the weekend. Alex and I were stewarding this year, meaning we get a free ticket for 12 hours work (4 hours a day), which is quite fair. From this we got bright orange tee-shirts, which made us quite unmissable. Here are some photos- I took alot more on my film camera but I am waiting for that to be developed. I will post them when they are done, along with some general summer photos!

This was my generic day outfit: Stewarding tee, Primark studded shorts, Topshop OTK socks and Primark floral wellingtons. Oh, and don't forget the 80's style shades! This is me stewarding on the Disability Platform; we were guarding it from people who weren't disabled. 
This is Alex and I at our tent. Behind us you can see our super tidy tent, which was very helpful as things were easier to find and store. I am wearing my oversized tee by Babara Halunuki for Topshop, worn with my shorts and wellies. I wore white socks with this so it all worked together! Alex wore his head tie from Belgium literally all weekend, and burnt everything except under that! You can just about see how terrible the L'Oreal foundation is on my face (as mentioned in my last post), so I decided after this to just wear powder. 
This is the only band we saw, Dead Jerichos, setting up. We are friendly with the drummer, Leo, and the band are based in Oxford. Their set was really good, and made the whole weekend alot more fun! They played on the Market Stage on Sunday afternoon. 

Right that's it for Truck 13. Look out for my post with the film images from this weekend. Thanks for reading, and comment with any questions or if you went to Truck and how it was for you.
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