Elemis Enzyme Peel: Review

Time for some expensive treatments. My Auntie so kindly gave me a few Elemis products to play with, as now I am back at uni I can't really afford luxury beauty treatments. So the first product that I have used is the Papaya Enzyme Peel. According to the Elemis booklet that came with the products, this treatment is "perfect for complexions which are sensitive", which is definitely me. My skin breaks out so easily, and hates harsh treatments. Despite this, I have oily and acne prone skin so I need to tackle my icky-ness in a softer and often more natural way.

A great brand for sensitive, oily and acne prone skin is La Roche Posay and I have several reviews of their products on this blog so just use the search bar the find them. Back to the Elemis treatment. I have never used Elemis before, but I am in the knowledge that their skin care is incredible. This peel is enriched with papaya and pineapple, and uses their "natural fruit enzyme action" to exfoliate the skin folicles. If you've ever eaten a pineapple, you'll recognize it's tangy taste: that's the acid enzymes which in the peel are used to work on the skin. As an exfoliator, you would expect this peel to have graininess or beads, however this product uses fruit acids as a replacement.

As well as exfoliating, the peel contains milk protein, anti-oxidant rich vitamin E, and marine algae to nourish and remoisturise the skin. Peels can often be hyper drying and dehydrating on the skin, so to have built in remoisturising ingredients is a real bonus. These ingrediants also work to repair unhappy skin, and protect it in the future.
To apply this mask, fully remove all make up: I use baby wipes as these are sensitive enough to not irritate my skin. Then cleanse using your favourite cleanser and pat the face dry. Using around a pea sized amount to start with (the product is quite runny), begin to work the peel into the cheeks nose and chin. If you need more,  for the forehead used about half the amount and work into the forehead. Avoid the eye area completely. Leave for 10-15 minutes, and rinse away with lukewarm water.

Although the product isn't clay based, it does get that dry and cakey feeling around the edge of the face just before you wash it off. It rinses off easily, and leaves the skin feeling super plump, soft and regenerated. I am really impressed with the texture of my skin, as it feels smooth and evenly textured. As for 'brightness and clarity' I can't say any of my redness or spots have dissapeared immediately, but I will check in the morning for further results.

The Papaya Enzyme Peel costs £28.60, for a full size 50ml bottle. You can purchase it at Time to Spa here. This product is also highly commended by Elle UK Magazine. Read here


My skin feels very refreshed and I think it looks clearer too. I have some blackheads on my nose, and I find that it gently encourages the oils in the blackheads to come to the surface so that physical extraction is easier.
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