Most Used Hair Product

I am incredibly picky when it comes to hair products. Not only that, I change them up as often as I can. So when I finally stick to a product for more than a few weeks, I know I must really love it. I generally go for products that perform the same functions. I like smoothing and frizz controlling serums, creams and oils. Anything to control my mass of frizzy and unruly hair!

 This Create the Shape Smoothing Balm from a company called Guy Kremer. I was sent this last Autumn for consideration at Anarchy Magazine. I have been using it nearly every day since I was sent it, which is a sure sign that the product is really working for me.
The product comes out as a thick balm textured cream. You need about a pea sized amount for all of your hair, which is how it has lasted so long! It creates a smooth and soft texture to the hair, defrizzes well and keeps my hair smooth straight throughout the day. I was also sent the Guy Kremer Hairspray, however it doesn't have the same hold power as this balm so I would definitely reccomend the Smoothing Balm. You can buy it from the official Guy Kremer website here.  


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