Spring Inspiration: Icons

Modern or vintage, my icons for this Spring all have one thing in common; FEMALE POWER. They are all actresses, two from the 1950's, and two modern day. On the catwalks, the late 1950 influence was rife, so for my old day icons I chose two-very obvious- characters: Marilyn and Audrey.

 There is no denying Audrey's incredible style, she was best friends with Givenchy! I adore the natural chicness to every outfit she has ever worn, and she is also a fan of the black-and-whtie uniform. Of course, adorned with genrous jewlery, but no blingggg!
 Marilyn is my make up and hair inspiration. I am hoping to dye my hair asap, and I already love the 50's girl-next-door look. Marylins never over done curls are perfect for a spring/summer look; they're soft yet chic, feminine yet sexy.
 My modern hero's are almost modern day reflections of those ladies. I have loved Keira Knightley for like ever, and her return is really happily appreciated! She has already been on Vogue and Elle covers in the UK this year, and has been shot internationally. She is jumping on the 50's look, and her hair is beautiful.
Another lovely lady is her friend Carey Mulligan, who shot to fame last year. She is so quietly perfect, British and beautiful. Her style is stand out, yet understated. Never trashy, but never too conservative. She too has stunning hair! Looking forward to Spring more than ever.


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