New Website Love: EatPost

Earlier this week, my housemate Sasha sent me an email about a website called eatpost.com. Now I will be honest, I jumped on this like beauty blogger to a MAC sale. Eatpost is similar to a forum, in that you create an account and you write quick reviews about each restaurant you visit. You can invite people to have dinner with you, share a drink or two with your mates, or simply enjoy a complimentary dish on a blind date, all through their buddy system. You can make new friends who enjoy similar cuisines, or add your current friends and use Eatpost to organise meet ups. Just post an invite and select the people you would like to eat out with. You can also RSVP to other people's invites, this way you can meet up with anyone! 
You write reviews of each meal you have at a certain resturant. You can read my review of the Teriyaki Chicken Donburi which I had at Wagamamas on Sunday here. 
As I have opened my own Eatpost account, I would love to invite you guys to join in the social network, and we can do meet ups!
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