Get Your Brights On

Thank the lord above, it is nearly March which for me means to two things: on the 21st I turn 19 years old (!!), and on that same day spring will be here! Yipeee! I am convinced I am not the only one who is seriously hating on our winter whether, it's just so cold and windy and generally not fun. That is of course, unless you live in the forever sunny California, in which case this post may not apply are generously as it does to my north upper hemisphere girls! 
So as I am sure most of you are aware, the 70's are a big trend for the spring time this year. Which is all well and good, but I've seen a big split in fashion companies when interpreting this trend. Some go down the hippy road, of floaty skirts, bohemian tops, clogs and flares, and others have gone down the colour blocking road- which is much later 70's, running into 80's style. I am really in love with the colour blocking trend, but saying that, my wardrobe is incredibly unprepared for the invasion of colour. Black is generally my order of the day, so I have compiled a list of colour blocking favourites from a range of high street -yes that's affordable in English- stores, that are available for sale in the UK. I think most of the products are also available in the US, but I cannot guarantee European availability. 

 Skirts, American Apparel, £34-54.
 Shoes, Kurt Geiger, £180-£200.
 Selection, Topshop, £5-£49.99.
Trousers, Zara, £34-44.99
Edit: All products are available in Europe. 
So that's my selection. I have my eye on the yellow skirt from Topshop, a cobalt blue version of the orange American Apparel skirt, the pink jeans from Zara, and I simply adore the red shoes from Kurt Geiger. Maybe I will have to ask for my birthday! To create an idea of how to wear this look, I would wear the cobalt blue Zara jeans, with the red Kurt Geiger shoes. I would balance this with a basic white tee, and top it off with the yellow skull scarf from Topshop. Hope this compilation helped you grasp the colour blocking trend. Although it isn't for everyone, its a way to be much more experimental with your looks. I believe the phrase "so wrong it's right", definitely applies here. Love, 


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