Hemp Body Butter Review: The Body Shop

This product was reccomended to me to treat extra dry areas such as the middle of my arms, legs and my tummy. The assistant claimed that hump helps to treat extra dryness naturally instead of using chemicals which can often dry the skin out even more. 

The product was really thick, but still soft and silky. I wore one application for a whole day and the areas I applied it to stayed soft and I had no eschma scars coming up either. The smell is a bit weird to be fair! It smells a little like cucumber, but with added sea weed. That sounds really weird, but its OK. I would really recommend this to anyone with dry or even damaged skin.
I rubbed it in with my fingers and it sunk it really quickly, which is good because alot of body butters just sit on the skin. Overall, I am really happy with this.



LOTD: Rock It

Okay so yet another LOTD post but I promise that I have a bunch of posts that are much more fashion related to be uploaded tomorrow and Sunday. First of all, I want to say congratulations to my friend Emma who received a DDD (triple distinction!) in her college course! I can't wait to meet her on the 10th of July, and at LCF in September. Check her out over at Chain Link Fashion. Well worth a read.
Right so onto the posts to be looking forward to. First, I will be reviewing the Hemp Body Butter from the Body Shop, which was just amazing. I will be doing a post on styling maxi dresses after a request from my cousin, which will include formal and day wear. I will also be doing update posts on recent fashion releases such as Burberry doing a beauty line, Project D from Danni Minouge and some top summer buys (including some amazing shoes from Alaia). 
With all that to look forward to, I will also be updating on the University process. My application for Student Finance was accepted and signed today, as was my UAL email account. I will also know where I will be living on the 9th of July, and will take some pictures when I go visit it on the 10th of July. So stayed tuned!
Today's Look
Top from F+F
Shorts from Primark
Bag from Urban Outfitters
Shoes from Dorothy Perkins
You guys must think I spend my whole like at the river drinking freezers- sadly not. I had to visit the doctors today as my eschma is soooo bad right now. I have steroid cream and tablets to take, yuck. This photo was taken at lunch time, where I treated myself to a Hoisin Duck Wrap- naughty- but from Monday will be strictly dieting for the ball. Just over a week to go!



Topshop Sale

As amazing as high street sales all are, there is nothing quite like a Topshop sale. With their high turn over of fast fashion, ever changing trends and constantly updated looks, the Topshop sale is always H-U-G-E. Although most of the stuff online clothing wise is already out of stock, I am hitting Oxford on Monday when I hope to find some bargains. Here are my top picks from the online sale:

Temporary Tattoo £3.25

Slip Skirt £12

Printed Maxi Dress £15

Check print Bib Dress £20

Tulle Skirt £20

Diamante Dress £90

Set of Bangles £8.25

Charm Bracelet (I really want this!) £5

Headband £10

Slouchy Hobo Bag £20

Jeweled Shoes £10

Floral print Shorts £20
Okay so I may be spending all of my pay on a few bits. I specifically LOVE the printed maxi dress and the charm bracelet. I also really want the temporary tattoos as they remind me so much of Chanel's ones, and I could be cheeky and eyeliner in a few linked C's.. for good measure!



LOTD: Breton Stripes

Dress from New Look
Cardigan from New Look
Bag from New Look
Shoes from F+ F
Sunglasses from Primark
Yet another picnic, at this rate I really am going to put on weight! I wanted to put the sicilian lemonade because it claimed to be sicilian in Italy yet promoted the fact it was a French brand. How odd. Anyway, I mixed nautical themes with a military edge from the cardigan and chains on the bag. I originally wore my heeled electric blue boots, but we were going to the river so I chose my F+F cut out flats, which are seriously the most comfy shoes ever! I am off now to drink my lemonade. Tomorrow I will do a review of the Hemp Body Butter I got from The Body Shop as I have worn it all day today and my skin is feeling great.


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LOTD: Strawberries on the River

We went for strawberries and cream on the river. Dress from Topshop, Shoes from F+F, Bag from New Look, Scarf from Matalan, Sunglasses from Primark.

I always look so silly eating strawberries. Also, new nail polish in Black Cherry from All About Face. I really love it!

I bought some new shoes. I actually wore my blue heel boots from Dorothy Perkins but they were too high for a short short dress, so I bought these cut out tennis flats. They are super comfy and really cute! From F+F.


Valentino Resort: Lace and Leather

Valentino is any woman's first go to for stunning dresses that seep elegance and opulence. However, Valentino's Resort 2011 collection is a little more edgy! The focus appears to be on lace and leather, and how the combination can create a super sexy look. The underwear and outwear trend has lost all of its subtleties and become a statement outfit. Each look holds up the Valentino reputation of creating truely beautiful pieces, but with a dangerous edge. Stunning evening dresses but with black creeping up the hems; reflective of a woman- sweet on the outside but dangerous inside.
Lace and Leather Forever
Valentino has really created pieces that balance the sexy delicateness of lace, with the edginess of leather.  By using the same colour lace and leather, the materials seem to slot together beautifully. These dresses and coats seem completely wearable, however, they are also exceptionally elegant and opulent, so I think it would take a brave, strong and driven woman to wear it. 
Tough Romance
When things get tough in the bedroom, add a bit of dominatrix. I'm sure Valentino would disapprove of this description, however the combination of lace material and powerful shapes, with slashings of leather, encourage these sort of thoughts. Lace of course is a romantic fabric and makes each piece flowing and elegant and the structural cuts (such as in the last dress)  give power and drama. 
Creeping Black 
This is my favourite trend in the collection. These dresses are truly stunning, but with an amazing dark and dangerous twist to them. The floral images that are prints on the material contrast so deeply with the dark and moss like edging on the dress. The black that seems to creep up the dress makes me think of a two sided woman; the florals and lighter tones show the sweet, kind and passionate side to the woman and the black represents the darker side, controlling, daring and dangerous. 
Look of the Collection
I adore this dress. The flowing fabrics, florals and cream tones make this a really beautiful red carpet dress.  Again there is a darker tone under the cream fabric suggesting a darker, more dangerous side to this woman. The print reminds me greatly of Miu Miu 2010 collection, giving a more relaxed edge to the dress.



LOTD and Aloe Moisturizer Review

Hey guys! As it is super sunny today I decided to wear my boyfriend jeans. I bought these a year ago from Zara in a size 10, and they were actually a skinny fit on me then. Just shows how much weight I've lost and how much I've toned up. They are in a basic denim wash, with distressed areas and brown stitching. They are really comfy and slouchy, but a bit too long, so I turn them up in the boyfriend jean style. Here's me in the park after Alex and I had a take-away pizza from Pizza Express..mmm!
I know it's black and white but you get the gist of the outfit. The theme was beachy and relaxed so I wore my boyfriend jeans from Zara, green and white embroidered tee from New Look, and my white gladiator sandals from F+F Couture, oh and the stripey bag is from Urban Outfitters. Look how white my legs are is so silly! With the weather we have at the moment I should have a tan, but being fair skinned I just burn burn burn! Also today I angel curled my hair using GHD's and I am really happy with the outcome. I don't really wear my hair down that often because it's a weird length, but the curls look so cute! Here is where we had our lovely picnic. It's quite picturesque but trust me, Abingdon is not that great.
So onto the Aloe Moisturizer review. As I said in my "Welcome to the new Fashion Foreword" post, I got some samples of Aloe products from The Body Shop, and today I decided to try the moisturizer. As you know I have terrible skin: my T-Zone is oily to combination, and my cheeks and nose (I know thats in the T-Zone, it makes no sense) are very dry. So getting a moisturizer that works for all my face is really difficult. Recently I have been using the E45 Face Lotion, but it is too heavy for my oily areas, and so at the moment I have a terrible break out on my chin and forehead! AHH! The lady in The Body Shop said that I should try their Aloe based products, as these are specifically formulated to work with all skin types. She claimed that the moisturizer and cleanser (which I also have a sample of) should balance my skin out and help control break outs. There is also an Aloe Foam Face-wash, but she couldn't give me a sample of that as it is foam. And so today I tried the moisturizer, and I must say I am very happy with the results. 
It was really soft and creamy in the pot, and I didn't need alot to get a full coverage. The smell is so gorgeous, but isn't over powering, just subtle. It felt really light in both the oily and dry areas, but after a small application my cheeks and nose still felt a bit dry. So I put another coat on these areas, and it was a perfect soft coverage. Even with a double layer it didn't feel heavy or cakey like the E45, and my skin has felt really soft all day. I am really happy with this product and so I think I will go buy a big bottle of it when I get paid. 

So yeah, that's all for now. I will probably do another Resort collection review tomorrow. I am going for a strawberries and cream picnic with Alex, Wimbledon style. Gosh, I have noticed I eat out alot and am eating alot. It's okay though because I am balancing it out with regular exercise and smaller dinners. I am trying to maintain my weight for the ball at the moment, just toning the tummy. Not long until the ball now, two weeks today!

Preen does Bridgette Bardot

The sixties really are inspiring everyone's resort collections this year. Maybe because it was an incredible decade, full of fashion, fashionistas and alot of fun! Preen are no different. Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi have created an amazing collection full of tailoring, neutrals, monochroming, and classic elegance, but with the Bardot sex twist. Whether you look at the floor length black gown, or the bodiced batwing tee, sexual desire seeps through every cut, seam and stitch. Preen has updated their classic Power-dress silhouette into separates, making it even more wearable, consistently reviving this classic look.
Sixties Spots
Shown in an industrial space, these spots take any fashionista back into the sixties. The mono-chroming may make some pieces that are spotty a little bit Cruella De Vil, and Dalmatian print isn't cool. However, the flowing satin like material makes these skirts and dresses floaty, relaxed and romantic- and very sexual- revealing a little bit of leg here, and a hint of fun personality. 
Cow-girl Shirts
These shirts are made of a sheer material, and so the sexual opulence of the sixties is definitely on show. The cowgirl references give notice to Bardot's Western movies, and the high colours just scream restrained passion. These shirts are styled on their own, or with peg leg trousers and sexy heels.
Black Maxi Dresses
The ultimate silhouette worker- a black maxi dress. I am in love with my high street black jersey maxi dress, and I think I will steal Preen's styling for my own! Anyway, these are total sixties classics, and will give any shape an amazing outline. The length just adds amazing elegance and luxury to each dress, and the leather accessories make them a little bit country side chic. The different straps and shoulder details also make each garment individual and add romantic touches. 
Boyish Figures
Doesn't this boyish way of dressing just make the model look even slimmer. I wouldn't advise this look for anyone who isn't straight up and down, but it would work perfectly on slim figures. I adore the jumpers and I really want one. Teamed with shorts this creates a super slim figure.
Look of the Collection
A total contrast to the rest of the collection, these two toned grecian style dress is just stunning. Most resort collections are using statement dresses to finish their collection, and I like Preen's the most. The dress would make any woman look super elegant and just stunning.



Welcome to the new Fashion Foreword

Hello! Welcome to the new layout! Please let me know what you think about it in any of the comments boxes. I have chosen to add more colour to the blog as I felt the blog was beginning to look a bit boring, clinical and not  very reflective of me and my personality. I want the blog to be fun and an enjoyable experience, not just a super serious fashion media. So enjoy!
This post is going to be a 'haul' one, as I have bought even more beauty products. When I get paid next week I will be getting some more clothing and accessories pieces. I have seen some amazing necklaces, bangles, shoes and even cushions in Accesorize so I hope to get some of them. I am also looking for some day heels, so if you know where I can get some comfy summer heels (not wedges, not cork) in neutral tones please let me know! So- the new products.
These three products are from The Body Shop. I don't usually shop here but after a visit to their Didcot store last week I have fallen in love with it. As I have very dry skin, but still get thousands of spots, I find using natural based products do much more for my skin. I have alot of samples of their Aloe Cleansers and Aloe Moisturizers and so I am going to see how these work and buy full size bottles of them. Okay so today in Bristol I bought Papaya Body Butter, which I will probably use on my hands and forearms and not the whole body as I have sensitive skin. It smells amazing and is super soft! I also bought their Lip/Concealer Brush. This is a combination brush, but I will be using it specifically for concealer. I have a Benefit It Stick concealer. So this brush should give me a more even coverage. Oh and the sharpener is for the It Stick. 
Next up, this is a gift from my Godmother. These products are imports from Canada, and use mineral concepts to create an even coverage and long lasting wear. I haven't used mineral products before but I have heard they can have variable results. I will let you know how they work. The compact is pressed translucent power, and the tube is a mineral dispensing brush, with powder in the bottom. These also have SPF in them. The powder as SPF15 and the brush has SPF30, so I can gain sun protection from my make up!
Oh and today's big haul was on university stuff. We went to the GIGANTIC Wal-Mart in Bristol to get alot of stuff at cheap prices. I got a pink lamp, spotty bedcovers, sauce pans, kettle, toaster, wooden spoons, a plastic bowl, baking trays, steamer, measuring pots and jug, mugs, and storage containers. So alot! I think there is still alot let on the list, but I am really enjoying having all my own stuff.

Right, so although I earlier said I will buy more clothes, I do need to be saving money. I will get some basics, accesories and smaller pieces, but I wont be buying any statement pieces. Watch this space for photos from the ball, and there will be alot more LOTD and review posts. Let me know what you think of the new layout.