Welcome To Bristol

I haven't been shopping at The Mall in Bristol since it opened all that time ago, but it was one of the best shopping experiences ever. Aside from the Westfeild, London, The Mall is the biggest shopping venue I have ever been to. There are over 130 leading stores, tones of cafes (including Starbucks, Coffee Republic, Bost Bar,Costa and the SOHOCOFFEE.CO), restaurants (including Carluccios, Cafe Rouge and YO Sushi) and lots of open space and fantastic scenery views.  The main building is emblazed with John Lewis signs, and this is where I headed first. My aunt got her first iPod (classic, 160GB, black) and I got a voice recorder for uni! It's going to be well used so we got Phillips 1GB Digital Voice Tracker in black. A great buy!

So in John Lewis I went a bit mad in the kitchens, and eventually got told off for taking too many photos. Okay, I have never seen a purple kitchen! So I was so happy with it that I just had to take photos!! There was also this really cool red one. both around £50,000.
But anyway! You guys don't wanna see kitchens you want to see fashion! I had literally no money, so although they had a shoe sale, and although I could have used my discount card, I was unable to actually purchase the shoes below! But I did try them on and take photos, so here they are..

Cream Satin Heels, with diamante bow by Dune
Suede Boots by Carvella
Nuetral Heels by Nine West
Boots by NW3- whatever that label is!
And of course no trip to John Lewis would be complete without visiting the bag section for these beauties!!
Ah! I want that damn Baywater so much! It's such a classic, just picking it up felt amazing! And I love the Tamara. It was huge and just felt summery with its white and red fabrics.
I also tried on these amazing shoes in Marks and Spencers. Just a little off point I feel so old shopping in these department stores! I'm used to fast fashion of younger high street brands, but I didn't even wander into Warehouse or Oasis! Oh well, I enjoyed myself! The shoes- I adore these in the white colour, criss crossing fabric that reminds me of the Cage Boot (YSL) and they are so comfy! Despite that platform and them being super high, I felt like I could wear them all day long! I can't remember how much they were, but I think it was around the £50 mark.

And here's little old me trying to look all fashiony at the viewing window. It was just gigantic! There was a H-U-G-E television in front of it showing the football (not cool) but you can get behind it, and so I did for this photo. I like the lighting although you can't really see me!
Scarf from Matalan
Cardigan from New Look
Tee from Reiss
Bag from New Look
Trousers from French Zara
I also wore my gladiator wedges from New Look but you can't see them. Look at that view, isn't it just amazing. Because the Mall is on the outskirts of Bristol there is still alot of countryside about, which is nice to look at.
That's all for now guys. I will do a separate post on the things I did buy, and some gifts I got, because this post is getting to be a little long!


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