Valentino Resort: Lace and Leather

Valentino is any woman's first go to for stunning dresses that seep elegance and opulence. However, Valentino's Resort 2011 collection is a little more edgy! The focus appears to be on lace and leather, and how the combination can create a super sexy look. The underwear and outwear trend has lost all of its subtleties and become a statement outfit. Each look holds up the Valentino reputation of creating truely beautiful pieces, but with a dangerous edge. Stunning evening dresses but with black creeping up the hems; reflective of a woman- sweet on the outside but dangerous inside.
Lace and Leather Forever

Valentino has really created pieces that balance the sexy delicateness of lace, with the edginess of leather.  By using the same colour lace and leather, the materials seem to slot together beautifully. These dresses and coats seem completely wearable, however, they are also exceptionally elegant and opulent, so I think it would take a brave, strong and driven woman to wear it. 
Tough Romance
When things get tough in the bedroom, add a bit of dominatrix. I'm sure Valentino would disapprove of this description, however the combination of lace material and powerful shapes, with slashings of leather, encourage these sort of thoughts. Lace of course is a romantic fabric and makes each piece flowing and elegant and the structural cuts (such as in the last dress)  give power and drama. 
Creeping Black 
This is my favourite trend in the collection. These dresses are truly stunning, but with an amazing dark and dangerous twist to them. The floral images that are prints on the material contrast so deeply with the dark and moss like edging on the dress. The black that seems to creep up the dress makes me think of a two sided woman; the florals and lighter tones show the sweet, kind and passionate side to the woman and the black represents the darker side, controlling, daring and dangerous. 
Look of the Collection
I adore this dress. The flowing fabrics, florals and cream tones make this a really beautiful red carpet dress.  Again there is a darker tone under the cream fabric suggesting a darker, more dangerous side to this woman. The print reminds me greatly of Miu Miu 2010 collection, giving a more relaxed edge to the dress.



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