Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Review

I am so behind on 'new' foundation loves, but I have finally gotten my hands on a sample of the Laura Mercier Sillk Creme Foundation! It seems everyone and their cat loves this foundation for its semi-matte, yet luminous finish and excellent coverage. It is also hailed by gurus and bloggers that it doesn't oxidize (go orange) at all, and gives a beautiful coverage all day long. I was given the colour Cream Ivory by the sales assistant in John Lewis. Frankly, his service was horrific and I will be writing to John Lewis Oxford Street this week to complain!

Throughout the day, I updated the experience on my Twitter so follow me there for up to the minute updates. To begin: the application was interesting. I used my MAC concealer brush to apply dots along my inner cheeks, which is where I usually begin my foundation as that area needs the most coverage. I began blending it in with my Real Techniques buffing brush and was horrified as it split and went all crumbled as the MAC Matchmaster did. However, with further blending it seamlessly blended in to my skin leaving an almost full coverage. This foundation also builds well as I needed a little more coverage on my cheeks.
Very fashionable dressing gown- thanks mum. So as you can see the coverage is pretty impressive. Unfortunately I have an open spot (my own fault) on my forehead, but you can see it doesn't quite cover red spots or under eye circles. For the first time in what feels like forever, I used my YSL Touche Eclat in shade 1 (original collection) under my eyes and MAC Select Cover Up concealer in NC20 on my spots and around my nose. This worked perfectly.
On the tube home... So after 5 hours of pretty incredible wear, shiny nose hell arrived. I have oily skin and powders make me look cakey, so having a shiny nose is something I am used to. Overall though, the colour and the coverage was impressive throughout the day. Bear in mind I was in an air-conditioned room all day and then in the freezing cold air, then the hot tube. 
By the end of the day the shininess had covered my face, and the product had begun slipping away. This was after 10 hours of wear, so I am genuinely very impressed with the product.
  • colour is great
  • coverage is almost full, leaving the skin showing through a tiny amount
  • it lasts a very long time in different environments
  • the skin feels soft and not cakey
  • doesn't sit in fine lines 
  • doesn't cover spots 
  • doesn't cover dark circles
  • takes a lot of blending to seep in to the skin
  • price!
8.5/10. I am really considering asking for this product as a gift for my birthday in March, rather than paying for it myself. Available at most department stores, and on Laura Mercier's website. 


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