OOTD and Update Ramble


Blogging MIA

Hello everyone. Sorry for my major blogging MIA this weekend. I have been doing so well with getting posts up at least every other day this month! My only reason is that my other half was visiting, and as you know if you read me often, we only see each other about once a month so I wanted to really dedicate my time to our weekend. I will be posting a photo diary tomorrow, hopefully and a (late) review of the Valentino Couture show. Heads up: I wasn't that impressed. Bye for now


Fashion Friday: I know it's not actually Friday!

Blog love alert! As I have twitter (follow me here), there is this weekly trend known as Fashion Friday, where bloggers, designers, journalists, celebrities and many other people in the fashion industry promote others in the industry. Donna Karen at DKNY is a brilliant fashion friday-er. So I thought it was about time I jumped on this very popular bandwagon and join in on this blog. Recommendations welcome, just comment below!

Seriously in love with this blog. The writer Liz is incredibly fashionable, and I swear I have seen her modelling somewhere. Someone please agree with me. Anyway, Liz is currently on a road trip in America, and shares her travel shots (fashion edged of course) every other day. She posts outfits of the day, which are set up on location with an amazing composition. She also posts lookbooks for companies and designers, and her mood board style inspiration posts are a joy to read. I also just love her hair:

Although this site is more tailored for those in their 20's and 30's with a high disposable income, the Style Observer is a great place to get inspiration for wearable and grown up looks. The editor, Jean, is on topic, on trend and deeply interested in wearable, yet stylish, outfits for women. I love flicking through the 'Looks' section for inspirational outfits to wear to school. I have mentioned this blog before, but I felt it needed a more  formal introduction to the stage:

Possibly the best blog I have EVER read. Specifically tailored for fashionable college/ uni students, this blog epitomizes everything about being a student and the need to be fashionable. It dicusses everything from dorm decorations, knowing your designers, cartoon inspired looks, celebrity inspired looks, new trends and so so much more. All of this, and it still keeps within a student budget, with a student life in mind. It is written by current students in American colleges (is it more specific to Americans but is easily applicable to British and overseas students), so you feel a really connection and understanding with what they are saying. Save the best for last, and please please go read this incredible blog:
Now I want to know what your current favourites! Share and comment below!


Eating Update: Snacks

After reading an article on College Fashion about healthy snacks for college girls, I decided it was time for an eating update and to indulge you all in my favourite snacking foods/drinks. I have been eating healthily (full time I mean) for nearly two years now, and I have never felt more alive, active and happier. It's not about dieting, before the anti-dieters out there jump on my back, it's about treating your body as a temple and not putting toxins, dangerous chemicals and unnatural rubbish into it. You are given a body, and you should respect and appreciate it. Big or small, curvy or straight up, your body is yours and you should love it.
Okay, so over with the heavy! I wanted to share my favourite snacks as these are something that I really struggled to give up. In all honesty, I am a chocolate girl. Good god I even ate deep fried mars bars as a teenager (puke). I still indulge in this amazing ingredient now, but in a much more conservative and un-crazy manner. Which happily brings me round to item number one:
Dark Chocolate

Yes girls, you can eat chocolate and be healthy! Dark chocolate is higher in cocoa solids (70%+ is good), and hence is low in milk and other fattening content such as oils. I have a small amount of this as a 'treat', but if I really want to gorge out then I get a bar of Divine 70% Dark Chocolate from the corner shop.

Until recently I wasn't able to eat citrus fruits of any description due to an intolerance, super weird.  So since being freed of this insane 'illness', I have become literally obsessed with clementines. These little buggers are so easy to eat, and I usually eat two after dinner or lunch. I know this seems like alot, but they are tiny.
Go Ahead Crunch Bars
These are my staple for mid day snacks. I usually have a salad or pitta bread for lunch during the school week, and I have these during the breaks. There are three in each pack, and totting up to only 150 cals for the all three I really enjoy these. My current flavour of choice is the Apple and Sultana flavour. YUM!
Peppermint Tea
This is my favourite 'snack' drink. At home, I drank tea all the time, like literally 10 cups a day! On realizing this may not be very good in terms of my sugar and caffeine intake, I decided to switch to fruit teas. My current favourite is peppermint, and I just add boiling water. This is really yummy, and does actually curb any hunger. That's an important tip; don't mistake hunger for thirst.

So that was my top snacks for a healthy eater. I do eat tonnes of other fruits and veggies, but these are my absolute staples in my cupboard. What are your favourite snacks for dieting, or eating healthily?


The Couture Shows: Dior and Chanel

The epitomes of French fashion, the houses of Dior and Chanel, showed their couture collections for 2011 earlier this week.  Whilst Chanel deigned us all with a reincarnation of Gabrielle herself, Dior  took influence from an earlier period; focussing on the watercolor palette favoured by Gruau's (Dior's illustator in the 40's and 50's) . And where Chanel allowed the garments to fall, and flow and to move in time with the models, Dior took a much more structured approach with reminders of the crinoline and extreme tailoring. (Images from style.com) 



OOTD: Leather Trousers

After cultural studies, we went to the National Portrait Gallery, and then the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. I couldn't resist being a bit of a tourist, as the photo opportunity was so pretty. I wore my leather leggings from H&M, and a new white oversized, button down tee also from H&M. I wore my black blazer from French Connection, and flats (it was a school day) from Topshop. I am currently sporting my favourite smudgey eyeliner look. Oh, and my bag is from New Look and the scarf is by Max C. 


Face of the Day, and Update

Hello to all my lovely readers!
Sorry for the blogging MIA, it's the usual excuse of 'uni is so busy'. I am lucky enough to be studying trend research for my assignment this term, so this includes fashion stalking and street photography. I met street photographer Paul Hartnett on Thursday, who is literally the most hilarious person I have met in fashion so far. He was a really good lecturer and gave us a massive insight into the history and cultural aspects of street photography; how an image can tell us a million things about the time period and the struggles people were going through. My current mini-project is to go and find 4 extraordinary people (fashion wise), to photograph and interview. So if you have any recommendations of where I could search, or if you live in the London area and would like to take part then comment below or email me. It would be great to meet some of you guys because your the thing that keeps me blogging; you inspire me with your own blogs and your comments are really lovely.

Next update; I am no longer wearing foundation. If you watched my videos whilst I was back in Oxford, or read a few of my blogposts you will know that I lost my foundation during the Christmas break. However, since being home I have developed a major disliking for my MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation, and I have completely stopped using it. I am now just using powder (Bobbi Brown Sheerfinish Powder), as I feel this is much more natural and easier to work with.
Current Face of the Day: I am wearing this look nearly everyday. It's so easy to do and takes about 15 minutes in total. I have chosen to wear a nude lipstick, but usually I only use lip balm. Products used: Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Powder (SOFT SAND 5), Mac Sheertone Blush (TENDERLING), Mac Paintpot (BARE STUDY) 17 Plum Pudding palette (CREAM), Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner (100% BLACK) Mac Opulash (BAD, BAD BLACK), Chanel Le Crayon Khol (NOIR), Mac Lipstick (HUE). 


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OOTD: Black Maxi Dress and Burberry Inspired Boots


Recipe: Wagamama's Chicken Ramen

You will need:
1 chicken breast
500ml (about) of chicken stock
ramen noodles (I used fresh)
a handful of spinach or pak choi
small handful of beansprouts
2 spring onions (chopped)

Cook the chicken in the oven at 200 degree's for 20 minutes. I recommend lightly salted the top for crispier skin. Whilst this is cooking get on with everything else. Prep the vegetables and set aside. Boil a large saucepan of water.

(left) Whilst cooking the chicken gently heat the stock until boiling. Remove the chicken from the oven. Set aside but keep in foil. Put the noodles on to boil for 3 minutes whilst you cut the chicken into strips. Drain the noodles, add to the bowel. Place the veg on top of the noodles, and ladle in the stock. Finally, add the chicken on top and enjoy!


OOTD: Carrie Bradshaw Dress


Photo Diary: City Day