Eating Update: Snacks

After reading an article on College Fashion about healthy snacks for college girls, I decided it was time for an eating update and to indulge you all in my favourite snacking foods/drinks. I have been eating healthily (full time I mean) for nearly two years now, and I have never felt more alive, active and happier. It's not about dieting, before the anti-dieters out there jump on my back, it's about treating your body as a temple and not putting toxins, dangerous chemicals and unnatural rubbish into it. You are given a body, and you should respect and appreciate it. Big or small, curvy or straight up, your body is yours and you should love it.
Okay, so over with the heavy! I wanted to share my favourite snacks as these are something that I really struggled to give up. In all honesty, I am a chocolate girl. Good god I even ate deep fried mars bars as a teenager (puke). I still indulge in this amazing ingredient now, but in a much more conservative and un-crazy manner. Which happily brings me round to item number one:
Dark Chocolate

Yes girls, you can eat chocolate and be healthy! Dark chocolate is higher in cocoa solids (70%+ is good), and hence is low in milk and other fattening content such as oils. I have a small amount of this as a 'treat', but if I really want to gorge out then I get a bar of Divine 70% Dark Chocolate from the corner shop.

Until recently I wasn't able to eat citrus fruits of any description due to an intolerance, super weird.  So since being freed of this insane 'illness', I have become literally obsessed with clementines. These little buggers are so easy to eat, and I usually eat two after dinner or lunch. I know this seems like alot, but they are tiny.
Go Ahead Crunch Bars
These are my staple for mid day snacks. I usually have a salad or pitta bread for lunch during the school week, and I have these during the breaks. There are three in each pack, and totting up to only 150 cals for the all three I really enjoy these. My current flavour of choice is the Apple and Sultana flavour. YUM!
Peppermint Tea
This is my favourite 'snack' drink. At home, I drank tea all the time, like literally 10 cups a day! On realizing this may not be very good in terms of my sugar and caffeine intake, I decided to switch to fruit teas. My current favourite is peppermint, and I just add boiling water. This is really yummy, and does actually curb any hunger. That's an important tip; don't mistake hunger for thirst.

So that was my top snacks for a healthy eater. I do eat tonnes of other fruits and veggies, but these are my absolute staples in my cupboard. What are your favourite snacks for dieting, or eating healthily?


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