LUSH Candy Cane Bubble Bar

For Christmas my boyfriend gave me the "Have A Sweet Christmas" wrapped gift from LUSH. I adore lush products, and was immensely pleased with his choice. I love sweet, vanilla and floral smells, so this set was just perfect. It came with the Candy Cane bubble bar (which I have used before, and said I really loved) and Godmother soap. I haven't had a chance to use Godmother, because my skin is needing a treatment body wash to look after it's dryness- however, I have used up all of the Candy Cane bubble bar.

 This is what it looks like. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture before I tore half of it off, but you get the idea. Bubble bars from LUSH essentially create lots of bubbles in the bath, and are a more space efficient substitute for liquid bubble bath. Personally, I prefer bubble bars. I find Candy Cane and The Comforter really moisturizing, and considering I have really dry skin this is a BIG bonus. I worry all the time about whether I can use LUSH products, but because they are made with natural ingredients (?) they rarely irritate my skin. 
Look how pink the bubbles are! The water was a beautiful rose colour, and the bubbles were around 10cm high. No I didn't measure them, but you get the idea. I would really recommend this bubble bar to anyone who enjoys sweet scents, and enjoys relaxing to huge bubbles and soft water.


Pink bubbles ;) that is so cool.

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awesome, i love LUSH :)

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