October Favourites

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope your having a brilliant time!
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Photo Diary: Out on the Town

Selfridges. Harrods. Smollenskys. Gran Cafe. Hoxton. Lola's.
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Hey Kitty Kitty

With Halloween this Sunday, I have finally decided on my 'costume'- I am going as a cat! I know, boring and unexperimental, but I have created a look using a mix of MAC and other make-up products.





1) Prep and Prime your face with concealer, foundation and powder. Then prime your eyes on the lid, up to the brow and along the bottom lash line. I used TooFaced Shadow Insurance
2) Use a black eyeliner (pencil) to shape your eyebrows in a curve shape. I used my Chanel pencil
3) Cover your entire eye and lower lash line in a bright white shadow
4) Use a black on the outer corner and blend into the white.
5) Line your top lashes with liquid eyeliner, and create a flick at the top. Carry the line down a third into the bottom lash line
6) Line your bottom waterline.
7) Use pencil or liquid eyeliner to colour the tip of your nose black, and create whisker lines.
8) Use lip liner to create a heart shape on your lips. Fill this in, and cover this is red lipstick.

MEOW! I hope you enjoy this one guys! What are you wearing for Halloween!!
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P.S The giveaway ends this Sunday! The link is to the left of this post, don't forget to enter!


Coat Collection

With the weather really turning cold and rainy in the UK, the need for coats is reaching it's highest point. Somedays however, the weather is still a bit warm, or not raining. Secondly, you always get really hot in a winter coat on the tube-so there is a definite need for a range of styles. Here is my current range of coats/jackets for this Fall:
 Shooting Jacket; £20; asos.com
 Camel Coat; Debenhams
 Cape Coat; £40; Et Vous
 Riding Gilet; £15; F+F
Fur Coat; £70; Zara 
What are you coats for winter? My favourites are my fur, shooting and camel coats. They keep me warm but allow me to breath! The cape coat is brilliant for warmer days.
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The Shoe Galleries, Selfridges, London

With over 20,000 pairs on shoes on display, the Shoe Galleries at London's Selfridges have become a huge attraction. Their combination of fashion and art installation (the head architect was Jamie Fobert), shows a new advance in combining the artistic side of fashion retail.  With brands like Topshop and Office sitting next to the glorious Chanel and Christian Louboutin, it is a miracle I didn't just die in there today. There is also a photobooth there, where you can have your photograph taken with whatever shoes you like. My friend Sasha blogged about it here- upsashasstreet.blogspot.com, check her out.

What's Your Shoe Story?

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Dr Nick Lowe Anti Blemish Starter Kit- Review

I know I promised to review this kit as fully as I could, and here is that review. I have sadly had to abandon the treatment kit, after only using it for a week I am exceptionally disappointed with it. I will go into the specifics later, but the kit just doesn't work for me, and my skin, and in fact created more spots, blemishes and discoloration than I already had. Which is obviously not great.

Starting with the Purifying Foaming Cleanser. This product claimed to be "anti blemish", and said it would "deep clean pores and lift daily impurities". My experience was the complete opposite. First, I didn't like the foam, as I had to apply it with my hands, and it didn't feel like it was doing anything in the shower. I found it exceptionally drying, and not at all cleansing. Secondly, the formula has nothing to exfoliate the skin, which I feel is very important for my skin. I found after only two days, I was getting more spots and blemishes, my skin was extremely dry and papery feeling and I was very unhappy. My face didn't look good at all.

Next, the Spot Gel. Although I have used lots of spot gels before and found they do work excellently for reducing redness and treating the spot quickly, this gel did not. I found it exceptionally strong, and in fact stinging on my skin. Even when applied to closed spots, the gel stung and really hurt, in fact bringing tears to my eyes. I immediately stopped using this. 

Despite all this negativity, the Oil Control Day Cream and Sebum Control Cleanser, both appear to work quite well for me. I find the day cream is at a good level between moisturizing without being greasy, and keeps my skin in shape all day long.  The cleanser is also very good and removing any impurities left behind after washing my face with my current wash. I have reverted back to my L'Oreal Perfect Clean (the pink one) and I find that the day cream and cleanser work well with this. 

Apologies this isn't a very positive review, but I am trying to be as honest as possible. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I was in Newcastle, and hence have several posts logged up for this week. I will be sharing my coat collection, as it is really cold, how to wear black (as this appears to have become my staple), and hopefully some make up how to's. Don't forget my GIVEAWAY closes on Sunday! The link is to the left of this post.
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Hey Louis!

Today was an amazing look:
Jeggings from Topshop
Shoes from New Look
Sheer Shirt from New Look
Earring from New Look
 Bag from Louis Vuitton
 Detail of bag print
 Bow and lock detail
 Handle detail
 And these are the shoes I am so desperately loving at the moment. I often  worry that the Louis Vuitton print is over used, and such massively branded items are copied and can become tacky. However, I feel like this print looks incredible, and I really love these shoes.
Has everyone entered my giveaway! There's only ten days left!
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ASOS Goodies!

I am an ASOS shopping newbie. Although I all too often stare at the ASOS pages for hours and hours, I very rarely buy from the site. However, their latest sale has really tickled me, and with the extra 20% discount from NUS, I was a little more than tempted. I was well behaved though, and I only got two things. Black and grey- of course!
Shirt £9. This sheer shirt is stunning, as it has lots of floral cut outs on the bottom of it. Excuse my silly socks and poor image quality.
Jacket £20. This reminds me of home so much. I miss the country, but love the city. I am exceptionally odd! Has anyone checked out the ASOS sale? Apparently since I purchased there have been even further discounts! Get in there..
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