Gaga Releases New Products for Viva Glam

This is a super quick news post. In her second venture with MAC Cosmetics, Lady Gaga has decided to buck the Viva Glam trend of red hue lipsticks to create a nude combination. The tanned nude lipstick and matching lipglass are a refreshing addition to the Viva Glam collection, which donates sales proceedings to people suffering from HIV/AIDS, so this collection is definitely a worthy cause in the name of beauty. Love,


Lookbook Love

Hey guys. So as you know I am currently super super crazy busy with school. It would be depressing if it wasn't fashion related. I'm making my own trend report and magazine layout in the style of Vogue. Who knew there was quite so much required to make it look like the world's biggest fashion magazine. Anywho... So to keep me going I've had lots and lots of hot chocolate (highlights forever, loving my flask!), and plenty of fruit. If I am going to recommend anything to you lovely ladies-and guys- to help you keep going through 12 hour days of straight working, then fruit would definitely be it. Yes chocolate gives you the immediate sugar hit, but wholemeal things (brown/seeded bread, porridge, brown rice/pasta) and fresh fruits really keep you running on gas for so much longer. I'm not saying don't have chocolate, hell I have like 8 highlights hot chocolate a day, but don't rely on it!
So this post wasn't actually going to be a motivational, how-to-stay-alive-at-uni post, but if you want me to do one just comment. Having youtube video's on in the background has really helped. I don't have an iPod (I did but it got stolen), so I have to rely on youtube for my music fix. I have also been watching lookbook videos, and on of my current favourites is from Beauty Crush. I love her relaxed yet chic style, and really relate to her. So check it out! Love,


13 Personal Questions

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
2. What's one thing in your closet that you cannot live without?
3. What's one thing that most people probably wouldn't know about you?
4. Name one thing that you want to do before you die
5. What's one food that you cannot live without?
6. What quote/phrase do you live your life by?
7. What do you like and dislike about the YT community?
8. What's your number one most listened to song on iTunes?
9. What kind of style would you define yourself as having?
10. Favorite number
11. Two hobbies
12. Two pet peeves
13. Guilty Pleasure

I would love you guys to reply with your answers! I enjoy hearing about my lovely readers and subscribers, therefore I TAG you all. Take care... 


Photodiary: Study Day

I didn't think twipic was enough... so this is a photodiary of me at Holborn studying very hard! YEAH!

OOTD: Greyness in the Sunshine

Jeggings, Topshop. Tee, H&M, Cardigan, Dorothy Perkins. Shoes and Bag, New Look. Earrings from Topshop. Ring, Gift. Bracelet, Gift.
So it was literally the most beautiful day in London yesterday. The sun was shining, it was really warm and everyone had a good feeling that spring was on its way. These jeggings are some of my favourite for spring, as they are the perfect transition piece from black to white jeans. I kept the rest of the look around the grey theme, as black was way to harsh for such a pretty day. I am off to Holborn in Central London today, for a whole day's study in the Learning Zone. I've never been, but it sounds incredible. Love, 


Get Your Brights On

Thank the lord above, it is nearly March which for me means to two things: on the 21st I turn 19 years old (!!), and on that same day spring will be here! Yipeee! I am convinced I am not the only one who is seriously hating on our winter whether, it's just so cold and windy and generally not fun. That is of course, unless you live in the forever sunny California, in which case this post may not apply are generously as it does to my north upper hemisphere girls! 
So as I am sure most of you are aware, the 70's are a big trend for the spring time this year. Which is all well and good, but I've seen a big split in fashion companies when interpreting this trend. Some go down the hippy road, of floaty skirts, bohemian tops, clogs and flares, and others have gone down the colour blocking road- which is much later 70's, running into 80's style. I am really in love with the colour blocking trend, but saying that, my wardrobe is incredibly unprepared for the invasion of colour. Black is generally my order of the day, so I have compiled a list of colour blocking favourites from a range of high street -yes that's affordable in English- stores, that are available for sale in the UK. I think most of the products are also available in the US, but I cannot guarantee European availability. 
 Skirts, American Apparel, £34-54.
 Shoes, Kurt Geiger, £180-£200.
 Selection, Topshop, £5-£49.99.
Trousers, Zara, £34-44.99
Edit: All products are available in Europe. 
So that's my selection. I have my eye on the yellow skirt from Topshop, a cobalt blue version of the orange American Apparel skirt, the pink jeans from Zara, and I simply adore the red shoes from Kurt Geiger. Maybe I will have to ask for my birthday! To create an idea of how to wear this look, I would wear the cobalt blue Zara jeans, with the red Kurt Geiger shoes. I would balance this with a basic white tee, and top it off with the yellow skull scarf from Topshop. Hope this compilation helped you grasp the colour blocking trend. Although it isn't for everyone, its a way to be much more experimental with your looks. I believe the phrase "so wrong it's right", definitely applies here. Love, 


Mary Katrantzou: Fall 2011





Dare to be super bold next season. Scrape back your hair, leave off the make up and let your clothes do the talking. Bold prints, stand out colours and striking structures are the order of the day. I'm super busy with work for my editor right now, and uni assignments are due in 2 weeks, so apologies if I go a little M.I.A over the next weeks. Love,


New Website Love: EatPost

Earlier this week, my housemate Sasha sent me an email about a website called eatpost.com. Now I will be honest, I jumped on this like beauty blogger to a MAC sale. Eatpost is similar to a forum, in that you create an account and you write quick reviews about each restaurant you visit. You can invite people to have dinner with you, share a drink or two with your mates, or simply enjoy a complimentary dish on a blind date, all through their buddy system. You can make new friends who enjoy similar cuisines, or add your current friends and use Eatpost to organise meet ups. Just post an invite and select the people you would like to eat out with. You can also RSVP to other people's invites, this way you can meet up with anyone! 
You write reviews of each meal you have at a certain resturant. You can read my review of the Teriyaki Chicken Donburi which I had at Wagamamas on Sunday here. 
As I have opened my own Eatpost account, I would love to invite you guys to join in the social network, and we can do meet ups!
Speak again soon, 

Burberry AW 2011, Write Up

  • It began with light snow and lightening- Bailey said he was inspired by the weather
  • Cow print hats
  • Bright coats
  • Military coats
  • Heavy duty coats
  • High necks
  • Skinny legs, volume top halves
  • 70's colour palette
  • Puff sleeve coats
  • Tartan, tweed
  • Skirts over trousers- Chanel Couture
  • Faux fur and leather
  • Cable knit coats, sweaters and cardigan
  • Traditional Burberry print bags.
A collection to keep you warm. Bailey ended with a selection of the outfits, with clear rain coat covers and wellingtons, in the snow fall. A beautiful, wearable and superb weather-bound collection.

Burberry, AW 2011, Inspiration

One of my favourite British designers is showing today at 16:00, Burberry. Although I am not attending (a friend of mine is), I am incredibly excited to see his show live on youtube, and to later search through each look on style.com. This is a short video from Christopher Bailey talking about his inspiration at Burberry.


Jasper Garvida Photos


A small selection from Jasper Garvida. Super busy, love you all


Jasper Garvida: Outfit of the Night

Turns out mum got VIP tickets, so I got a goody bag and managed to sit front row. I will put my review up tomorrow, but now I must go to bed as it is 00.36 and I have to be up early!! Love,


London Fashion Week: Day 1 Outfits

Hey everyone!
So tomorrow is my first show at for London Fashion Week. I am super lucky that my boss has given me the day time off to be with Alex (and the weekend!). I am seeing Jasper Garvida's AW 2011 show at the Freemasons Hall, at 7:30. Jasper graduated from Central St Martins in 2004, and went on to win Project Catwalk in 2008. His current collections have been exceptionally popular among celebrities and the fashion world, and I am looking forward to reviewing him tomorrow.
However, today's post is my outfit plan for the show. As I am going with my mum (she won these tickets through her job), I don't want to be too over fashioned as she may feel a little out of place, bless! I have chosen a relatively comfortable outfit, but with hints of the 1970's trend. 

 I know you've seen this combination from me a million times, but I think the heels and blazer give it a more business edge. I am going to get my mum/boyfriend to get photos of me on the day, so I will be able to show you how I style my hair and make up. I am torn between loose curls, or the Lauren Conrad style bun. My make up I am hoping to wear my usual winged eyeliner, then an addition of MAC Ruby Woo. Red is looking to be a big trend for Fall, and I think the mix of blue and red is pretty cool.
This next outfit is my plan for Monday, when I return to Fashion Week. I am completely undecided on this one though. I like the combination of the sheer shirt with the hard edge leather leggings, and Burberry style boots, but I am still unsure. I definitely wont wear a tank underneath, because I would look as black as a photography dark room (not good). 

If you have any ideas for me please feel free to share! I am really super excited to be reporting from the shows, and some exciting new things coming up very soon. Stay tuned. For on-the-minute updates, follow me on twitter: twitter.com/elliemat345 . Love you all