Today's Look 31/032010

It's my best friends birthday today! Horaaah! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Megan. Being 18 really is great. As school finished today, the countdown to Paris is really getting intense! I just want to go now!! Wait oh wait oh waiting is a frustrating as Kesha's voice when it has been over 'tuned'... i.e. she sounds like a bloody robot!
Anyway! To celebrate both events (finishing school for Easter and Megan's 18th) me and the gang (!) took a trundle down to the Stocks bar, in the rain, to enjoy some lovely vin et coca colaaa. Mmm.. guess who had the wine..
So, today's look. Not really inspired by anything, except the black tights and quilted shoes, which is of course Chanel. Lazy day I suppose! Hey.. it is the last day of school, and other people make no where near as much effort as me on a normal day. Oopps... blabbering.

Blazer by French Connection
Lace and Cotton tee by New Look
Skirt by Topshop (miles too big)
Tights by Falke
Shoes by Faith

I know the tag is out. Thank you.
Necklace from Tiffany's

Not wearing heels. What is going on!
Shoes by Faith-they do have a strap but it was giving me a blister so i stood on it when i walked. Strange I know.

Okay, so there is this girl in my 6th Form who is perfectly formed with an atheletic body and silky long brown hair- and she always looks BOT! (Bang On Trend for those not exposed to Scott Mills). Adorning today the most amazing greeny yellow trousers, high waisted with gold buttons got me thinking... should we be dressing more formal for school? I mean, look at the Blair Wardolf's and Chuck Bass's (i love you) of the world..
Despite the fact they go to a private school, and I still remain at a perfectly acceptable but never reaching the top levels common school. Bleh. Whatever to the system, my kids are going private if it kills me. And so the search for the perfect trouser continues.

First I though S/S 2009 Chloe...

These are too much like leggings for my taste. Although the stirrup would come in handy when wearing boots, the fabric is too 'seudey' and I'm after a more capri style fabric.

These Isabel Marant high-waisted pants (£290) are perfect in colour, shaoe and fabric. I love how they are style with a rocky edge, adding more appeal to them. But £290.. be realistic Ellie.

Initially I thought these Sass and Bide Cracker Jacs cargo pants (£210) were amazing. They were roll hemmed, tied but still with a button AND with pockets! But the styling for these on Net-a-Porter is simply horrendous, and put me right off.

OKay, now I am going to start being a little more realistic in terms of prices and see what I can get on the high-street that Isabel Marant stole my heart with..

These pleat tapered trousers from Topshop (£35) are more realistic in terms of price. I like the colour and the fabric, I even like the shape.. but I worry even in a size 8 they would make my ass look redicularse! (yes it's a pun). The turn up hem is very cool though as it shows my ankles suggesting a slim person might be under there. I'd style with brogues or nicked loafers-whichever comes to hand first.

These linen utility trousers, also from Topshop (£32) may be the solution to the fat arse dilemma. They are skinny fitted and come tight in at the calf. HOWEVER! To me, these look look buildery, more like joggers than trousers. Too cassual. 

These navy tie-back linen trousers from Miss Selfridge (£30) are cool. I like the colour and the rolled hem (although this is achievable by just rolling the hem). However, it te shape a bit too Boden for me. Am I digressing into middle-aged territory..

SIGH. My fingers ache from typing. Looking forward to Chinese food (real!) and charity shopping tomorrow with Man Yee.


May Elle is here

Yay! It's that time of the month again when the new Elle arrives on my door-mat. Oh what a joyous event it is! I love the tingly feeling I get when I see the beautiful shiney book on the mat; full of new fashion news for me to pore over; sexy photo shoots packed with clothes to wish for; and interesting articles for my eyes to twinkle at. mwaha!

And which swanky new fashionista is adorning the cover...

The sexy cougar Demi Moore, wearing a beautiful hessian corset and nylon bra-both by Dolce and Gabbana. Her gorgeous locks, innocent make-up and sexy outfit hide her real age and show us the beautiful young thing she is. Now, despite rigorous rumors of obsessive body altering which her reply is "In truth, I wish there was a little bit less curiosity and fascination with how I look, whether it is good or bad", she resists accusations of botox and other facial surgery- "I've had something done but it's not on my face".
Silk chiffon dress by Dior. Leather corset by Lyall Hakarai
For me, this is a huge confidence boost. Although I am only 18 (eeek!), the fear of not aging beautifully is scarryy. Demi claims she "I don't feel any pressure now to conform- but maybe that's because I don't know if there is an ideal for the age that I'm am." Whatever she has or hasn't done, she remains a true female icon and truely stunning. What an honest woman.
Silk chiffon dress by Burberry Porsum. Snake-skin belt by Bally

Silk- gabardine coat by Burberry Porsum. Patent-leather belt by Yves Saint Laurent.

Phew. Lots of reading to do then! 
I received two artistic gifts today. First is an Alice in Wonderland mask adorned by my friend Man Yee, and the image itself is my chuckle gift!

Ohh Man Yee
The second was a print from the boyf. Bansky inspired.

How Lovely.

However- Today's Look
Linking my two new buys with my army boots. Sexxyy!

Zipped Jumper by Whistles
Jeggings by Miss Selfridge
Boots by Dorothy Perkins
Socks by Topshop
Sunglasses and vest tee by Primark

OH! And one more thing. I am in love with having the Chanel shows online. Fall-winter 2010/11 RTW is here



I love you Alexa

Today's Look
Denim Shirt by Next
Playsuit by Dorothy Perkins
Loafers, stolen from boyf
Sunglasses by Primark

Last night was the initiation; the new era; the opening of a new section of my life. A night out in oxford, celebrating being 18, cor bloody blimey. Starting at a modern yet traditional (yes it works) Latin bar called Las Iguanas. Pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea, tall Cherry Fizzers and Keywest Coolers.. and some guava thing. Moved onto Red Lion and Gloc. Pubs. Pretty average.
Moved onto Four Candles.. which can I say was so rammed full the bouncers were becoming part of the elaborate wallpaper. As the girls got pitchers of Purple Rain in (OMG) the boys got pitchers of The Godfather in (yuck). More more more drinks later, we find ourselves piling into Kukui, the occasionally "chavvy", hawiian based night-club., which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

The boyf and I, and our good friend Daniella and her fiance Matt, in Las Iguanas.

As keen eyed readers will notice, I rocked the polka-dot playsuit again. Not running it down, simply refreshing it, this time however, with clear tights and velvet heels... OWCH. However, again as keen eyed readers will notice, the playsuit appears in todays look. One was rather silly and forgot to pack extra clothes for Sunday lunch, as so had to improv with whatever I could find in the boyfs car. Despite the lack of though in today's outfit, I LOVE it. Very Alexa Chung. I especially like the shoes, but they are not mine.. they are infact a mans. :(

Just so we're clear, these took ages to find. Therefore, I am terminating this post, and continuing with my wish list for Paris.

OH OH! I bought a Pair of Miss Selfridge jeggings and a Whistles crop jumper today..

And some cute tortoise shell sunglasses from the naughty shop (Prrrrimaaarrk) for a quid.
BTW- horrific photo



Wish List for Paaaaaaaaris

'Nightie' style dress
Army Boots
Ankle Boots (heeled)
Patterned Tights

'Nightie' style dress

Love the colour and the military edge in the bodice. The quilting, despite being feminine, gives the girly dress a harder edge.


 Similar but with a cap sleeve which would balance out my larger bust. I love the colour, and the sweetness. Like candifloss! Love the lacing on the bust area, and how the skirt of the dress sits beautifully softly.

Eeeeeeek! I LOVE this colour! But...

This alternative green colour, and flapper style hemming creates a much more interesting dress. However, this would feel much too dressy for a day outfit.

Army Boots
Love the heel and the relaxing of the height of the boot. I love the buckle around the back of the boot too. It makes the boot more unique and interesting.

Mixing army boot (reminds me of Chloe S/S 2010) and fur from Chanel Fall 2010

Heeled Ankle Boot

Very much like Chloe S/S 2010

However, I do prefer the black colour as it is more transferable to any outfit. For example, the camel shoes would look clashy with a pink slip dress, and would look odd teamed with a camel jacket.

I absolutely A-D-O-R-E these clog boots from Topshop. They mix the ankle boot trend and clogs from Chanel. If the wearer isn't brave enough to wear the whole-hog clog trend, this is a brilliant way into rocking the Sweeeeeeeeeeedish fash!

Patterned Tights
With confidence I run to Henry Holland for this. Not just his own label House of Holland but also Henry Holland for Pretty Polly. Although these tights are very very cool i think personally they would crash too much with my neutral ideas for Paris. The Parisians are best known for their natural ability to look forever chic, and these tights would just screw over this with a way too edgy look.

These tights by Topshop are much more appropriate as the pattern is much more subtle than obviously in your face shouty. (awful english)
I know these 'tights' are actually footless leggings, but with boots.. can you see it..

I have much much more to explore but my hand is hurting, and I need sleep.

French Blog.


Look of the Day


Ahhh! Skinny legs contrasting with oversized coat. Mixed with modern 'denim' style shirt and boots. Everything in this image in about contrasting shapes and textures. BIG LOVE.

However, this look has in no way inspired my look today;

Stupid mirror. I adore it, but i wish that i could take better images. I'm back to the rubbish camera again :( NOT GOOD. Anyway..
Blazer by French Connection
Corsage and Necklace- gifts
Crop-top by Newlook
Jeggings by Topshop
Boots by Dorothy Perkins
Glasses by Chanel
Gold and Diamond bracelet-gift

In terms of fashion news, blogs are on the top agenda. I am desperately awaiting an amazing post from Tavi Gevinson at http://www.thestylerookie.com/. I hope it is a total review of the current exciting trends, so that I can be arrogant and say "yes, yes! I agree!". I have also become an avid follower of The Satorialist. How interesting it is! Unlike Tavi, the blog speaks to readers, offering competitions and asking readers opinions. Although I like being able to get involved, Tavi's fresh and young opinions are greatly loved by me.

Next! The hate for Primark is well known, but how about the hate for A-W-F-U-L stores such as Sports Direct. AH! The bain of society? How they openly flog utter rubbishy worthless pieces of 'sport apparel' to the adoring lower class fans! I am not just being stuck up here, but selling this style of clothing at minimal cost to the young people simply encourages the 'chav' culture. (Despite Apple spellcheck disagreeing with me, 'chav' is actually a word. OED say so.) I am not insinuating that everyone should walk around in Galliano couture, or perfect lengths of Chanel fur, but please. Leisure-wear is for exactly that- leisure, like going to the gym! Leisure-wear does not encourage the young un's to get off their bums and go get jobs in WORKWEAR! Oh no! You laze about in your bloody leisure wear all you want. Hmph. I mean, Alexander Wang ROCKED sports-wear in his RTW collection last season, with inspiration from American Football 'uniforms'. But this still looks work worthy, not just trackies greasy hair and horrific piercings and gaudy tattoos.

That is of course is walking around in your knickers is acceptable at work. Leggings maybe?

I love the side plait. I want to try it tomorrow with a cropped jumper and something else... Hmm. Off to google now and make myself find something fash!



being 18 is going to be daaangerous

Despite the fact i begged god to be 18 quicker, now I am its getting dangerous already! The wine is out and the money is doownnn. However, my list of things that I want now is bigger as being 18 means going out on the town.

Skirts, dresses, tops, tights and lace. It's spring now and florals are in desperate need of being revived. Of course with Erdem and Etro running florals for spring, mixing eclectic rock-hard edges to such feminine prints will be fun. 

Erdem FALL 2010

Etro Spring/Summer 2010

Of course, Chanel MUST have some influence in my 'clubbing' wardrobe. These clogs are simply beautiful, and despite the 'tan-line' trend being worked in the S/S collection (which is awful and not fash) the clogs are amazing amazing!!
Chanel Spring 2010
I've seen some sexy clogs in Zara. However, when i put them on i was teetering around the bloody shop like a pig in stilettos. Not cool, not sexy and not fashionable. They were exactly the same as the black clogs featured here, but had another layer in the 'wellington' style like my heeled army boots from Dorothy Perkins. 

Lace lace lace
Influence from Dolce and Gabanna and Chanel.

 Dress and body by Dolce and Gabanna. Fall 2010.
But, being me, Dolce and Gabanna clothing is hardly in my price range. And so..

Lace body by Topshop, perhaps teamed with a body con panel skirt which i already own... from somewhere in South Wales.. not really sure. 

 I'm off to the boyf's now.