Wish List for Paaaaaaaaris

'Nightie' style dress
Army Boots
Ankle Boots (heeled)
Patterned Tights

'Nightie' style dress


Love the colour and the military edge in the bodice. The quilting, despite being feminine, gives the girly dress a harder edge.


 Similar but with a cap sleeve which would balance out my larger bust. I love the colour, and the sweetness. Like candifloss! Love the lacing on the bust area, and how the skirt of the dress sits beautifully softly.

Eeeeeeek! I LOVE this colour! But...

This alternative green colour, and flapper style hemming creates a much more interesting dress. However, this would feel much too dressy for a day outfit.

Army Boots
Love the heel and the relaxing of the height of the boot. I love the buckle around the back of the boot too. It makes the boot more unique and interesting.

Mixing army boot (reminds me of Chloe S/S 2010) and fur from Chanel Fall 2010

Heeled Ankle Boot

Very much like Chloe S/S 2010

However, I do prefer the black colour as it is more transferable to any outfit. For example, the camel shoes would look clashy with a pink slip dress, and would look odd teamed with a camel jacket.

I absolutely A-D-O-R-E these clog boots from Topshop. They mix the ankle boot trend and clogs from Chanel. If the wearer isn't brave enough to wear the whole-hog clog trend, this is a brilliant way into rocking the Sweeeeeeeeeeedish fash!

Patterned Tights
With confidence I run to Henry Holland for this. Not just his own label House of Holland but also Henry Holland for Pretty Polly. Although these tights are very very cool i think personally they would crash too much with my neutral ideas for Paris. The Parisians are best known for their natural ability to look forever chic, and these tights would just screw over this with a way too edgy look.

These tights by Topshop are much more appropriate as the pattern is much more subtle than obviously in your face shouty. (awful english)
I know these 'tights' are actually footless leggings, but with boots.. can you see it..

I have much much more to explore but my hand is hurting, and I need sleep.


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