Since when was spreadable cheese cool?

Since never.
Still getting over the news of LCF. I have been celebrating since I found out, and the waitrose crew made it all the better.

Today's event was on behalf of Macmillan cancer support, who really do amazing work for families of cancer sufferers and the victims themselves. The event was called "We Look Gorgeous", and was basically a massive charity shopping event, where products have been collected over the past few weeks and amalgamated into separate collections. Ranging from designer, to vintage, high street, children's, lingerie, and accessories. The event was held in Oxford Town Hall and all proceeds went to Macmillan.

Vintage Joseph Cropped Sweater. To be worn with black Harems and heeled boots.
Vintage Emporio Armani belt, detail on buckle.
Vintage YSL blue jumpsuit, with high-street belt. I wanted this so so badly, and is was a bargain at only £40, but was miles too big, and having it tailored to my frame would have been really expensive.

One found the event an interesting experience, seeing as I have rarely ventured into a charity shop. (However, I did see a Givenchy shopper bag in Cancer Research for £5- BUT I DIDN'T GET IT! AHHHHHHHHH!). But because Macmillan work for a cause that is close to my heart, I found giving my money away really easy; they helped me so I'm helping them back. It was quite hectic when we arrived around four-ish, and there was still a wide range of products available. The vintage section was to die for, and there was a gorgeous Chanel trunk, complete with mini Chanel holdall, and toiletries bag- NOT FOR SALE. WHY! How mean and cruel is that: putting a gorgeous piece of Chanel heritage on show and not selling it. Honestly, I would pay any price for that beauty. :( Sad face.

On the Chanel front however.....

New Glasses!! Eeeeeekk! Moving from Gucci red and green glasses last year, to sweet purple, quilted style Chanel this year. Apparently my eye sight has got worse, oops. If my Gucci glasses hadn't gone walk about around mid December I may not be half blind. Still, any excuse to buy more Chanel. So that's mascara and glasses.. oh the list of wants however is shocking. From the 2.55 to a white and black tweed jacket- VINTAGE :D. Most latest however is a desperate want for Lagerfeld's amazing tattoo inventions; especially the garter style ones. I reckon they will be copyrighted and not allowed to be made into real tattoo's as Largerfeld's are transfers (Avaliable at Selfridges and Chanel stores).

There's the link if your intersted. It's $75 US for a single set, including beads, chains, one swallow and two interlocking C's. I think I will bother mother for some for my birthday as I am 18 in two weeks, and therefore I deserve them! ($75 US is about £49.63 sterling). So so worth it.
Lastly, I am loving the Chanel hair this season. So relaxed and yet still elegant, glamorous and forever young. Obsessed.. I think so.

I have many things to look forward to in the next few weeks. My new friend Man Yee is helping me adapt to eating Healthy Chinese food, exploring vintage stores and charity shops for designer bargains, and where to buy the best cheese in Oxford. :) Until next time... E XOXO.


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