When I was 8, I chiseled bricks

Oh a glorious day in the parks of Abingdon, a town well known for is rubbish range of clothing stores, endless charity shops, and competing coffee houses. Despite this tale of dullness, the Abbey park is pretty cool; of course, strictly speaking, this is if your under the age of 10 and with your mother, not if you are an 18 year old sixth form student skiving off study periods. Sticking to the too cool for school theme one word can describe my analysis of enjoyment- LOL.

I now feel melancholy of being 14 with no cares in the world.... ANYWAY Some photos for you. Bit fash, but I would never tell this person that they are fashionable. Their head would grow so large that it would not fit into their little purple Citreon AX.

High Tops by Nike
Trousers by Farah
Polo (can hardly see) by Lyle and Scott
Cardigan by Topman
Jumper by Lee

"Rocking the Urban Dandy look"

The Lovely Tress. I like the shadows these make, like terrifyingly long nails scratching out towards you...shivvver

^At this point I am chasing a magpie. The bloody things are AWFUL to try and photograph. Yes they are live animals. No they shouldn't be caged or blah blah blaahhh but could some just stay still for a few seconds. Please.



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