I love you Alexa

Today's Look

Denim Shirt by Next
Playsuit by Dorothy Perkins
Loafers, stolen from boyf
Sunglasses by Primark

Last night was the initiation; the new era; the opening of a new section of my life. A night out in oxford, celebrating being 18, cor bloody blimey. Starting at a modern yet traditional (yes it works) Latin bar called Las Iguanas. Pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea, tall Cherry Fizzers and Keywest Coolers.. and some guava thing. Moved onto Red Lion and Gloc. Pubs. Pretty average.
Moved onto Four Candles.. which can I say was so rammed full the bouncers were becoming part of the elaborate wallpaper. As the girls got pitchers of Purple Rain in (OMG) the boys got pitchers of The Godfather in (yuck). More more more drinks later, we find ourselves piling into Kukui, the occasionally "chavvy", hawiian based night-club., which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

The boyf and I, and our good friend Daniella and her fiance Matt, in Las Iguanas.

As keen eyed readers will notice, I rocked the polka-dot playsuit again. Not running it down, simply refreshing it, this time however, with clear tights and velvet heels... OWCH. However, again as keen eyed readers will notice, the playsuit appears in todays look. One was rather silly and forgot to pack extra clothes for Sunday lunch, as so had to improv with whatever I could find in the boyfs car. Despite the lack of though in today's outfit, I LOVE it. Very Alexa Chung. I especially like the shoes, but they are not mine.. they are infact a mans. :(

Just so we're clear, these took ages to find. Therefore, I am terminating this post, and continuing with my wish list for Paris.

OH OH! I bought a Pair of Miss Selfridge jeggings and a Whistles crop jumper today..

And some cute tortoise shell sunglasses from the naughty shop (Prrrrimaaarrk) for a quid.
BTW- horrific photo



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