Don't you wanna see these clothes on me?

Happy Birthday to me for yesterday! I am finally 18, and had a really fantastic time. Best of all C-H-A-N-E-L GALOURRR!

Necklace by... CHANEL
I was also very lucky enough to get Coco Mademoiselle perfume, of course by Chanel.

I love my Grandad. :)
Despite the overload in Chanel produce, my look was highly inspired from 1960's glamazons but with a modern edge. My 'dress' was actually a playsuit, and teamed with opaque tights and black matte heels looked exceptionally chic. I lie... it was Chanel inspired. Black and white monochroming, pearls, chic make-up, lack of lavish accessories... who does that sound like?

Cor blimey, all this fashion business is getting heavy. Let's explore some other presents..

Eeeeeeeeeeekk!! Lomography camera. This is Diana F+ and is my new best friend from the boyf! She has had two photos so far- one of the Chanel 'carrier bag', and the other of me surrounded by presents. This is simply the best gift ever, and I look forward to creating interesting, and quite simply vintage style imaging, probably with a fashion focus as vintage imagery rocks when giving a boho look. 

I will be sure to post up some images when I have developed them.


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