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It's my best friends birthday today! Horaaah! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Megan. Being 18 really is great. As school finished today, the countdown to Paris is really getting intense! I just want to go now!! Wait oh wait oh waiting is a frustrating as Kesha's voice when it has been over 'tuned'... i.e. she sounds like a bloody robot!

Anyway! To celebrate both events (finishing school for Easter and Megan's 18th) me and the gang (!) took a trundle down to the Stocks bar, in the rain, to enjoy some lovely vin et coca colaaa. Mmm.. guess who had the wine..
So, today's look. Not really inspired by anything, except the black tights and quilted shoes, which is of course Chanel. Lazy day I suppose! Hey.. it is the last day of school, and other people make no where near as much effort as me on a normal day. Oopps... blabbering.

Blazer by French Connection
Lace and Cotton tee by New Look
Skirt by Topshop (miles too big)
Tights by Falke
Shoes by Faith

I know the tag is out. Thank you.
Necklace from Tiffany's

Not wearing heels. What is going on!
Shoes by Faith-they do have a strap but it was giving me a blister so i stood on it when i walked. Strange I know.

Okay, so there is this girl in my 6th Form who is perfectly formed with an atheletic body and silky long brown hair- and she always looks BOT! (Bang On Trend for those not exposed to Scott Mills). Adorning today the most amazing greeny yellow trousers, high waisted with gold buttons got me thinking... should we be dressing more formal for school? I mean, look at the Blair Wardolf's and Chuck Bass's (i love you) of the world..
Despite the fact they go to a private school, and I still remain at a perfectly acceptable but never reaching the top levels common school. Bleh. Whatever to the system, my kids are going private if it kills me. And so the search for the perfect trouser continues.

First I though S/S 2009 Chloe...

These are too much like leggings for my taste. Although the stirrup would come in handy when wearing boots, the fabric is too 'seudey' and I'm after a more capri style fabric.

These Isabel Marant high-waisted pants (£290) are perfect in colour, shaoe and fabric. I love how they are style with a rocky edge, adding more appeal to them. But £290.. be realistic Ellie.

Initially I thought these Sass and Bide Cracker Jacs cargo pants (£210) were amazing. They were roll hemmed, tied but still with a button AND with pockets! But the styling for these on Net-a-Porter is simply horrendous, and put me right off.

OKay, now I am going to start being a little more realistic in terms of prices and see what I can get on the high-street that Isabel Marant stole my heart with..

These pleat tapered trousers from Topshop (£35) are more realistic in terms of price. I like the colour and the fabric, I even like the shape.. but I worry even in a size 8 they would make my ass look redicularse! (yes it's a pun). The turn up hem is very cool though as it shows my ankles suggesting a slim person might be under there. I'd style with brogues or nicked loafers-whichever comes to hand first.

These linen utility trousers, also from Topshop (£32) may be the solution to the fat arse dilemma. They are skinny fitted and come tight in at the calf. HOWEVER! To me, these look look buildery, more like joggers than trousers. Too cassual. 

These navy tie-back linen trousers from Miss Selfridge (£30) are cool. I like the colour and the rolled hem (although this is achievable by just rolling the hem). However, it te shape a bit too Boden for me. Am I digressing into middle-aged territory..

SIGH. My fingers ache from typing. Looking forward to Chinese food (real!) and charity shopping tomorrow with Man Yee.


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