Ch-Ch-Chelsea Girls

Inspired by my current favourite song Chelsea Girls which is apparently by Duffy but I'm convinced it's not. Also inspired by new Chelsea boots from ASOS, and new green jacket from New Look. Jeans from Primark, shirt from New Look, bag from Pauls Boutique


Pour That Sangria

I must admit that I went a little photo editing happy here,  but I am feeling a little post war vintagey after watching Burberry's AW12 show, and also feeling slightly senorita as I'm going to Nando's tonight. My mood is so easily swayed. So I embracing Spring looks today with this new skirt from Forever 21. This is my first clothing purchase from F21, and it looked way more pink on the website but I love the peachy nudey colour. I've teamed it with this cream knit from Banana Republic, clear tights (it is still cold), and leopard print loafers. 


The Bee.

Realized as I took these photos I look like a bumble bee, slightly odd. Another lazy Sunday watching live streams from LFW (Topshop Unique is freaking awesome), writing beauty articles and food shopping. My jumper is from H&M, and as you can see is slightly too smalls. Jeans from Topshop, rolled up with New Look leopard print loafers.
Product of the day: Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo and Lancome Genefique


Burberry AW12, A Sneak Peak

A still from the Burberry A/W 2012 show, from Hyde Park at London Fashion Week.
War time opulence, pockets, rope belts, owl jumpers, velvet, tweed, wool, fine tweed, volume, peplum


Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr Foundation

.... is my new holy grail foundation. Since finishing my acne program, my skin has been looking clearer than ever (with a few exceptions) and the need to switch to a lighter coverage foundation has landed on my shoulders. I have been using Estee Lauder Double Wear for a few months, and even got several tubes for Christmas. Although the Double Wear Maximum Cover was excellent for covering my acne, rosiness and skin pigmentation it was just too heavy for everyday wear and was creating more problems than it caused. Estee Lauder and MAC products are well known for containing titanium dioxide, which is a known acne irritant. Funny how I learn this after finishing my acne program!

I have trialed the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation (read my review here), Chanel Perfection Lumier (still runs orange and oxidizes on my skin through the day despite being recommended by the media for oily/combination skin types), MAC Matchmaster (disaster review here) and many other drugstore foundations on the search for a new lighter coverage foundation that lasts all day. I saw the ad claims for the new Lancome foundation in Stylist a few weeks ago, and went to John Lewis Oxford Street to test it out. I was given shade 05, which was too pink but the consistency and longevity of the foundation really blew me away.
Wearing the Lancome Teint Idole 24hr Ultra foundation, mascara and brow pencil
In the knowledge that this foundation may really be a saviour for me, I went to a selection of counters from Selfridges (who gave me shade 07, which is just beyond wrong), to House of Fraser and Debenhams who correctly matched me to shade 001. I collated a total of 10 foundation "samples". This seems really cheeky, but when you're on a student budget and the foundation that might save your life costs nearly £30, measures must be taken. Second to that, my ever changing skin needed more than a few days to get used to the product.

Overall, I must congratulate Lancome on creating this excellent foundation. It works great for my combination/oily skin by being 'watery' enough but also having excellent setting time. I did powder my T Zone several times using the Natural Collection powder, but it has broken me out like crazy (and has done the same to several other beauty gurus on Youtube) so I have ditched that. I don't feel the foundation needs a setting powder, but I would prefer one. It works excellently with my YSL Touche Eclat, but not so much with MAC Select Cover Concealer, but I think that is pretty rubbish anyway in terms of staying powder.

4.5 out of 5. Cost being the only downside. There's an amazing array of shades, and Lancome's staff are incredibly helpful in helping you determine the correct shade.



So I had my very first skin ultrasound today. I went to Elizabeth Arden at John Lewis in Reading, which is just north of London. My aunt and I were having a girly day of movies, lunch and beauty shopping and after having her own appointment, the darling shop assistant offered me a free consultation. Here are the results:
With the higher score and the letter A being good, the results are really mixed. I got two A's, for pigmentation and brightness which are the most obvious signs of visible ageing. However, I got a B for elasticity and two C's for moisture and skin texture. Not good at all.
My skin is in desperate need for replenishment of moisture. The sales assistant explained to me that due to having oily skin and using acne products, layers under my visible skin are blocked with dead skin cells. They are locked together, and therefore my moisturiser and moisturising masks can't get through to help my skin reawakening after my acne program. 
I was reccomended three products: first, the 3 in 1 Intervene face wash, which is a cleanser, toner and primer in one, the intervene day cream (which is SPF 30 and oil free), and the Intervene Peel and Reveal mask to be used once or twice a month. This contains a low level of salicylic acid which breaks down the lower level dead skin cells, meaning the moisturising products can get in to the skin.
My aunt was kind enough to buy me the face wash, and I will be receiving samples of the mask and day cream by next weekend. I will also be having a treatment (worth £65) and a follow up consultation for my birthday next month, and another check up in June before I go to Marbella with my boyfriend for the summer. Reviews coming soon! 


Black and Purple

Today was a day of several successes. Number 1, I mastered the fishtail braid. I have been trying to do this hair style since I first saw it about a year ago. I watch a Forever 21 video and suddenly I could do it. Alot of concentration, and missing my morning train was all it took. Number 2, I went to uni feeling confident in my outfit and still looking stylish. I wore a Jackie O style trousers-with-loafers, a black jumper and my purple coat for a pop of colour. Number 3, we completed our last shoot today. Up and onwards!



Make up by Dior @ Westfield London
For the last 6 weeks, I have been so busy that I just haven't had the time to blog or even film videos. I have barely touched my twitter, or kept up with Style.com. The great big reason? For once, I am actually extremely busy at university. I have always been honest about the work ethic at the London College of Fashion and this time is no exception. I have been drafting, planning and carryout of a photoshoot, liaising with PR's and other fashion darlings to get the best products for our fashion and still life shoots, researching and interviewing numerous people from The People's Supermarket and the Architectural Association. On top of this I have been working on exciting trend reports about life in 2017, and writing beauty articles on the future of skin care. So as you can see, actually busy!

But today's wake up call came when I asked my flatmate Chris what he was doing this weekend and he replied, "Urm, fashion week!". I had actually completely missed the fact we were in the midst of A/W12 shows. I am ashamed.  Today's post however, will be preparing for several that are upcoming...

  • Skin care update! I have normal/combination skin after finishing my acne program so I have a completely new routine.
  • Foundation update: After testing over 10 new foundations, I have found my brand new HG foundation, and if you have followed me for a while it may surprise you
  • Spring fashion: I missed snow outfit posts, and I'm frankly bloody sick of winter. So I have begun stocking my spring wardrobe. It began with this skirt, in nude.
  • Spring beauty: After my purple liner challenge, I have a new love for pastels. Oh and corner lashes.
  • LONDON FASHION WEEK: Obvious. Needs no explaining.
Sorry for my absence again my loves. I promise not to leave you alone for quite so long again... well until third year when I will probably die from overworking... 


Good Morning

Hello dear readers. I can only apologize for my extreme absence. I have been so extremely busy with my current project at university, in which I am creating an entire future forecasting portfolio with an amazing team of people. I just wanted to share a small film about Tom Ford which a university friend of mine showcased on her blog. It shows the creative mind of the wonderful Tom Ford, and his development from an architect/actor to the world's most acclaimed designer. The documentary really shows the focus on culture, life and society and how it impacts upon fashion and beauty and design in general. Hope you enjoy! I will be blogging from LFW, so you can look forward to that.