Happy New Year

Happy New Year! And the year begins with me hiding behind the Mac and closing my ears and eyes to Final Destination 3 on the television. Ewww!


I'm Dreaming of a Size 8 Figure

PAH! The likelihood of a size 8 figure is as probable as my virginity returning to me! As I sit here eating my mini Milkyway bar, I consider this; do I actually want to eat this... YES! YES I BLOODY DO! And the tiny voice in my head jests "Ah! Well let's just return to the 12 stone lard arse you were then"
Nope, that is not what I want. My 'busy' academic life-style should make way for less opportunity to stuff my face, but no. Let's meet for lunch/breakfast... oh! we should go out for dinner Friday! Oh yes lets lets lets. So thats 100 calories for breakfast probably tripled, thats 250 calories for lunch double, and dinner, only God knows how many times over I have dashed my 600 calories limit.
The hang up's of life that drag your happy day kicking and screaming into the gutter. That occasional glance in the mirror, pulling at the fat underneath your stupidly large breasts. Putting the shower on 5 minutes early so that the mirror steams up and you can dream of a slim straight body in the reflection... These private things that depress and distress me, and yet I know full well what I need to do to remove such shitty thing, but I just don't do it. Why!

Wine and Crackers

Christmas may be over, but the socially enforced season of happiness is still in full swing. Due to this constant need to be jolly, I have taken to drinking wine and eating Jacobs crackers- in my head, this IS healthy. At least is isn't more turkey being stuffed down my throat.
Despite this somewhat melancholy opening, the additions to my wardrobe have been most thrilling! Of course, inkeeping with my obessesion to vintage bits, I have acquired a pink and white lace dress, two grey long cardi's, a grey jersey long sleeve top, acid wash jeggings.. and a million other things :D YAY! These new additions should keep to bitches of Larkmead at bay :)



To be fair to him, at the time I thought I was in the right as well. But looking back it would appear that I was wrong. The difficulty of being stuck between a rock and a hard place can never be fully understood untill you are put in such a position.
Now that it's all over, I can discuss the circumstances of the event. My mother had been in hospital all week, after surgery removing her cancer. I was there everyday, alone or with others, but always there. Mum came home Thursday, and I stayed at Alex's. Then I went out Friday, and stayed at Alex's. It is because of these decisions that I landed in a hellish argument with my aunt, and the awful consequences I was yet to face. And to top it all off, Alex called my aunt and made things a thousand times worse.
The rock was the fact my mum is very ill, and these 24/7 care and attention; the hard place was the fact she told me I should still have a normal life, to go out and enjoy myself. And now it seems Alex wants a break. Is it right to feel so alone, when it is myself and myself only who has caused this? Have a earnt the right for self pity.


Long time no speak

The Christmas preparations have taken full hold in my household, and hence I have not posted for a while! Discussions with Delia are taking my attention away



Hurrah! Tomorrow its back to school and back to the judging critics of my peers. Why do women dress for other women? I mean, its bad enough for a woman to feel she has to dress for a man, but for another woman!! Why do women not dress for themselves?
A possible answer could be the media. Although publications such as Elle and Vogue appear to encourage women to dress for themselves, and to be inspired to express their personality through their style, they also subliminally encourage women to dress to impress other women. Wear a Chanel 5.11 bag, and compare it to a Primark copy- who do you think would have the moral high ground? And to further slate the media, publications such as Heat use features such as the 'circle of shame' to slate celebrity wrong doings. But, this also has a detrimental affect on the women of the public. If a celebrtion is papped with stretch marks, the once confident woman will now feel body concious and more aware of how she appears.
This subject needs more study. More tomorrow.



Well as the title so blatantly claims, todays post is looking at fur; the ever controversial topic on any fashionistas lips. Me? Well I'm hoping to do a photoshoot for coursework looking into it soon, and I need time to explore and investigate the subject.
On the surface it would seem pretty easy to point the blood stained fingers at the fashion industry for the murder of so many animals, but as with every issue the issue deepens and expands with more research. It is not just a difference between the murder of animals for the clothing of humans, but the fact that women seem to have a contractual love for fur. High-street and recently designer fashion companies have experienced a wealth of products being purchased that used fake fur, suggesting that the public want fur, but don't want the idea of murder on their hands. One could then also consider the ever growing obsession with leopard print, which is religiously worn by both fashion slaves, and your everyday woman.
PETA is an organization that uses photography to express their anti-fur views. They have created a range of pieces ranging from a Playboy magazine style set-up, using the slogan "I'd rather go naked than wear fur", to celebrities holding up animal corpses without their fur, using the slogan "Here's the rest of your fur coat". As a photographer, and media studies student, I can see how the somewhat eclectic mix of vulgar and pornographic photography, and slogans work. First, you see the image and the vulgarity of it, or the pornographic appeal, catch your eye; then the words you read help to anchor the image and give it meaning. Now PETA also campaign for vegetarianism and other animal related issues, and now use art work and photography to put their message across; alot more mature than throwing red paint at catwalk models.
On the other side of the argument, human beings have been using animal furs and skins since before the cave-men era- of course at the time it was a case of wearing it or dying of hypothermia. The furs provided humans with warmth and comfort, and in modern day pieces fur is used for more aesthetic purposes. Skins, however, appear to have not had as big a fight when compared to fur. Leather from cow hides for example, was the making of Gucci, and now accounts for a big percentage of all accessories sales in the fashion industry. Snake skin, ostrich skin, shark skin, alligator skins have all been used for fashion products and yet these don't have as much anti attention as cow leather, or fur. So what is protestors big deal with fur. Well generally it is stripped of live animals which are captured and caged for this bi-product, whereas leathers and skins are often taken after death.
One must then consider the impact of faux fur on the industry. According to Fake and Faux Fur Fabric, faux fur was invented in 1929. Faux fur as we know it really started to come into its own during the 1950s, when polymers were used to create a fake fur. Faux fur sales have overtaken that of real fur, even in the miniscule amount of time it has been around. Faux or fake fur is now used from high end designer labels such as Chanel, trickling down into the cheapest high-street store Primark. But why? Why did we feel that fake fur needed to be invented, if so many people were so against it. Initially, faux fur was created simply because of the high demand for fur. Real fur was simply too hard to find and too expensive for there to not be a faux counterpart. And now it is just another fabric that we have become accustomed to having available.
Although I would never buy real fur myself, I can see how its significance in the fashion industry is important. It has created controversy for the industry as a whole, which has provided opportunities for change and improvement. It has also brought the world a whole new polyfibre, which allows the fur look to be distributed and shared by the masses.


Farewell Luella

As the credit crunch takes hold, another fashion victim looses it. Luella Bartley has sadly gone out of business this week, due to finanacial problems. Although Luella's brilliance in design and encouragement for elegant casual wear did not take off until at least 2001, her heart and soul have been chained to her work for much much longer. It is because of this that it is more than heart breaking to see such a talented, beautiful and elegant fashion house fall to the hands of the recession.

Despite the fact the credit crunch is most certainly old news, the fashion industry has completely turned a heel because of it; not just in the loss of fashion businesses. As newly named by the Bible (Vogue), the "More dash than cash" trend appears to be in full throw, being taken up by the fashionistas and the peasants alike. But many anti-fashion persons believe this is just another fling between fashion and the world, and that many are treating it in a farce manner. Why would one be so critical of something that brings people together, and refreshes the values of our ever loving parents and grand-parents. And surely, creating a totally personal decoration to your finest clothes would make them even more exclusive and individual! So come on haters, CHILL!


It's a man's world?

I have an almost dangerous obsession with the ever gorgeous Ed Westwick, better known as the saucy Mr Chuck Bass in the American drama "Gossip Girl"; and to top it all off he is actually British! SCORE! But is the female obsession to to opposite sex unknowingly leaking into our fashion?

Featured in Elle this month (Jan 2010) features a "girls who like boys" accessories commentary, discussing how the masculine look,focussing on monochrome, is now sexier than ever. I would never defy the gods of fashion journalism, but I cannot see how dressing like a man (I'm sure thats called cross-dressing!) could be sexier than a skimpy pair of lace undies or leopard print heels- featured two pages previously. Could it be that women now feel that they must dress like men to be taken seriously? Does wearing a suit and tie suggest to others that you are more successful than a women who chooses to embrace florals? Is the business look on women more conventionally linked to wealth and being career focussed. If the latter is the case, there is a string of women who would argue that they are then treated as dragons; take Anna Wintours for example.

A further question asks whether monochrome is specific to male style. Although the stereotypical male business dress in basic shirt, tie and trouser is, to be frank, rather bland and simplistic. Monochrome styling, however, can definitely be directed in the female path. Coco Chanel, the godmother of contemporary style, used monochrome as a key theme in her work, as she strove to create female fashion that was basic, functional, but still elegant. Despite this, she had a certain edge towards male correlation in female apparel. And so it does seem, that even from an early stage, male styling was already inbuilt into female fashion, with its links possibly tracing back even further.

In a recent discussion at the London College of Fashion, four panelists discussed whether women could be successful in fashion, and several conclusions were met. But,was this really an issue that needed to be addressed, or was it actually a problem? Well yes; if you look at the management team of any fashion house, the board is mainly made up of men, and there is often little space for a woman to slot into this. To name a few; John Galliano at Dior, Karl Largerfeld at Chanel, Tom Ford at Gucci. Now 20% owner of Whistles and former director of Topshop, Jane Shepherdson, feels she literally had to buy her way into the business side of fashion.

Today's Look 2/11/09

Winter warmers. Boots, jeggings, grey sweater.


The never ending christmas list

This years christmas list, which is sent round to all my family members, seems to have expanded on previous years. The recession appears to have had little affect on shopaholics such as myself, and I can only thank my gracious mother that I am not eighteen yet, and unable to get a credit card.
The vamp look has graced our catwalks yet again, and the look is blazing like a fire throughout the media. From the Twi-hards, who obsess over all things vampire and scribble "bite me" on their no doubt blemish filled faces, to Yves Saint Laurents leather studded jacket. And henceforth, a leather jacket with punky studding in sections is top of the list. Next up, again to steal my look from the Bible (AKA Vogue) I am following Rachel Gilberts new prom dress trend. Infact to link the two with some Doc Martin boots (stolen from boyfriend) and I am BOT.
Alexander McQueen has gone full on crazy this season with his now famous "Armadillo" shoes. Now I adore heels, and high heels at that, but seriously.. those shoes are made for Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga alone! I'd prefer to go for a more traditional wedge, perhaps looking at Acne's paisley style wedge. I love all things vintage!
Finally, further evidence that flats are back in-NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD's brogues, adorned with the sculpted 'heel' are definitely top of my list. The patent style coating is very different to the brown matte style brogues from Topshop, and could prove more intersting with florals and black sheer tights.
Happy Holidays!

2 inch heels

it really is very cold! The streets of my hometown are suffering a frost this morning, and every man woman and child are wrapping themselves up in glorious hats, scarves, and coats. Although i happily adorn my purple victorian style skirt coat, i cannot resist the grey duffle the mother next to me is wearing. Maybe i'll ask where she acquired such a gem! Hopefully a hot choc is waiting for me when i get into the city. I need my fix.

Sisterly Love?

It's cold.
Sisterly love appears, as it often does, to have faded during the teenage years of my younger sibling. Only this very morning she was so difficult to live with that she said "No-one wants you here". How kind. I have also lost my Pukka Pad for class, and so have spent my morning searching desperately for it, only to fail in the face of my boyfriends car half-dying, my mother not having her car, and to top if off no hot chocolate this morning. So overall, a hectic and irritating morning; not exactly the correct mood to be going to Media Studies in, but it will have to suffer.


As she climbs into the fish bowel

Well it has been an interesting day today. In a quirky photo shoot a girlfriend climbed into her fish tank. Poor fish.

Today's Look

Yummy new purple coat, and cushty scarf; winter is definitely here.
Today's news looks further into the seemingly insane diets that the women of this world follow, as the Kate Moss article appears to have stirred thoughts amongst the teenagers around me. Liz Hurley was photographed this week at the Hermes dinner with no wine, no coffee and none of her beautifully presented food even touched. Fiona McIntosh at Grazia described this as "doing penance at the church of thin". Hurley is reportedly eating only one meal a day, and is slavishly counting every calorie of every second. Although her diet may be bikini friendly it certainly isn't big on fun. (Of course this may not be true) Personally, one meal a day seems a bit excessive, all considering that it was recently claimed that breakfast was the key to being healthy.
So Miss Hurley, why on earth are you dragging yourself through a gruesome diet when you could happily eat breakfast, three meals a day and just exercise the extra calories off. BE HAPPY!


Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Kate Moss was once again drowned in media scandal last week, when she made the comment "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels", which is a popular phrase amongst anorexics. Now, I feel for the poor lambs who have to suffer with anorexia, but I cannot help but almost agree with Kate. She has lived most of her adult life in a world that demands the super skinny, and will accept nothing less than a perfectly formed body. So I find it very interesting that when the literal face of the fashion industry decides to air this well established rule, that the media (and it would seem the public) jump on the anti-Moss band-wagon.
I challenge anybody out there to claim that they do not know at least one woman, or man, who follows a diet; and what is the point of a diet? To loose weight, with every humans final goal to be a slim and beautiful as the models, like Kate Moss, that we admire! I myself have tried many diets, not always certified ones, in the aim to trim every milligram of fat off my body, and I am only 17. It has been found that children as young as 8 want to loose weight, and are unhappy with their body size or shape. Eight years old! At eight years old all I could think about was boy lurgies and bike riding, not how avoiding lunch will help me look pretty.
So, Kate Moss does have a valid point. 99% of women out there want a perfect figure, and are trying desperately to get there, and so why should we be so anti-Moss when we believe the same? Is it because we are ashamed of our lust for skinniness, or our hatred for the bodies we were blessed with? Or is it just because the slanderous media is obscuring, and tainting our view of the world that we cannot see past the mist they create.

First Post

As the cold winter weather of our glorious England sets in, the fashions and styles of our ever beautiful women change. Coats return in full frontal shapes and colours, towering boots creep over the knee, and the ever oblivious scarf joins the parade. Oh what a fabulous era we live in.