Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Kate Moss was once again drowned in media scandal last week, when she made the comment "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels", which is a popular phrase amongst anorexics. Now, I feel for the poor lambs who have to suffer with anorexia, but I cannot help but almost agree with Kate. She has lived most of her adult life in a world that demands the super skinny, and will accept nothing less than a perfectly formed body. So I find it very interesting that when the literal face of the fashion industry decides to air this well established rule, that the media (and it would seem the public) jump on the anti-Moss band-wagon.

I challenge anybody out there to claim that they do not know at least one woman, or man, who follows a diet; and what is the point of a diet? To loose weight, with every humans final goal to be a slim and beautiful as the models, like Kate Moss, that we admire! I myself have tried many diets, not always certified ones, in the aim to trim every milligram of fat off my body, and I am only 17. It has been found that children as young as 8 want to loose weight, and are unhappy with their body size or shape. Eight years old! At eight years old all I could think about was boy lurgies and bike riding, not how avoiding lunch will help me look pretty.
So, Kate Moss does have a valid point. 99% of women out there want a perfect figure, and are trying desperately to get there, and so why should we be so anti-Moss when we believe the same? Is it because we are ashamed of our lust for skinniness, or our hatred for the bodies we were blessed with? Or is it just because the slanderous media is obscuring, and tainting our view of the world that we cannot see past the mist they create.


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