Indian Summer

What the freakin' heck is going on with this English weather! The sun has decided to grace us with it's presence, and with that the entire country has gone into disrepair over...what to wear? We have been following style bibles for AW dressing and suddenly we're having to backtrack to our SS wear.

Anyway, so I kept it simply with a striped maxi from H&M, sandals from New Look and brown mini bag from Primark. Only my everyday accessories (Promise Ring [not seen] from Troll Beads, and necklace from Tiffany's)


Orange for Fall

This season's IT colour is most deffinaltey orange. It is also my partner Alex's favourite colour, so when I saw this dress in H&M in the Westfield (White City not Stratford) I had to get it. Whilst I was walking to the tube I also saw the exact same dress in Prada, so I have aimed to style it in a similar way...

Oh, and a sneak peak of my new house! Tour coming soon.


OOTN: Merlot Dress


Sample Sale Haul

LFW: Giles


Whether it’s wearing silver wear on every inch of your body, extreme prints or volumous textures, being subtle or quiet is definitely off the agenda at Giles. Top models Carmen Kass and Doutzen Kroes graced the run way in heavily structured 50’s style dresses that expanded, rather than hugged the body. Silver played a huge part in this collection, not grey, but silver as your best cutlery. Shining out like stars, then clashed against gorgeous red prints and trousers. Fluffy fringing lavished later looks in the collection, dip dyed pink, purple and white against the grain of normality. Stand out prints that shouted “I AM POWER” danced across dresses and tightly fitted silk shirts. Regardless of your confidence level, Giles makes every woman look like a bomb.
Oh and don't forget your peacock hat.
Words by Ellie Mathews

LFW: Temperly

Temperly- It’s a Long Hot Summer

White, maxi, floral. What more do you want from a summer collection? The SS 2012 collection from Temperly provides a beautiful take on your new summer uniform. Continuing the turban trend, maxi dresses that dragged along the floor, florals that were oversized yet understated and sheer fabrics draped across the model’s frames. With compulsory super high platforms, the collection diverted away from beach wear and into the city. The glamour element was induced the in the form of satin shorts and jumpsuits, and gorgeous Chantilly lace basques. An adult collection for hard working girls.

Words by Ellie Mathews

LFW: Mark Fast

Mark Fast- Black, White and Orange..?
It’s all about getting a peep of skin, a flash or breast and killer legs at Mark Fast. Marilyn Monroe esque beauties tore up the runway in distressed white crochet, tasselled skirts and minimal cover ups. Dresses, shirts, skirts and even bras all got the crochet treatment, and despite being completely see through, remained completely wearable. Think beach chic, with a touch of destruction. Experiments with tonal ranges were rife, and there was a beautifully mastered transition between colour changes throughout the show. From ivory, through cream, yellow and orange pops, and black details eventually led to an all black finale.   . As the collection moved into yellows and oranges, hints of a 1920’s flapper girl seeped through, suggesting that we all need to be looking vintage in S/S 2012.

Images from Style.com


Herve Leger for Max Azaria

I for one can appreciate good design. Whether it's through technique, colour, or presentation, a fantastic design always knocks the crowds socks off. However, as a great man once said "food is only food if it's eadible" surely, as Harper's Bazaar US editor in Cheif Glenda Bailey believes, fashion can only be called fashion if it's wearable?

Case in point; Herve Leger for Max Azaria. Herve Leger's iconic bandage dress has undergone many transformations and regenerations. In this latest collection however, it would appear someone has been a bit too happy with the scissors. The sheer amount of cut outs makes alot of this collection completely un wearable for many consumers. Even a happy size 8 (UK) girl would feel highyly uncomfortable in these dresses, concerned for any inches of skin/fat/muscle/tissue peeping over the slits,cuts and holes. Such a shame for a fantastic brand, designer and collaboration.

Images coming soon due to technical issues. In the mean in, hop on over to Style.com for all the latest and greatest from fashion week.



My Fashion Night Out


Diary of an Intern: Day 9

It's the last day at Woman's Own. Today I'm going back to the start and writing articles to suit some trend research I did last week. Red trousers, god awful 'glam' boots and weekend chic. Super fun to be writing! Dress and shoes from Primark, cardigan from H&M. Today I'm wearing new LOVED Dior Addict Lipstick in 322 Beige Perfection. 


Despite some mixed feelings during the week, I can happily say that my time at Woman's Own was a truly good one. I have developed my skills, built upon my knowledge and have been able to put into practice things I have learnt at Uni. I feel so grateful to all the team at Woman's Own, specifically Alice and Stephanie. Until next time...


Diary of an Intern: Day 8

So today is the penultimate day at Woman's Own. I am finally writing up beauty reports, and fully enjoying myself! I have experimented with my make up look today, which is obviously fate as I am writing about three new MAC collections. One of my favourite is the MAC with Cindy Sherman collection that is coming up. I am a huge fan of Cindy Sherman, and she inspired me throughout my A Levels as a photographer, make up artist and strong female character.
Dress and cardigan from Banana Republic. Shoes from Primark.

And today's treat? Menier cooking chocolate came in to visit us, and I got three Menier chocolate bars, a recipe book, a press pass and some cute as cute muffins! My favourite taster was the Pain-au-Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding. Truly incredible!


Diary of an Intern: Day 7

So I am completely exhausted today, and have been plagued with the worst hiccoughs since the dawn of time! I wore my favourite Sex and the City inspired dress from New Look today, with a Banana Republic cardigan (perhaps too much texture detailing with these two together) and white Primark shoes.
There was another sample sale today; this time from Marie Claire! It was schedualed to start at 12.30, but we headed down at 12.05 and there was so much gone! I managed to get my hands on 13 beauty and hair goodies, which I will load of haul for this weekend for... ONLY £9! I KNOW! Here's a sneak peak.


Diary of an Intern: Day 6

It's Tuesday. It's raining. It's crappers. So I was devestatingly reduced to wearing.. JEANS! But managed to pull the look into almost acceptable 'dress-down-friday' style by adding some of my favourite heels. These blue suede beauties are probably not the best option for rainy days,  but I haven't got any boots here in London. I know, I know. I am a fool. 

Jeans from New Look, Shoes from Primark, Jumper and cami top from Banana Republic.

I am realyl inspired by Lauren Conrad's "Work It" look book. I want to try and follow some of this in this weeks outfits.