LFW: Mark Fast

Mark Fast- Black, White and Orange..?
It’s all about getting a peep of skin, a flash or breast and killer legs at Mark Fast. Marilyn Monroe esque beauties tore up the runway in distressed white crochet, tasselled skirts and minimal cover ups. Dresses, shirts, skirts and even bras all got the crochet treatment, and despite being completely see through, remained completely wearable. Think beach chic, with a touch of destruction. Experiments with tonal ranges were rife, and there was a beautifully mastered transition between colour changes throughout the show. From ivory, through cream, yellow and orange pops, and black details eventually led to an all black finale.   . As the collection moved into yellows and oranges, hints of a 1920’s flapper girl seeped through, suggesting that we all need to be looking vintage in S/S 2012.

Images from Style.com


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