Diary of an Intern: Day 5

Morning lovlies. So although I haven't exactly been writing much, you'd expect that I'd been so super busy at my internship. Let's put it this way... you'd be very, very wrong. I had such incredibly high expectation when arriving here of writing loads of articles, and researching, talking to interviewee's and blah blah blah... but now quite frankly I'd be delighted to just go collect coffee and be someone's PA. 

I feel almost ashamed that it's not even a smidgen close to what I imagined. Don't get me wrong, I was being realistic- I didn't expect to be the editor straight away! But I feel the fact I'm studying a JOURNALISM DEGREE appears to be completely over looked. Yesterday I was asked if I knew 'how to copy and paste'- FOR REAL!?!?!

But whatever, I still get to dress my way. Today's outfit is mixing masculine and feminine. Skinny chinos are from Zara (bought in Paris about 18 months ago), tank from New Look, sandals from New Look and bag from Paul's Boutique. Oh and my cardigan is from H&M. This was a last minute choice as the weather keeps changing its mind here. 


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