So it's snowing in Newcastle

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November Favourites

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Photodiary: Take A Walk Around London

MagMA and Covent Garden (non tourist area)

The last two are home in Hoxton.
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Cardinal Sin: Make Up

As in my last post, I mixed up black and brown this weekend. Not only did I do this with my clothes but I reflected it in my make up. Usually I do a 1940's girl-next-door style look, but I was heavily inspired to keep up the cardinal sin idea.

You will need:
Brushes: MAC 219, 217 (x2), 195, 190, 138
Face: Foundation, Concealer, Power
Lip: GOSH Lipgloss in 04
Eyes: Eyebrow pencil, Mascara, Paintpoint in Bare Study, MAC All That Glitters (lid) and Shroom (highlight), Elizabeth Arden Topaz (crease)
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The Cardinal Sin

Black and Brown. Saturday 20th of November. 

Shirt from New Look, Boots from Primark

Jacket from ASOS, Scarf from Primark

 Gifts from my lover. I never take these off. Necklace from Tiffany's, Promise Ring from Trollbeads
 Bangles from Topshop
Black and Brown. The cardinal sin. Bag from Topshop

I am going to be doing more photo diary style posts. Is that what you guys want? I have been having a good think recently, and my blog is becoming more and more about myself, and not about fashion and my city. I want to do more tutorials (make up), more diary entry posts (photos of london) and less mainstream work. I need your advice though: I will only do this if it's what you want!
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Rambly Ramble!

Where has Ellie been!

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Recipe: Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

This is a different post for me! Alongside my love for fashion, I really enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen. When Alex visits, or I go to Newcastle, we always cook together, and when I am here in London, it's a sort of reminder of the times we are together. I have been cooking for myself, and my family, for about three years. I generally stick to what I know how to cook (lasagna, roast dinners, pastas..) but sometimes I like to venture out. Since moving to London, I have begun a love affair with Asian food, mostly Thai and Japanese. I am begining to live in Yo Sushi and Wagamamas, and I decided to have a go at cooking my own  version of Chicken Ramen, which I get at Wagamamas. However, as it is freezing cold, I wanted flavour warmth in my soup-HOWEVER, I completely messed up! I put a WHOLE tiny red chilli in AND the seeds- my throat was literally on fire. Do not do this! Use a very small amount, or even chilli flakes or ginger.
The finished result. You can even see the chilli, that's how hot it was!
Okay, so you will need....
1 spring onion
1 chicken breast
1 small chilli/ small amount of grated ginger
salt and pepper
Ainsley Harriot Chicken and Lemongrass Cuppa Soup- for the base.
Noodles-rice, udon or suba
Boil a pan of water, and heat oil/spray oil in another pan
1. Chop the spring onion and chilli/grate the ginger into small pieces
2. Chop the chicken in to edible chunks
3. Fry the chicken off in the oil heated pan until golden
4. Cook the noodles in the boiling water until soft
5. Meanwhile, boil the kettle and pour over the sachet of power (soup), mixed with the spring onions and chilli/ginger-season
6. Allow soup to rest, drain the noodles
7. Add the chicken and noodles to the soup, stir, and allow to sit for one minute

Enjoy! Using the cup soup as a base is a great way to add substance to your meal, cheaply and quickly, and vice versa- adding the other ingredients to the soup takes it from a lunch to a dinner meal. Great if your a poor and time stricken student!
I hope you like it. Do try the recipe and let me know how it goes!
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My Perfect Imperfections

Simply Lush

I went shopping when I went home this weekend, and got some lovely new body/skin products. I adore LUSH as a store in general: the assistants are really nice and it smells divine! My mum, sadly, hates the smell and avoids it at all costs! I also went to Simple to get some new bits....

Coca Cola and Vanilla flavoured Lip Balm £1.50 Primark

 Simple Toner £2.99, Eye Roll on £3.99
Pop in the Bath and Candy Cane Bubble Bars: 2 for £5.50
There is a video coming soon about these products! Hope you enjoy, I cannot wait to use the bubble bars!
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OOTD: Starbucks Christmas Cups

I'm not greedy- Alex is here. It's been a super busy weekend, visiting all sorts of places. Here on Sycamore Street in Hoxton, we were visiting Jamie Foberts Architecture studio. It was bloody cold, but I couldn't suffer a coat in on the Underground. HAIL A CAB!
So I'm now onto the Starbucks Christmas cups. These just make me so happy, christmassy feeling and generally warm in the despicably cold London November weather. I'm drinking skinny hot chocolate (as ever) and Alex is drinking Toffee Nut Lattes. It should be illegal to have such gorgeous drinks only once a year, but hey ho that's how it goes.
Speaking of all things Christmas, on Thursday my coursemates, housemates and I went to see the lights turned on at Oxford Street. Luckily the LCF building at John Princes St looks over Oxford street, and we have a balcony 7 floors up. First considering that we're above Zara so that counts for two floors, we were effectively nine floors up. Here are the photos. From here we could see the London Eye, St Pauls, Centre point and lots more... 
And speaking of amazing views, on Friday Leah, Farnos, Sasha, Alex and I went to Primrose Hill in North London. It is famous for it's incredible view of the city, and we were able to see hundreds of fireworks shows all at once. There was an amazing atmosphere of community, happiness and tradition. Unfortunately only photo came out:
Isn't it just amazing. The tall blue tower is BT Tower in Camden, and next to it is the London Eye. Sorry I haven't posted for a while guys. I am nearing the hand in of my work, and with Alex being here I've been spending my time with him.
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NOTD:Louis Loving

Neal Street: Nails Inc plus top coat.
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