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I went shopping when I went home this weekend, and got some lovely new body/skin products. I adore LUSH as a store in general: the assistants are really nice and it smells divine! My mum, sadly, hates the smell and avoids it at all costs! I also went to Simple to get some new bits....

Coca Cola and Vanilla flavoured Lip Balm £1.50 Primark

 Simple Toner £2.99, Eye Roll on £3.99
Pop in the Bath and Candy Cane Bubble Bars: 2 for £5.50
There is a video coming soon about these products! Hope you enjoy, I cannot wait to use the bubble bars!
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Ah Lush is one of my favourite shops! I could spend all day in there ha. Have you been to the one in Covent Garden? It's my fave!

Lush is such an amazing store!! :)

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