MAC Matchmaster Foundation Review

Today is the day I reveal possibly my biggest disappointing on 2011. Late I know, but I forgot how badly let down I was by this product and I used it on Monday. MAC's foundations have had a bit of a bad rep with me. I loved Satinfinish when I was in my first year at uni, but as my skin became more oily it began to 'split' during the day and look kind of like a split custard on my face.
Matchmaster has basically the same effect. I purchased the MAC Matchmaster foundation in November last year after reading press about it in September and hearing loads of Youtube girls and bloggers talking about it. I was advised that the shade 1.0 was ghost white, but it turned out that it was pretty much the perfect colour for me. It didn't have a hugely yellow undertone, which I had been so used to from my Chanel Mat Lumier and Pro Lumier.

 So, I applied this on Monday using a stippling brush from Real Techniques, which is my most favourite foundation brush ever. I have, in the past, also applied Matchmaster using a Model's Own Foundation Brush (similar to a MAC 190) and my fingers. All three application techniques however, just don't work with this product. I am at my wits end of trying to find a way to make this actually blend in to the skin. It first looks streaky, then crumbly and over the day just split up entirely.
The coverage is frankly rubbish, but I have been really lucky with my skin this week and have been really wanting to wear a lighter coverage foundation. It looks OK from about 2 metres away, but any closer and you just look multi-coloured and patchy! Such a disappointment considering the price. 
I have oily skin, like a boat of chip fat oily skin, so for me the sign of a really terrible foundation is one that can make my skin look flaky, uber dry and unhealthy. I want a matte to semi-matte finish, so a dry and crumbly finish just isn't for me. If you have worn this foundation and love it, leave a comment below and let me know. Also, if you have a medium coverage foundation that you love just let me know.  For on-the-move make up reviews, follow me on twitter here. 


Try Merle Norman's Lasting Foundation... lots of shades, especially light ones, and it's long wearing and amazing on oily skin!

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