Mayan Mud Mask

So unless you hadn't guessed, I have become obsessed with face masks. I got a few new ones for Christmas, and I have become really obsessed with them. You can read my Elemis reviews below, but today I am using a natural mask.
For Christmas, I got a Mayan Mud Mask. Yes, that's Mayan as in the people who have predicted the end of the world. I've always had a bad run with mud masks, as they generally contain cocoa butter and shea butter. This mask, to my surprise, is actually mud. Like, grainy weird looking mud. It's dry, and doesn't have that elasticy rubbery texture that packet mixed masks you can get from Boots and Superdrug. You start the mask by mixing it with a tsp of warm water. It takes alot of mixing, but becomes a thick watery paste.

I used a Model's Own foundation brush to apply the mask on to my skin. I used up and down motions starting at my chin and working towards my forehead. Just a word of warning, it is incredibly watery and drips down the face so hold your head over the sink!

So I look insane. I am wearing a towel around my shoulders as I am wearing white pajaymas and don't want them ruined. It dries into a crumbly mud texture on the face, which is slightly uncomfortable. However, as you wash it off with warm water it acts as a mild exfoliant getting ride of any dry skin that's left behind. Here's another shot of me looking insane:
At the end of the day, the mask has left my skin feeling tight but in the way that is good... makes no sense, and  soft which is just lovely. So for looking absolutely mad, the results are worth it. On to the next mask! I promise there are some OOTD's and different reviews coming up!


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