New Year's Resolutions

This post is way over due. I did film a video discussing what my aims for the next year were, but my iPad is refusing to load my Youtube videos... how odd! I usually make the same resolution every year; "to eat less chocolate", but this year I want to really work on my inner character, and hopefully improve the quality of my day to day life.
Become more positive. This seems incredibly vague I know, but trust me a moment. I'm going to split this heading into four subtitles, which will add up to a more positive and stress free life. Being more positive is not only good for your inner character, but the people around you, relationships and your professional life. This year I start the final year of my degree, and I need to be in top form mentally to survive the year, and complete my degree to the best of my ability. So here's the 'sub-headings'.
1) Get on with my sister better.
My sister and I are incredibly different but very similar at the same time, and due to differences and difficulties in our family life we have grown apart. We were alot closer when we were younger, we even dressed the same, and I really want to rebuild the relationship I have with my sister. She's really bright, interesting and fun to be around, so this goal means so much to me.
2) Eat better, eat different.
Everyone wants to lose weight in January, but this year I'm going to take a different approach. I want to really explore new foods, and open my mind to different food groups and cuisines. To maintain a healthy lifestyle while doing this, I will  be trying my hardest to get my 5-a-day. I will also but cutting out a different food type each month. For example, this month I am not eating meat, then next month I'm not eating bread, and the next milk. I think this will encourage me to be more adventurous with the foods I try.
3) Be more active
Similar to number 2. In being more physically active, the body produces endorphines which make you happy.. Physical activity also boosts brain activity, making your more mentally aware and productive
4) Stress less
I stress out so easily. If the tube is late, or my hair isn't working, or if I have a spot it can ruin my entire day. I want to stress out way less, and become more calm in difficult situations. This goes hand in hand with having more body confidence, and my ultimate goal here is to have one day at university with no make up on! Right now, that sounds terrifying, but I want to get there.

So that's my New Year goals. I'd love to hear yours, and to help each other achieve them. Comment below, and we'll track each other's progress, and maybe this year everyone will reach their goals. :)


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